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    A Night to Remember -- Valentines Event

    Anastasia Isayev

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    A Night to Remember -- Valentines Event

    Post by Anastasia Isayev on 27th January 2017, 12:50 am

    Love is in the air!
    The sweet feeling of current love
    The blissful anticipation of new love
    And a place for singles to mingle

    Welcome to a Night to Remember!
    A Night to Remember is a dance thrown specifically for mages that want to show their affection to their current lovers or for those looking for love to find it.
    This is a dance held in commemoration to the complex feeling of love.
    So put on your best clothes and show off your brightest feathers!
    (And keep it PG-13)

    Link to the RP:  A Night to Remember
    **No sign-up or posting order required. Have fun and mingle with your fellow mages in a relaxing environment. That is, unless you are nervous to confess your feelings to that one mage you've had your eye on!  

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