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    Rai Sormr

    Rai Sormr
    Rai Sormr

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    Rai Sormr Empty Rai Sormr

    Post by Rai Sormr on 6th February 2017, 7:17 pm

    Name: Rai Sormr
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Birthday: August 1st
    Sexuality: Straight
    Special Characteristics: He is always seen wearing a headset that is constantly playing music. It’s a cool little device that was developed by his father. It can drown out all forms of sound so all you can hear is the music that is playing. It has this special function that allows it to pry into the user’s mind in order to figure out what type of music the listener likes and feels like listening too. Rai has had this device for a long time now and has grown so accustomed to it that he never takes em off and has learned to read people's lips in order to communicate.

    Rai is a little complex at first but once you get to know him, he's easy to read. At first glance, he's one of those quiet types who never seem to interact with anyone. This is usually the case with Rai cause he is always listening to music on his headset. He just wants to listen to his music and not be disturbed but doesn't dismiss or get upset when talked too. Rai understands he listens to his music too much for any normal person. Even if someone does talk to him he continues to listen to his music which usually ends up with some pissed off people. However Rai is an expert at reading lips, so as long as he's looking at someone he knows what they are saying. You just need to get his attention first. He has a caring heart meaning he will do most anything you ask of him if he considers you a friend. Rai didn't use to be so caring about anyone other than himself growing up, at least until the incident. He was 9 years old, he and his partner Grace who was a long childhood friend of his were in a freestyle dancing competition. They were one of the teams that made it to the finals but before they could perform, Rai's mouth got him into trouble. He was trash talking the other team out backstage and they weren't taking it as a little rival competition spat. One of them pulled out a knife and lunged at Rai but Grace stepped in the way and took the hit. After that, the guy knocked her aside and she hit her head pretty badly. Soon after security came and broke it up. This would also explain a bit on why Rai is so quiet, he doesn't want his mouth getting him in trouble again and potentially hurting someone else. As he puts it, he was young and stupid.

    Since that day he started taking magic lessons in order to protect himself and others he cares about. His friend Grace ended up in a coma for the past 8 years and now her parents can't afford the medical payments anymore. This is where the story begins, Rai decided to drop everything to become a mage and earn the money to pay for Graces medical bills. He has been practicing for the past 8 years how to be a mage in order to keep the people he cares about safe so why not use that talent for something better. Rai doesn't shy from a fight if one breaks out, he keeps up his calm demeanor just fine and keeps his eyes focused on his target/s at all times. The reason for this is mostly cause Rai still doesn't take his headphones off even when he's fighting and could use his sense of hearing. He makes up for it by keeping his eye fixed on his opponent/s and has gotten good at reading their moves, not only that but he uses his magic to create a special magnetic field that helps him track enemies close by him. He mostly fights using his lower body than his upper body. Rai spent most of his life practicing freestyle dancing so would only make sense he use his lower body more than his upper even though he is fully capable of using his upper body for combat. Some people have a dominant left or right side when they fight, Rai shifted the balance to upper and lower instead.

    Music - You will never see a moment where he isn’t listening to music. Day and night, awake or asleep he is always seen wearing his headset and it's always playing some form of music.

    Freestyle Dancing - He use to love doing this all the time but doesn’t seem to have as much time for it anymore. It’s a shame too cause he was very good.

    Technophile - Rai’s father is an inventor for entertainment technology in Basco. He is even the one who invented Rai’s headphones. It makes sense that the son would like technology as well and is always looking forward to what new invention his father has.

    Candy - Rai never did develop a sweet tooth, he prefers nature's candy instead.

    Headphone Snatchers - There’s nothing Rai hates more than people to rip off his headphones. It’s the fastest way to get him in a bad mood.

    Cigarettes - They're bad for your health and they smell like death. Need I go into more details?

    Music - To Rai music isn’t just something he just likes, it’s what motivates him to get up in the morning, to want to travel and see what world. Music opens up his eyes to see everything in new and different ways.

    Techno Artists - Rai not only made freestyle a hobby of his, but he also dabbled in creating his own type of techno music. When he gets his muse to create there's no stopping him till he's done.

    Jewel’s - Rai needs to make plenty of money in order to keep his childhood friend alive. She is in a coma on life support and her parents can't afford the payments anymore. Sense Rai feel’s as if it's his fault to why she’s in a coma, he feels compelled to help.

    Becoming Deaf - If he wasn’t able to listen to his music, life just wouldn’t be worth living. He loves his music that much, which is why he always listens to his music at a safe volume level.

    Unknown - The fear that he doesn’t even know is there. The fear that his childhood friend may never wake up again. The unknown has been a big fear in the hearts of man since the dawn of time.

    Harming Others - He fear’s his actions would harm another person, his mistakes already put someone he cares about in a coma for the past 5 years.

    General Appearance

    Height: 5’4”
    Weight: 115 lbs
    Hair: Orange, Spiky
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin Tone: White
    Rai is tall and slender with spiky orange hair and blue eyes. He wears a sleeveless shirt with a funnel-shaped collar and an indigo stripe outlined with gold going down the middle, a yellow sweatband on his left wrist, and white shorts held up by a loose-fitting belt. His shoes are black with an indigo stripe outlined in gold, similar to the style of his shirt. Rai is always seen wearing his signature indigo headphone.

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