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    Nenya, The Adamant Ring


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    Nenya, The Adamant Ring Empty Nenya, The Adamant Ring

    Post by Lilim on 13th February 2017, 2:32 pm

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    Nenya, The Adamant Ring Empty Re: Nenya, The Adamant Ring

    Post by Guest on 15th February 2017, 6:50 pm

    Health regen caps at 5% per post, I cannot allow 1.5x health regen. Please lower this to 5%.

    Nenya, The Adamant Ring Empty Re: Nenya, The Adamant Ring

    Post by Guest on 15th February 2017, 8:20 pm

    Nenya, The Adamant Ring S1SnyFE

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    Nenya, The Adamant Ring Empty Re: Nenya, The Adamant Ring

    Post by kittykool75 on 2nd January 2018, 10:10 am

    Aera Tylidae wrote:Name: Nenya, the Adamant Ring.
    Rank: Legendary (+) (Yazuki Yoshino bought me this for my birthday, Link: https://www.fairytail-rp.com/t14651p650-the-armory )
    Type: Ring (This is an Armor, btw.)
    Nenya, The Adamant Ring Th?id=OIP.wiXMXYteBvXIfSYpdIzjSAC0DI&w=92&h=105&c=8&rs=1&qlt=90&pid=3 

    When the user put this on, the user negated the curse on the necklace that she wore... to a point.
    She now has tattoos that look exactly like the wings she normally had before wearing Nenya, but now she can switch it to and from a tattoo to actual wings. The ring itself is made from a white metal called Mithril, a mythical metal hard to come by in any realm. The ring holds the power to preserve and protect against those who would seek to do evil. The Ring also gives the user the ability to see into the future, by looking into water (passively.)
    -Small: This is a small armor, only taking up a small piece of the user's ring finger.
    -Mithrilian: This ring is made from mithril, and as such, holds itself from rust indefinitely.
    -Liquid Future: Passively (Non-Combat), the user can look into water, and see branching futures. (Lore)
    -Ring: This is a small piece, affording little physical damage protection.
    -Cursed: This ring is cursed so that it can't be removed, exempting when the wielder is dying.
    -Numbing: The user no longer feels pain, due to the fact that the ring chills the user's nerves. This is a weakness, because it causes the user to be a little arrogant, sort of.
    -Voices: Whispering voices now resound inside the wielder's head, causing distraction. (Lore)

    Name: Fluid Reality - Liquid Time
    Rank: Scales up to A-Rank
    Duration: 7 Posts
     10 Posts
    Description: The user will call into her mind, and for sometime, (What counts as 7 Posts) the user can see what could happen, though it doesn't show her what will happen. The user has a 10% chance to dodge a spell that may attack her, and a 20% speed boost. This dodge bonus applies to spells of her rank or lower, as this ability scales up to A-Rank. However, this makes it easier to hit the user, since they are consistently distracted.
    -Fluidity: The user gains a fluid quality to their movements, increasing their speed.
    -Future Sight: The user gains a 1/10 chance to dodge any spell of their choosing, up to the wielder's rank.
    -Confusing: Though she can see what can happen, the wielder cannot know for certain what will happen. This makes it difficult to understand what the wielder should do, and should be represented.
    -Distracted: The user is easier to hit physically, since they're consistently distracted.
    - Distorted: Mages who can control time and space can nullify this effect, since they can change what the user sees.

    Name: Preservation from Evil
    Rank: Scales up to B-Rank
    Duration: 5 Posts
     8 Posts
    Description: The user closes their eyes, and the ring will glow brighter than usual, and the user will gain a sort of white glow to their skin, and the ring will add a health regeneration of  5%  health regen, so long as it doesn't surpass a 15% health regen, and the ring will heal them every post that it's active, by the amount of their health regen. The user will also get a 10% Spell damage reduction for as long as it is active, but this works on those of the user's rank, and this ability will scale up to B-Rank.
    Health Regen: This spell causes a surge in the user's healing capabilities, adding a 5% health Regen
    Damage Reduction: Spells deal less damage to the user.
    Ranked: This spell's damage reduction scales with the user, up to a B-Rank equivalent spell. (Starts at the user's rank.)
    Bright: This spell emits an amazing amount of light, making it a useless spell for when you're trying for stealth.
    Regen Cap: This spell cannot add the healing regen, if the regen of which the user has already meets or exceeds the 15% cap.

    Unlocked at user's request.


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