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    Divine intervention

    Kenji Oshiro
    Kenji Oshiro

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    Divine intervention Empty Divine intervention

    Post by Kenji Oshiro 30th January 2017, 4:03 pm

    You have my blessing

    The legend of Zelda Skyward Sword ~ Fi's theme:

    Everything was black, was Kenji dreaming? Was he dead? Or was something else happening? Kenji felt awake he just couldn't see anything. K...i... He heard a voice, though it wasn't loud it was soft and faded away. Kenji didn't bother to much on it he first had to figure out where he was. He tried to move his head but he wasn't able to, he tried moving his arms but even that wasn't much of a help. Ke..i... There was that voice again it was a bit more clear though it still faded away, yet again Kenji didn't bother from who that voice could be. Kenji started to wonder how he managed to get into this void in the first place, he tried to think as much he could but it was all naught since he couldn't remember it. Ken.i... Kenji started to get annoyed by this voice, who was it and where did it come from? It was a bit more clear this time though Kenji still couldn't make out what it was trying to say or who was talking. Kenji tried to move again but alas nothing worked, no matter how much he'd tried to wiggle, his body just refused for a reason. Was he under some kind of spell? Kenji... He had more then enough from this voice, who kept talking? Though the biggest question was, why the voice was saying his name! Was it someone who Kenji knew? Maybe it was his sister Misayo or maybe one of his parents, which Kenji found hard to believe since they broke all ties with him. Kenji! The voice was loud and clear right now, a sudden ray of light blinded Kenji's sight though it didn't hurt his eyes, it was almost like his eyes started working again.

    The white light faded away and Kenji was greeted by a surface of clouds, though he was standing on what seemed like solid ground. Kenji was facing the horizon and saw the sun who was either going down or coming up, Kenji couldn't tell since his complete sense of time was gone from not knowing where he was or how he ended up like this. Phew... That sure was an hassle... Trying to get you here Kenji, it took a while but I finally manged to get you here... How are you doing sleeping beauty? *giggle* Kenji heard an familiar voice coming from behind him. he turned around and was greeted by the goddess of light: Palutena. Palutena? What's going on? Why are you here? Kenji was completely dumbfounded he had no idea what was going on anymore. Easy there Kenji, I was about to get to that part. First of all I'll explain where you are right now, right now you are in Skyworld. Second of all you aren't here in person, In your world you're vast asleep which gave me the perfect timing to summon your conscious here! And now I will tell you why I brought you here... Follow me! Palutena made a following gesture and Kenji followed her inside some temple, it seemed like he was on a balcony or some sort.

    The reason I brought you here is because I want to tell you that I can sense that your spiritual powers are increasing! Kenji tilled his head a bit. My spiritual powers? But they are already at their maximum because of my training! That is true! But I am more talking about your powers as a wizard! It's because of all those thins you have done these past couple of days, it may look like simple chores to you, though in fact they helped you improve your abilities as a wizard! Everyone has room from improvement even those that completed their training! Kenji had a hard time processing it all. And the fact you went through all that hassle to get me here was only... To tell me this? Pretty much yeah! Because I know you wouldn't sense it on your own! try it out when you're back I'm sure you will sense something! Palutena smiled towards Kenji. Oh goodness look at the time! It's time for you to wake up... We'll talk soon again Kenji, and until then... Take care! Palutena said as she waved towards Kenji. Kenji tried to reach out towards her though there was yet again an white light, which brought him into a white void.

    (No BGM)

    The void changed to black and Kenji opened his eyes and sat straight up. He was breathing fast and his face was covered in sweat. Where am I? Kenji checked his surroundings, it seemed he was laying in a hospital. Oh mister Oshiro! Thank goodness you're awake, we were all really worried about you! A nurse walked up towards Kenji. Where am I? You're in the hospital of Rose Garden mister, it seemed you passed out after you saw the needle when you wanted to donate blood! And then all of a sudden you're body temperature started to increase and we couldn't wake you up anymore! You have been asleep for almost a day. I see... Just rest some more... If everything goes well I am sure you will be discharged  in the morning... Kenji nodded and laid back on his bed and tried to catch a few more Z's.

    pokemon x and y ~ lumiose city:

    The next morning Kenji was able to leave the hospital. He wanted to try something out, Kenji thought a bit and he was sure meeting Palutena wasn't a dream. Kenji walked towards a nearby open park, it was still pretty early in the morning so there weren't a lot of people. Kenji held his hands together and closed his eyes. I pray to thee, oh angel known as pit and water seraphim known as Mikleo please aid me on my times of hardships... Two magic circles appeared and out of it came the angel known as Pit and a seraphim known as Mikleo. Though the draw back was that Kenji wasn't able to move and received damage when he had two summons out. Huh Kenji? Why do you have the both of us here? You know how dangerous that is! Mikleo said worried Pit didn't say anything, since he knew why Kenji had two summons out. Kenji was kneeling from the pressure being put on his body, which was normal when having two summons out! Though thanks to Kenji's hard work the last couple of days, his body was getting more accustomed to his magical capabilities. Kenji slowly got back on his feet and he was even able to walk! Though he wasn't able to run or anything. P-P-Palutena was... Right... I have grown... Alright guys you can go, sorry for worrying you Mikleo... Mikleo shrugged it off and went back to his world along with Pit who gave him a thumbs up. Thank you Palutena... For believing in me... Whether she could hear him or not didn't matter. Alright, time to go home! There is work to do!

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