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    Small fans matter! [job]


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    Small fans matter! [job] Empty Small fans matter! [job]

    Post by Strange on 31st January 2017, 11:30 am

    The sun was out and the people were smiling. It was a marvelous day in Clover Town and that made Strange kind of sad. He was hired to bring some bad news. Not the corporate kind where you’re talking to some adult. No, this was against a small child that, had he been a lot more careless, could be old enough to be his daughter! Of course he was a fan of tragedies, but there are certain ages where it’s not appropriate to inflict such drama upon. Oh well, he thought to himself, he had to prove his worth in some way, and if anyone was going to break the news his alter ego might just be the best candidate.

    As he walked along the streets he neared a small but good looking house. The garden was well taken care of and when taking a peek inside the interior seemed pretty clean as well. Strange knocked on the door, and as soon as he heard footsteps approaching his alter ego took over, knowing it was his turn to shine. The door only went open just far enough for a small head to poke out and look at the dandy fellow.

    ‘’Um excuse me, mommy says I shouldn’t let strangers into the house..’’

    Horatio sighed before he showed a warm smile towards the child. He took his chance and quickly explained he was the grand mage of the realm of fish and asked to be let inside, stating his mother asked him to have a talk with her. Of course the child was gullible enough to let him inside. What if he was a burglar? Such stupidity! The child led him to her room, where they both sat down at her bed. Taking a couple of seconds to consider his words, knowing how frail children are, Horatio finally started his little act.

    ‘’Now of course you might be wondering why someone as important as the grand mage of the realm of fish might be here my child! Well, isn’t that obvious! I have heard you noticed your fish, guppy, has gone missing! Now I’m here to tell you guppy didn’t just disappear. You see, guppy’s home, the realm of Fish, a magical plain of existence where all fish can speak and dance together in eternal happiness, requested his presence. I’m the mage responsible for guiding those fish back to their homes. Guppy, the good lil fish he was, wanted me to inform you that you don’t need to worry about him. He’s sad he had to leave you but his mother fell ill and he has to take care of her, so he won’t be returning!’’

    The kid seemed to nod and understand most of what the con artist said, but as he continued on telling his stories she started to tear up. Horatio, who saw this happen, couldn’t bear the sight of one of his fans crying, so he immediately gave the child a hug to comfort her. The girl seemed to feel at least a bit better because of it, but she still seemed a bit sad. It only took Horatio a second to think up of something to say though, as he turned around and showed her the white rose tattooed on the back of his neck.

    ‘’You see this tattoo kiddo? It’s a sign of trust where I’m from. The people who wear these tattoo’s, you see, are the most amazing mages in the world, capable of many great feats. I am one of those, and I can assure you guppy is quite happy where he’s at right now, I’ll swear it on this very rose on my neck.’’

    The girl seemed comforted by those words, even if only a little bit, and gave a small smile. Horatio gave her one quick pat on the head before heading outside of the room. Outside her mother was standing on watch, certainly she wasn’t keeping an eye on him out of fear for vile acts? Horatio decided not to think spend much thought on such subject and just gave a small nod to the seemingly concerned mother before heading out the door. This wasn’t the kind of job to give tons of jewels as rewards, but it was satisfying to know he helped out a little girl none the less. And who knows, maybe one day they would meet again. Hopefully at that time she wouldn’t have realized his lies yet. Fans are a precious thing after all.

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