Kids games can keep you warm [private/job]

    Alexander Easton

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    Kids games can keep you warm [private/job]

    Post by Alexander Easton on 3rd February 2017, 11:39 am

    “God when will this frigid weather end? I’m ready to hang out outside without freezing my balls off.” Lex shoved his hands deep into his pockets as he walked towards a large building that one might call a mall. There wasn’t much to do today it seemed, he came to Magnolia since he heard that Fairy Tail was having some internal issues and had fled the city, there was probably a chance to make some quick cash since the guild wasn’t there to monopolize on the jobs in the area. The only thing he was hating was the fact that this damn city seemed to be stuck in a stupid snow globe. Lex was wearing a thick tan pea coat and a bright cyan blue scarf with a paisley print on it, if people were not aware he was gay that scarf would answer that question. The mall was about the only place he knew to go to waste some time and see what he could get into. As he entered the mall he quickly realized that it was packed, seemed that everybody was trying to escape the cold weather that was outside. Damn, looks like I’m not gonna get a peaceful day after all.”

    He let out a simple moan of annoyance and turned around and walked right out of the mall and towards the forest that bordered Magnolia. Though there was nothing there that would provide him any sort of heat he could admire the snow and ice decorating the trees and be alone. He did not mind being around people normally but today he just did not feel like dealing with them. Right as he got to the park though he noticed a group of kids running around laughing and throwing snowballs at each other. A faint smile crossed Lex’s face, he never got the chance as a kid to really act like one, perhaps that is why his personality is so childish now. The kids seemed to notice Lex though and call out to him. “Hey Mister, do you want to play tag with us?” Lex shrugged his shoulders. “Yea sure, why not.”

    He walked over to the group and let them explain the rules of the game to him While he had played tag before it seemed that every group had their own set of rules and styles. This group seemed like traditionalist though and their game was rather simple. Lex was told that he was it first so he counted to ten and started looking for the kids. While he was much faster than they were they were smaller and could hide easier. As he chased the kids around the park their laughter sparked laughter in Lex. He did not know these kids nor was this game of any value to him but he was enjoying himself. As he moved about his body warmed up and he no longer felt too cold. After chasing the kids about for nearly an hour or so Lex was worn out and so were those kids. Their parents should pay Lex because of him they’re gonna have a peaceful night. He waved good bye to the kids and headed back to the inn he was staying at so he could unwind and bathe before drifting off into a deep sleep.

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