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    Make the Angels Scream and the Devil's Cry pt.1

    Anastasia Isayev
    Anastasia Isayev

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    Make the Angels Scream and the Devil's Cry pt.1 Empty Make the Angels Scream and the Devil's Cry pt.1

    Post by Anastasia Isayev 15th February 2017, 7:42 pm

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    Part 1
    Make the Angel Scream
    Anastasia sat at the bar of the Siren's Song, head plastered onto the bartop with a cup of drink in her hand.  A loud, annoying voice rang through her ears, jarring her awake.  She opened her eyes to see a fluffy tail swish back and forth and grumbled upon seeing this.  She closed her eyes and turned her head to the side.  "What~" Ana grumbled out.  She wasn't in the mood to listen to any of what Taliya had to say as she was still hung-over from the night before.  

    "Looks like you have a job with your name on it," Taliya said as she continued to swish her tail from side to side.  "Fuck me.  Why do I have to do it?" she asked out loud as she stirred, pulling herself up off of the bar top.  "Because you're the only one strong enough to take this job, maybe?" Taliya commented before placing the job description on the table.  Anastasia moved her face towards the paper and opened her eyes, seeing everything blurry before her vision comes into focus.  She saw a drawing of an angel and a devil on it.  

    "I seriously have to slay those two things?  What kind of crap job is this?" she asked Taliya as she shrugged her shoulders.  "I don't know.  But it's part of the job," she replied before Anastasia wiped the drool off of her lips and picked up the paper to read it.  She read it over and shook the paper.  "What the hell!  This job is making me do 2 jobs at once?  Why not hire 1 person to kill the angel and another person to kill the demon?  I'm not made of iron," she said as she folded up the paper.

    "But your mechs are," Taliya said with a big grin before Ana mockingly smiled at Taliya before walking out of the Siren's Song with Taliya in tow only to walk towards the barracks, slamming the door to her room in Taliya's face.  "Don't follow me in here.  I need to get ready for this," she said before going silent for a moment.

    Moments later, Anastasia walked out in full battle-rattle, being welcomed by Taliya who was sitting on her heels and licking herself.  Ana looked at her in disgust before walking passed her.  Taliya looked up in surprise before jumping up and following Ana towards the SS Myrmidon, also simply known as 'George'.  Walking through The Lair, Ana and Taliya walked out towards the cove to stand directly outside of the SS Myrmidon.  She looked up to the Myrmidon for a moment.  "George, start everything up and plot a course to Iceberg," she said, still half-asleep.  

    The airship started to wind up and the engines roaredd to life.  After the engines whirled to life, she walked up the ramp onto the ship and made her way into the ship's interior.  She cleared her throat for a moment before walking throughout the ship towards the bridge.  Clearing her throat, she walked aboard the bridge of the ship and spoke to the computer, the artificial intelligence, George started to bleep and bloop.  "There should be a fortress in Iceberg.  I need you to go to Iceberg, to that one fortress," she said as the bleeping and blooping sounded confused.  

    "Just take us to Iceberg and we'll find the fortress," she said with a bit of a grumble before plopping onto the captain's seat and let out a big yawn.  Taliya made her way to the arm grappler seat and gave Anastasia a big thumbs up.  "George, dive!" she said as all of the doors closed and pressurized.  Once the doors pressurized, it started moving forward and then submerged itself underwater in order to travel under the water, through the cavern and then rose up at the end of the cavern to rise up above the surface.  Once the airship broke surface tension, Anastasia shouted, "Launch!" before the engines of the ship spooled up to sound like thunder.

    The engines roared and the ship took to the skies with a single destination:  Iceberg.  Anastasia sat up in her chair and walked out of the bridge, finding herself on the deck of the ship.  Upon walking out onto the deck, she felt the wind blow over her face and through her long golden blonde hair.  Her long blonde hair flew through the wind as the airship continued it's way through air.  Upon the deck of the ship, she appeared to be going fast as hell.  However, upon the ground, she appeared to be hardly moving at all.  "Why are airships so friggin' slow!" she said as she looked around for a moment, seeing the world pass by in a strange parallax, appearing to move faster than she actually is.  
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