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    Spotlight [social] Empty Spotlight [social]

    Post by Strange on 17th February 2017, 7:09 pm

    It was dark. Pleasantly dark to say the least. Strange woke up in his room within the silver moon inn. It wasn't necessarily his room, but he had swindled the keys long ago to avoid having to pay a single dime and nobody had noticed yet, or maybe they were just tolerating him because he was a part of the guild. Either way, it felt kind of depressing. It was necessary, but it wasn't like anyone wanted him here. Rubbing in his eyes Strange sat up from the bed he was sleeping in mere moments ago. Bumping into a couple of things, including the wall and a small cabinet besides the bed, Strange finally managed to find the matches he had laying about and lighted one of the candles he had present in his room. The candle shone it's sad low light onto the walls of the room. Strange looked up at one of the walls, squinting to read the text that was etched onto there, or maybe painted, it was hard to differentiate with the amount of light given to him.

    On the wall were the words 'HORATIO', together with hundred of titles and names scribbled around it. It appeared his alter ego went on another rant huh. Before Strange could hang his head he realized something. No. This was /not/ okay. It wasn't alright to let his alter ego take that much control of him. But then again, the doubt began to creep in about how helpless he would be without it. It was as much as a curse as it was a useful tool for him to conveniently use when he wasn't up to a challenge or when he felt depressed. Grabbing his right arm, towards a wound caused by shattered glass Strange began to tear up. He was so useless. But alas, the day had just begun, or so it seemed, but when he went out to the window to open to curtains it seemed it was either still late, or so early the sun had yet to rise. Oh well, thought strange, it shouldn't matter. With that thought he went to his bathroom and with only the assistance of the candle in his bedroom navigated his way through a cabinet, trying to find some of his medication. But after failing to locate it he decided to just get some water from the faucet and splash it into his face. Looking into the mirror he saw a husk of a man. A man with dark blue eyes and dark hair. Nothing special to look at, no redeeming qualities in the face of the many.

    As if hit with a sudden shock Strange jolted up. For a second he lost sight of himself and saw some wicked smile. A smile not his. A smile he had grown to hate. It only took a split second for the mirror to shatter into a ton of pieces after being promptly hit by strange's fist. This was his home, there were no crowds, there was no attention. This was his place. Horatio shouldn't be here. The thought of his alter ego slowly creeping up on him began to take a control of Strange's mind, and he couldn't help but tear up a bit. Who was he even? Some would say the team leader of 'team bravado'. Some would say that extravagant guy. But almost everyone says one thing that he couldn't quite bear any longer. He was 'Horatio'. Strange even began to wonder if anyone knew his real name. It wasn't flashy, it wasn't memorable, hell, Strange even began to wonder if he ever actually told anyone his real name. His stage name however, became more known by the day. That was the guy with humour, that was the guy with 'bravado', the man who could accomplish anything through sheer might and 'magic'. But.. That wasn't him. He wasn't a part of that world, not at all.

    He needed something. Someone. Somewhere to be himself. Shaking his head at the thought of going out he quickly came to a calming realization. It was night, or at least close to, nobody should be around. He could tinker in the kitchen like he would usually do, or just go out for a stroll in the beautiful silver moon inn garden. Even if the inn was technically speaking open 24/7, there still was a very low amount of traffic during this time a day. Sighing in relief, hoping he wouldn't have to be bothered by his alter ego, or the necessity of him, he opened his door. The gardens. That was sure to make him relax a bit more. He decided not to wear his usual attire. Heck, he would be surprised if anyone even recognized him like this. He was wearing blue jeans and a dark green T-shirt with a doodle of Dug the rubber Duck printed in the center. Looking left and right, scouting for other guests, Strange quickly managed to almost sneak his way to the gardens. What he hoped to find there was rather unclear, but it was worth the try in his eyes.

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