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    Mages for the Children


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    Mages for the Children Empty Mages for the Children

    Post by LOTRspartan 31st January 2017, 4:23 pm

    For a good cause

    Hiro did always have a soft spot for children, though he never understood why. Maybe it was just the idea of them being too susceptible to the evils of the outside world. That's why when the Mages for Kids charity asked for help to raise money for orphanemage children without enough money to travel to a guild, Hiro knew he had to accept. Though he wasn't getting paid he did not mind.

    He arrived at Hargeon, trying to psych himself up. He's never street performed before, let alone in front of a crowd. But how hard could it be, right? The town square was bustling with people and he found a small booth titled MforK. He approached the booth to find a man, roughly middle aged maybe even older trying to get people's attention.

    Oh. You there sir. Would you care to- the old man tried to ask Hiro.

    No need sir. I'm the mage you hired. Hiro opened his arms in a welcoming gesture.

    The old man looked at him puzzled for a second then his eyes opened. Right! Forgive my poor memory. Please, please, make yourself welcome. The old man shuffled aside a little, to make room in the booth.

    Thank you. My name is Hiro, and if you don't mind sir, I'll be more than ready to begin.

    The man gave a large smile. Of course, of course. He shuffled around a bit and cleared his voice. Everyone listen up! Prepare to be entertained by Mr. Hiro, on behalf of Mages for Kids!

    Some people stopped walking while others just turned their heads. There was some awkward clapping while Hiro took a deep breath. Indeed. My name is Hiro Fusano, mage for Infinity Hydra. Prepare to witness the world of Time Manipulation! You there sir, throw some fruit my way! He pointed towards a small fruit vendor. The man chuckled a bit and grabbed a handful of apples and threw some fruit in the air towards Hiro.

    He closed his eyes, breathed, then unsheathed his sword. With grace and precision he slashed furiously in the air cutting 1,2,7 apples in the sky, each one falling to the ground cut in four ways. Hiro plucked a piece before it fell and took a bite. Delicious, he said. The audience began to cheer, amazed by what they had seen. He could see some of them moving towards the basket on the booth to drop some jewel they had. Hiro could feel his self confidence boost.

    Now tell me, are there any mages in the audience? A few hands went up, and Hiro pointed at a young lady, probably mid teens. And you are miss?

    Lilly, she replied in a rather hushed tone. I do plant based magic.

    Very interesting! Hiro said with a large smile. He was now playing the part of a show host much better than he thought. Now tell me Lilly, do any of your spells have you shoot projectiles?

    I can shoot seeds out of my mouth, she replied a bit louder.

    Excellent! Hiro walked a few feet from her. Now you stay there sweetheart. I'm going to pull out fifteen squares and throw them in the air. Your job is to shoot them all down. Sound like a plan?

    She reluctantly agreed, unsure if she could even do such a task. Hiro threw the small porcelain squares up in the air. Lilly puffed up her cheeks, closed one eye and spit out seed after seed. One, two, eight squares total, she hit before the rest crashed to the ground. There were some groans throughout the audience, as some were not expecting that she couldn't be able to hit all of them.

    I'm really sorry, Lilly replied, lowering her head.

    Now now everyone. We're not done. And don't fret Lilly, for I bet you'll be able to hit the next fifteen. Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to see the support magic from a samurai of time. He closed his eyes, and held his sheathed sword by the scabbard. The scabbard began to glow a faint blue which then flew from it. The people awed in amazement and curiosity as the color wrapped itself around Lilly.

    She looked down at her hands that were now giving off a faint blue glow. I feel...different...

    Hiro smiled. Perfect. Now go! He threw fifteen more squares back up in the air. With almost uncontrollable speed, Lilly puffed up her cheeks once more and began to shoot every square without any hesitation. The crashing of porcelain was heard as each seed made contact with square until there was absolutely none left. Lilly's eyes widened in disbelief as the blue hue around her then flew back to Hiro's sword and was absorbed. The audience erupted into cheer as Hiro gave props to Lilly and her magic.

    Now for my last trick. Hiro took a piece of paper from his pocket, Misayo's charm, and place it neatly on the floor. I will grab this charm off the floor, while stationed up there. He pointed to a building just above him, roughly five stories up. Now if you could just wait a second, prepare to be blown away.

    A minute or so passed before Hiro arrived to the roof of the building. He lined himself up with the paper fifty feet below him. The crowd lay waiting with anticipation, wondering what he would do. Would he make the paper, teleport to him, fly away, what would it be? This time the crowd had grown to three times it's original size. No one was expecting for Hiro to jump. The crowd gasped in horror as Hiro plummeted towards the floor. Everyone was frozen still, unsure on what to do. He grew closer and closer to the ground. The crowd began to flinch and brace themselves for the inevitable crunch of him crashing. However that never happened, and Hiro just disappeared before he hit. The paper on the ground, gone. The crowd erupted into cheers, asking each other what type of magic he had that could let him pull such a stunt.

    When he arrived back to the square, he was met with handshakes, complements, and things of the sort for a good ten minutes. The crowd soon dispersed and Hiro approached the old gentleman.

    Well done my boy! he shouted, holding a giant bag full of jewel. The basket was too small to hold so much. You have done us a great service. Please let me compensate you for-

    Hiro held up his hand. No. No need. I did this out of the good of my heart. I do not need any type of reward. The children need it more than I do.

    The man extended his hand to the samurai. You truly are an honorable man Hiro. The children will forever be grateful for your help.

    Hiro smiled and head off on his way, knowing that no matter what type of "demon" lay within him, he knew he would never lose the kindness in his heart.

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