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    A Beautiful Love (Invite Only, Noa and Chiyo's wedding)

    Jin En'arr
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    A Beautiful Love (Invite Only, Noa and Chiyo's wedding) Empty A Beautiful Love (Invite Only, Noa and Chiyo's wedding)

    Post by Jin En'arr 14th February 2017, 10:55 am

    A Beautiful Love (Invite Only, Noa and Chiyo's wedding) Images-413

    It was a beautiful day in February, the sun reflecting off the snowdrifts to make it seem like the ground was glittering, couples all over the place, doing special things for Valentines day. But today was even more special for Chiyo Kuroki, for today she was marrying the woman she loved...

    Chiyo stood before the mirror in her dress, nervously sweating a bit. She needed to look perfect, she couldn't look bad for Noa today. Noa would be getting ready with Summer, in the room next door. Her gorgeous wife... Chiyo gulped as she thought of what was about to take place. She had been nervous enough the first time, but this time there was an audience. She was trying her hardest not to completely panic as she twirled in her pretty dress... Calm down, girl. You're marrying the woman you love. Just... breathe. She hoped Noa would like the ring she had gotten... it was full of sparkling pink diamonds, a pretty ring for the woman she loved.



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