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    Gone Hunting (Job/Requin)

    The Lunatic
    The Lunatic

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    Gone Hunting (Job/Requin) Empty Gone Hunting (Job/Requin)

    Post by The Lunatic 5th February 2017, 8:16 am

    Job Form:

    The semi-fey stood atop the lamppost, staring out over the horizon. Waves of stench from the familiarly filthy streets below wafted up to her nose, and the instrument of scent was quickly wrinkled, and turned towards a different direction. Though Yuzuki was a figure often seen dancing over the rooftops and through street lamps, today she had a purpose other than showing off her supernatural abilities. A soiled paper was brought up to her face again in the early morning light, her senses automatically adjusting to read between the smudges of soot from one of the many factories nearby. While the Central District of the Neutral Grounds were no place great to live in, there were many advantages for a street rat such as Yuzuki, being a far better fighter with her weapon than most other rats in the place. The fact that magic couldn’t be used would always give her a feeling of reassurance, for it meant she was less likely to be overpowered in a fight. However…staying here was no way to earn any good money, as everyone knew, which was why the semi-fey still did jobs as a mage here and there.

    After having read over the job form and reward already, she had decided it would be worth it – just this once to work with someone else. It was of a level far above her own, so doing it independently would be rather hazardous. Despite her impulsive ways, Yuzuki did have a sense of caution and a desperate desire to survive out there in the big bad world. Elfin fingers slipped over the tattoo on her hand, a shudder running through her wiry frame in memory of one of the times she had nearly ended up dying. Yes… Occasionally, it was dangerous to do these things alone. The mage threw her arms over her head, stretching luxuriously on the lamp before making up her mind. “I can smell the jewel from here…!”

    With a powerful, swooping dive, she was off. While the girl normally looked like the very stereotype of a street rat, there was obvious evidence in her movements now that she was more than just that. Fey blood running through her veins, the girl was far more graceful than the average human being with stronger strength, heightened senses, and, well, wings. The insubstantial shadows that invisibly streamed from her back gave her a boost in each jump she took, sending her forward many meters with each leap. She was starting off early, at a mere 2 in the morning. It was enough time for her to get there on foot, that was for sure.

    Several hours later, the woman had reached the ruins where the jobs were placed – first one there, in fact. With a strong feeling of having triumphed, Yuzuki would lean back against a rock, letting her eyelids lower themselves like a blanket onto the precious orbs which they sheltered, feeling strength slowly returning to her legs after the long journey. Despite how inhuman she might be, exhaustion was something that all beings felt – in her mind at least. With her stubborn outlook on life, the semi-fey couldn’t possibly imagine that the world was different from her set-in-stone view of it. Life had followed her view of it for thirty-four years of it already, so why would it change anytime soon? They said that children were supposed to be open to ideas, but even with the personality of a five-year-old, Yuzuki’s true age showed through in this close-mindedness. “Well,” the being in question now murmured to herself, “I suppose it’s only natural for me to sleep now, isn’t it? It’s the other dude’s own fault if they don’t come on time.”

    Well – they aren’t late. You’re just early – about three hours early, Ms. Faerydae, but it’s not like she’ll accept that anytime soon.


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