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    This is How it all Started...

    Yazuki Yoshino
    Yazuki Yoshino

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    This is How it all Started...  Empty This is How it all Started...

    Post by Yazuki Yoshino on 9th February 2017, 4:42 pm

    His body was strained, battered and bruised by the punishment he was receiving. He now realized how powerless he really was as the Demon of the Storm approached him, laughing maliciously. He couldn’t win. The demon had stripped him of his pride, but not his determination. He had to make it out of this. The rain fell hard, the dark storm clouds looming in the sky, a storm caused by the demon before him. Lightning struck the ground throughout the wastes, breaking off chunks of the cliffs wherever they struck.

    “You use lightning magic, kid. I must say while I am impressed, it does not hold a candle to what I can do. A single bolt of lightning can’t break the storm. But you have entertained me, I’ll give you that much.” The Demon of the Storm had almost a mocking voice as he approached Yazuki, who lay there trying to figure out what his next move would be. This enemy was more powerful than he had first been lead to believe by the hidden villagers. In fact, the information on this demon was completely wrong. He was supposed to be an explosion curse expert, not a Storm curse demon. The village where he was sealed now lay in wastes. Thankfully, he was able to save the one kid, though. The child was long gone, giving him some peace of mind that this was not all for a waste. At least there would be a survivor...

    He quickly stood up, bracing himself for another attack and preparing to put everything he had in this next attack. It had to work. The demon, however, had much different plans. The winged menace stopped a few paces away. Yazuki froze as the demon’s face seemed to change moods in an instant.

    “I have a wonderful idea kid. Let’s make this more interesting. I will give you one year to train. If you survive what I have planned for you, then eventually you will be worthy of my time. You are barely even a spec of dirt on the ground compared to me as you are now. Your attack earlier was impressive, although it was also useless. I’ve not seen someone use so much magic power at once in a long time. But your abilities against me as you are now, are completely useless.”

    The demon swiftly hit the boy with a claw attack to the stomach, knocking the boy on his back. “This is going to hurt, boy, but if you survive maybe you might be able to make me feel the breeze.” The demon pushed his hand towards the sky, extending all fingers outwards. An orb of lightning slowly grew in size above Yazuki within the clouds of the storm, his body freezing in terror. This was it. He was too weak to move. This was surely the end. “Demon Curse: Slaying Thunder”

    The Ball of lightning let loose a bolt of lightning that a different hue than Yazuki had ever seen, striking Yazuki on his side and causing a pain deeper than anything he had ever felt before. Slowly, tribal tattoos started to encase his torso, the pain slowly starting to grow until it finally was unbearable. One final surge came through and the sound of thunder was more intense than Yazuki had heard in his entire life. He was sure that he was dying as his consciousness slowly faded.

    The boy was still breathing, the demon noticed, as his Curse ended. Good, this would definitely create an interesting chapter in the demon’s life. Some day he would have to see the results of what he had done, but for now, he left his young rival on the ground, observing his work. They boy survived so it definitely must have worked. The boy’s abilities would definitely grow in the year to come, and doing this to him would help him get what he wanted though too. If the boy used these abilities to take out some of the other demons that rivaled him, he would be able to exploit the poor boy. Yazuki would be useful to him indeed.

    He took the boy over to a small abandoned den in one of the cliff faces and laid him down within. He thought about what to do from here. It would probably be best to let the boy learn on his own, or the boy might grow too fast. His plan was to manipulate his path towards rival demons, not himself, and Yazuki didn't seem very fond of him. It would be best if he left. He scratched a message beside the boy. 'You managed to survive,' he wrote. 'You now have a better chance to slay me. I will give you one year, Master your rage. A demon's rage is one of pure power. A Demon Slayer's is just the same. Embrace your inner chaos.' He left the message short and sweet. The boy would have an eventful life from here.

    Yazuki awoke in the shallow cave some hours later, his head feeling like it was going to rupture like a volcano from the splitting migraine he was suffering. His hearing seemed weirdly muffled at first, his ears ringing and a slight cause of vertigo from his eyes readjusting. His body felt weird. He looked at his side where the lightning had struck him. The tribal tattoos confused him as they were never there before. He took a few moments to let the roar in his head die down to a dull pain, then started looking around. It didn't take him long to find the message from the Demon of the Storm. He hadn't been able to beat the demon and it frustrated Yazuki beyond all else. The demon said he had a better chance to slay him when they met again, but how was that possible? He clenched his fist, his anger growing. He stood up and walked over to the cave wall. Cloaking his fist in Lightning he struck the wall. He stopped, shocked at what he saw. It had an odd hue to it. It caused one hell of a crackling noise as the thunder radiated throughout the small cavern. Rock started to loose itself from the ceiling and wall, collapsing the cave. Yazuki used his Lightning Speed spell to transform himself into a bolt and make it to the outside in an instant, narrowly escaping the cave's collapse. He brought forth his abilities within his hands once again. It felt... different?

    He looked around the barren wastes. The land was back to normal, the storm clouds gone. The sun was just going down, with beautiful hues of reds, oranges and yellows in the skies to the west. He started to experiment with his abilities. All of his lightning made a louder crack of thunder than it had before, and had a sheen to it that was different. His abilities even felt like a whole new lightning was coming from him. Was this what the demon had meant by a year to train? Was it because of whatever the demon had done to him? He had so many questions that were left unanswered. Then he remembered what the demon had used that had knocked him out. 'Demon Curse: Slaying Thunder.' He thought on this for a good moment. Was he now using Slayer Thunder? He would have to see. For now, he could only speculate.


    This is How it all Started...  CF9ovLk
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    This is How it all Started...  Asmpgx10

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