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    Lost in thoughts all alone

    Julius Seas
    Julius Seas

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    Lost in thoughts all alone Empty Lost in thoughts all alone

    Post by Julius Seas on 12th February 2017, 8:16 pm

    make my soul

    The legend of zelda ocarina of time ~ chambers of the sages:

    The sound of waves filled Julius' ears, though he wasn't on the beach nor was he on a ship. He was floating under the sea surface, staring at it motionless. Rays of moonlight shined through the water surface filling the dark ocean with a dim light. Julius was looking at the full moon, but he didn't knew why. Was he dreaming? Was he dead? Julius tried to move his body but it didn't work. What is going on here? Why can't Julius move? Julius thought to himsel, he couldn't even speak. Luckily he could still breath thanks to the fact he is a water wizard. Julius needs to do something! Julius can't remain like this! After that Julius has to figure out how Julius got here.

    Julius would be lying to himself if he wasn't started to panic for a bit. Don't panic Julius! Julius isn't that pathetic excuse that Julius was back in Fairy Tail... After changing guilds Julius had to adept himself to the new surroundings, in Fairy Tail he could be a goof as much as he wanted, but Black Sails was a different story, everyone seemed to had more confidence and didn't took shit from anyone Julius however didn't had confidence and he did care what others thought of him, it made him scared knowing that they might dislike him on how much of a goody-two-shoes he is. It motivated him too change his personality, instead of greeting everyone with a warm welcome he would start to make sarcastic remarks, instead of caring what aliment a person came from Julius started to have an attitude of "I don't care where you're from as long you don't have any naughty things in your mind." But it was also the pocket watch that gave him an boost of confidence since no one could touch him as long he has it with him, Julius still hasn't figured out how that watch is even able to slow down time or why the legendary pirate: Black beard managed to get his hands on a watch like this, maybe he did make the pocket watch? Though worrying about that was the least of Julius' concerns right now.

    The sea Julius was floating in was empty, not only on the surface where there were no ships sailing or the sound of seagulls, but beneath it as well, there wasn't a single sea creature there. The bottom of the sea wasn't visible at all, all that could be seen was a black abyss that would make you wonder if there even is an bottom. Julius is... All alone in this sea... It was one of his biggest fears to one day be alone, because of either being rejected by everyone or that all his friends would die. Julius... Doesn't want to be alone... Especially not after mummy and daddy died... Captain Daphnes practically raised Julius after mummy and daddy died... It has been so long, that Julius can't even remember their faces... Not even their voices... The only family Julius has is Squable... Captain Daphnes is a great man, though he never looked like a father in Julius' eyes... It was nice to see how much of a family Fairy Tail felt, but something was still missing... Julius started to cry, luckily no one was able to see him cry, since he was alone in the sea and he his tears were practically invisible because they would disappear into the vast ocean he was floating in.

    Julius wonders how captain Anastasia thinks of her guild... Does she only see us a her crew? As her source of income? Or does she actually see Black Sails as her family? Julius kind of looked up to Anastasia, the way she communicates with each member was more impressing then the other guildmasters Julius had when he was in fairy Tail, she was more laid back, Julius felt bad to think that Anastasia would only think of her guild members as a source of income, heck she even agreed on helping Julius to become stronger, which was a thing he really wanted, not because he wanted it himself, but he wanted it to make his parents proud to become a pirate that would uphold the 'Seas' name. At first Julius didn't want to become a full fledged pirate, he wanted to become a wizard that would help people. It wasn't until Fairy tail was declared a dark guild by the magic council that Julius decided to switch guilds, he tried to cope with the idea though he simply couldn't and hearing about a pirate themed guild was a miracle made by heaven itself. It did pained him however when he had to leave his friends in Fairy Tail, Julius hasn't spoken to them in quite some while, maybe he was afraid that they might hate Julius after he left them suddenly with only a letter as saying goodbye.

    Julius had been floating a while now in the abandoned sea, so far he had only summarized on how scared he was for people to reject him, yet he still hasn't figured out on how he ended up in this sea. Though out of no where Julius felled something pulling him towards the black abyss that was supposed to be the bottom of the ocean. Julius kept descending the ocean until he couldn't sea the surface anymore and he lost conscious. Our dearest son... Julius heard before he lost consciousness.

    Bayonetta 2 ~ The legend of Aesir:

    Julius slowly regained consciousness, as he regained it all he could hear were: explosions, cannons firing and screams of pain and agony. Julius opened his eyes and noticed he was laying on a wooden floor. He stood up and noticed he was in a cargo hold of a ship, someone walked down in pirate garb and noticed Julius standing there. Oi you there! What are you doing here? Julius was at a lost for words since he didn't knew how he ended up in this cargo hold in the first place. That doesn't matter right now! Grab some weapons, and get to the deck as soon as possible! The pirate man ordered Julius, and he nodded in response. Water blades! Julius tried to create two blades made of water, though for some reason his magic didn't work, Bloody hell! First Julius ends up in an abandoned ocean... And now Julius can't even use magic! Julius stamped his right foot on the floor out of anger. He looked around the cargo hold and looked if there were any weapons. He eventually found a crate full of pistols, he grabbed two of them and strapped two pistol holders on both of his thighs, he also grabbed some extra ammunition and tucked it away in the pouch hanging from his belt. Lastly he found a rapier that perfectly fitted in the empty sword holder he always carried around. The sword holder and his blue pirate coat were the only mementos he had from his parents. Julius took a deep breath and he made his way towards the deck.

    On the deck Julius noticed that he was on a pirate ship, the sky was filled with stars and a bright full moon was visible, the ship was docked near a big island with in the middle of the island there was an huge volcano. Where the heck is Julius? Everything that has happened so far didn't make any sense. The ship that Julius was on was firing with it's cannons towards the island, Julius noticed that every where on the island were people dressed like pirates and were fighting each other, though there was one aspect that could take them apart, one side was wearing blue and the other side red. Looking around some more Julius could see an emblem being printed on the sails of the ship he was standing on, he focused more on the emblem and he felt like as if he had seen that emblem before, though his line of thoughts got interrupted by an huge and loud explosion coming from underneath him, it seemed like the ship got hit by an cannon ball. Julius jumped as quickly as he could from the ship onto the land, luckily for the blue pirates it wasn't the only ship they had as there were more ships near the shore with the same emblem printed on the sails. This must be an huge island if there are that many ships here...

    Julius started to run and decided to give the blue pirates an hand in their battle, even though he didn't knew what they were fighting for. A group of red pirates noticed Julius and one of them tried to attack Julius with a sword attack. Julius dodged the attack just in time to activate raid time, a golden light radiated from his pocket watch and a magical aura slowed down time. So close! Julius taunted. He grabbed the rapier from the sword holder and stabbed the pirate that attacked him along with the other pirates that followed their comrade, Julius ended raid time the moment he fully returned the rapier back into the holder. Julius was now surrounded by the dead bodies of the red pirates. It felt weird but Julius didn't felt any sympathy for them, it's as if he somehow knew they did something to Julius maybe not direct but maybe with something else.

    Though Julius gave it to much thought and he soon was surrounded by the red pirates pointing their pistols towards Julius, he quickly grabbed the pistols from the holders and pointed at pointed each of them towards one of the pirates. It's for the best you give up... Struggling will only result in a even more painful dead... On my mark guys! One of the red pirates said. Was this it? Now Julius would never figure out how he ended up here in the first place. Suddenly Julius heard shots fire and he thought it was one of the red pirates, though luckily for him that wasn't the case, since one of the red pirates seemed to fall over onto the floor dead. One by one they all fell like domino's until there were none over. Oi! It seems I was just in time, you alright mate? Julius turned around and it seemed like his savior was one of the blue pirates. The man was wearing pirate garb though he looked more like an captain, since he was wearing a long blue pirate coat almost identical too Julius', he also had an eye patch covering his right eye and he wore a captain hat, the man had blond hair and had a scruffy beard, he was at least a head taller then Julius. Better pay more attention boy! This isn't the place to zone out *chuckle* The man said as he laughed, though he quickly stopped and took a better look at Julius. Say do I know you? I have the feeling we've met each other... Julius was about to respond, until he noticed the red pirates behind the man. Look out! Julius said as he grabbed the pistols and started to shoot towards the red pirates besides the man's sides. Behind Julius more pirates appeared. The man shot them holding his pistols above Julius' head, more pirates appeared and the two men shot each of them as if they were dancing. When all of the pirates attacking them were dead the man looked back towards Julius. You've got some nice skills boy! Anyway let's go! My wife has been captured by these sea slugs! The man ran towards the jungle that lead towards the base of the volcano.

    Julius followed suit and soon they were at the base of the volcano which was the red pirates base of operation. The red pirates quickly surrounded Julius and the captain of the blue pirates. The red pirates captured the two and brought them further towards the top of the volcano. There they met with the captain of the red pirates and with a blond haired woman. Jeanne! The captain said towards the woman. Arthur! The woman responded. I'm so glad that you're alright Jeanne! Well you three certainly won't be good for a while... The captain of the red pirates said. Let us go! There is someone who is waiting for us back home! The woman named Jeanne said towards the captain of the red pirates. Oh don't worry... I know everything about your son named Julius... Jeanne Seas and Arthur Seas... Julius' heart skipped a beat. Their last name is "Seas" but that isn't possible... Julius' parents died a long time ago... Unless, but that isn't possible... Unless Julius must have traveled back in time... Julius still couldn't believe it himself, though it was the only logical conclusion, these people were his parents, but that also meant that he is going to see now how they died. You can do whatever you want with us... but please spare this kid! Julius was at the brink of tears, his father was sacrificing his life to save his son, even though he didn't knew he was protecting him. Hmph... Fine if that's what you want... Throw them into the volcano boys! Oh and don't worry about your son... I will make sure to take good care of him. The captain ordered his men. Julius' was crying, he is going to see how is parents are going to be thrown into a volcano. Jeanne... Do you think Julius will make it in life? Arthur asked his wife. I'm sure he will... No matter what path he will follow, we'll support him no matter what! Those were their final words before they were thrown into the volcano. NO! MOMMY! DADDY! Julius screamed out loud, though it was to late, Julius slowly started to lose consciousness. Mommy... Daddy... Julius is sorry... For forgetting you... Julius said before he completely lost consciousness.  

    Zero Escape virtue's last reward ~ Blue bird lamentation:

    Our dearest son... Julius heard as he once again regained consciousness. This time Julius was in a black void, Ugh great, first an abandoned ocean, then a trip to the past and now Julius has ended up in nothingness... Julius looked around and it seemed like there really was nothing. But then out of nowhere some sort of screen appeared. The screen showed a woman in pirate garb holding a baby, she suddenly started to sing. You are the ocean's gray waves, destined to seek, life beyond the shore just out of reach. Yet the waters ever change, flowing like time. The path is yours to climb The song she sang ringed a bell deep in Julius' mind. Julius remembers that song... Mommy used to sing it for Julius as a kid whenever Julius had an nightmare... Tears appeared in the corner of Julius eyes, he thought that he had put the lost of his parents behind him, though it still haunted him to this day.

    Julius couldn't hold back the tears anymore and took a sprint towards the screen. Mommy! Please come back! Julius misses you and daddy a lot, Julius might not show that always, but that's because Julius doesn't want to look weak and pathetic towards you... Julius wants to make you two proud! Julius is sorry! Julius stopped running and collapsed to his knees. And then he suddenly was embraced by a pair of arms. We are always proud of you Julius! You have grown so much in this past year... Your father and I have seen you grown from the moment you left the island, just remember this Julius! Your father and I are always watching over you and are proud of you, even when the path you would've taken might have been a dark one, though your father and I are happy to see that you have found the place where you belong! With those last words a bright light filled the void. And the sound of Julius' mother singing the lullaby slowly faded away.

    No BGM

    Julius shot right up from his sleep and let out a loud gasp and he started to pant heavily. Julius was covered in sweat and he had apparently cried in his sleep. *Yawn* Oi Julius-kun! You alright mate? Did you had an nightmare? Julius didn't gave Squable an answer right away, yet he quickly grabbed his pocket watch who was making a strange noise. He opened it and it's hands were spinning around uncontrollably before it they stopped showing the correct time. So it was you that caused that dream... Julius said to himself. Julius stood up and grabbed his pirate coat and walked towards the door. Oi Julius-kun! Where are you going? Squable asked. Julius going for a midnight stroll over the beach, Julius will be back soon!
    He said as a he walked out the door. Oi! You can't just walk out the door like that! Come back here! The nerve! Squable said angry.

    Fire Emblem fates ~ Lost in thoughts all alone (instrumental):

    Julius walked over the beach on bare feet, he was wearing black shorts, a v-neck blue t-shirt and his pirate coat. He set down in the sand and grabbed his pocket watch. Just what are you? Why did you show Julius this? Julius opened the pocket watch again but it seemed like it was just working like it should do. If everything that happened in that dream is true then... Julius looked up towards the starry sky and the full moon and tears started to appear in the corner of his eyes. Thank you, mommy and daddy... For believing in Julius! he said as tears started to roll down. Julius will continue on working hard! Not only for you, but also for captain Anastasia and Julius' friends! You are the ocean's gray waves, destined to seek, life beyond the shore just out of reach. Yet the waters ever change, flowing like time. The path is yours to climb... Julius sang the lullaby his mother used to sing for him, with the sound of the waves it made Julius a bit calmer. Julius is glad to remember this song... he said with a smile.

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