Chicken little [job / solo]

    Alexander Easton

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    Chicken little [job / solo]

    Post by Alexander Easton on 2nd February 2017, 8:18 pm

    “Ugh what is that god forsaken smell?” Lex looked around the small dirt road he was on to try to pinpoint where the smell was coming from. It was a mixture of what appeared to be feces and wet animal. While this sort of smell should not be a surprise at all seeing where he was Lex was still not happy about it violating his nostrils. While Lex was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth, ever since he had left his abusive home he had grown to become a snob of sorts. He was not rich now but he was much more wealthy than either of his parents dreamed to be, perhaps it was because this smell reminded him of his past that it brought such a strong feeling of anger about.

    Lex was currently walking around some of the country roads near Clover Town. He had just finished a rather simple mission with Nova, a shy kid from Golden Phoenix. The two were tasked with taking care of a house, a rather dull mission. Lex was kind of bummed that he had not gotten a chance to utilize his magic much, the only time he had so far is when he was at Ceder Beach and all those fish were coming ashore. That was a fun day, he got to tease a young mage that seemed to taken a fancy to Lex, perhaps their paths would cross again soon.

    As Lex rounded a corner on the dirt path a massive looking chicken came sprinting towards him. Lex quickly jumped to the side of the road, so that he would not be plowed down by the beast. “What the fuck was that?” Lex stood back up and brushed himself off as he looked down the road watching the chicken beast jump around and act like a fool. The sound of approaching person caught his ear and took his attention from the beast. Lex crossed his arms awaiting the person that seemed to be sprinting after the bird based on the sound of their footsteps.

    As they neared Lex heard them panting heavily. He glanced over his shoulder to see an older gentleman standing there in a heavy sweat. “Did-did you see a rather large chicken run this way?” He looked up at LEx almost as if he was in pain, this guy was clearly not in any kind of shape. Lex pointed towards the rampaging beast and the guy’s face grew even paler than it was before. “Are you okay old man? You look like you’re about to croak.” After a few more seconds of heavy panting the man stood up and instantly grabbed Lex’s hands and stared deep into Lex’s eyes, all of which made Lex extremely uncomfortable.

    “Do you think you could help me? My whole life rides on that chicken, she’s everything to me and my family. Without her we will starve, there has to be someway that you can get her back to my farm right?” Lex took a step back freeing his hands from the man’s grasp. He looked at the chicken and back towards the man, really it should not be too hard to get it back to the farm, the only issue was how to get it back without injuring the dumb thing. “Ugh I guess I can help you out old man, just know that this isn’t a charity case.”

    In an instant he had called on his ring, Jink, and was already teleporting right towards the chicken. He popped right up on the opposite side of the chicken and shouted. “BOO! Before jumping back and throwing two of his daggers that he had on him at the ground on the sides of the chicken that he did not want it to go, that way it would go in a single direction towards the old man and his farm. The chicken did exactly what Lex expected, it let out a screech and started running straight towards the man, squawking the entire time. Lex started chuckling at the site of the chicken. He also made a simple gesture with his hand activating his magnetic ring and caused the daggers to start to move about and follow the big bird with Lex running after it laughing.

    He made sure that his daggers were not touching the bird just coming close enough to startle it into running in the direction he wanted. As he laughed the bird squaked and the old man cried. If one were to be sitting on the fence following the road they would have gotten quite the kick out of this scene. The three ran towards the farm for several minutes until the chicken ran right inside the fence, at which time Lex’s daggers fell to the ground so that he could focus the ring’s ability on the fence to slam it shut. Once it was closed and the chicken was back home did he go collect his money.


    852 Words
    -20% Magic
    Ring of Magnetism 10%
    Jinx Ring 10%

    Name: Jink
    Rank: D Rank
    Type: Spell Armor
    Duration: 3 Post
    Cooldown: 4 Post
    Description: Lex will requip an odd ring onto his left hand. The ring is an ancient tool used to hunt witches down, particularly more crafty witches. The ring is used to ward off other magic as well as casting its own, these functions stem from time-space abilities. The ring will naturally absorb magical damage directed at Lex and will follow the guidlines for re-equip items and those of this particular magic.


    Absorbs magical damage automatically
    Ring is lightweight and takes up almost no room
    Access to time-space abilities


    Ring cannot block physical attacks
    To use time space abilities Lex must have visual
    Ring is made of metal and could be easily eaten by a slayer
    The Active ability has a long cooldown compared to the instant effect that it produces


    Space Aware: Lex is aware of all that goes on in a limited space of 20 meters around him at all times. Those that are using a hiding skill or ability above D rank will of course slip through this skill


    Flicker Warp: Lex may teleport anywhere within 20 meters. This ability can only be used once and has a cooldown of 3 post

    Name: Magnetic Ring
    Rank: Weak
    Type: Magic Item
    Description: A small rusty ring that gives off a weird magical signature
    Gives a single magnetic ability
    Easy concealable

    Extremely weak skill that has no direct offensive or defensive purpose
    Extremely fragile
    Can be eaten by a metal slayer
    Ability caps at C rank


    Name: Magnetic Control
    Rank: D-C (Ranks up with owner)
    Duration: 3 Post
    Cooldown: 4 Post
    Description: The ring allows the owner to control any metal based objects this ability’s rank and below that are within a 10 meter range( 20 if C rank skill is used). These items can move at half the speed of a spell its rank. At max can hold 2 items (3 if C rank skill is used)
    Strengths: [list][*]Simple but effective function
    [*]Range is limited by half that of a normal spell its rank
    [*]Speed is limited by half that of a normal spell its rank
    [*]Has a max limit on the number of items it can hold


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