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    All for a pointless passport


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    All for a pointless passport Empty All for a pointless passport

    Post by michaelkeha 1st February 2017, 3:40 am

    Michael stood quietly and patiently in line he had been here for three hours already and it was starting to get to him between the sun and the boredom he was slowly beginning to crack it started with small objects flying past him indistinct and unidentifiable but slowly they became more clear with each passing hour as the line moved barely a foot an hour they became more distinct and more menacing Michael tried to put them out of his mind but it was too late they had sunken too deep into his mind for him to be able to banish them from his slowly warping mind.

    The man behind Michael seemingly collapsed but Michael at this point was too far gone to even notice the same went for everyone else in line they all began to loose their minds it seems, a hint of paranoia floated through his mind could it possibly be that some kind of mind wizard was trying to take control of them this thought was interrupted when one of the shapes floated right in front of Michael becoming clear as day it was a candy cane that began to speak to Michael to make this already bizarre situation that much more insane.

    "Well good day to ya lad" the candy cane joyfully said Michael at this point unsure if this was a hunger based hallucination or it was heat stroke getting to him he spoke to the candy cane as it seemed as good a way to kill the time as any "Good day to you Mr candy cane" He said with a rather confused level of trepidation in his voice "Me and my pals were wonderin if you would like to come play with us" Now Michael knew he was going crazy "What do you mean come and play" the candy cane laughed and said"Why come play hide and seek with us in the land of Candy and chocolate it will good fun me lad"

    Michael pondered on the invitation for a good long moment so much so he was near the front of the line at this point before realising that if this piece of candy was really a hallucination from his mind it would be a prankster of note and thus a horrible idea to follow him anyway not even noticing the attendant giving him his passport after having taken his photo Michael without even thinking had taken the passport and put in his pocket more focused on what he needs to do about this cheeky candy cane following him around.

    It was at that moment Michael knew exactly what he needed to do " Well Mr candy cane it has been fun but I must now leave and with that, I shall also eat you" "Wait what?" the candy cane inquired right before Michael grabbed the piece of candy and bit down on it disappearing instantly in between his teeth. "Well at least I am not too far gone" Michael thought to himself as he burst out laughing at the top of his lungs.

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    All for a pointless passport -9gECUXK

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