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    Get that Chicken!(Closed/Solo/Job)


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    Get that Chicken!(Closed/Solo/Job) Empty Get that Chicken!(Closed/Solo/Job)

    Post by Mammon on 26th January 2017, 11:03 am

    As he arrived at the Guild Hall. And turned in the Job from the previous job he was in. He made his way towards the guild wall and scanned through the D Rank Jobs. Again looking for something that did not require much combat or any at all. He was doing this by himself these jobs. So he preferred doing jobs that did not require much effort or any fighting that would be hostile to him. He placed his right hand on his chin and simply sighed. "Well at least this one is paying one and at least I get something from this right" He said slowly. With that being said, he would place his hand on the D Rank one, that required to capture a chicken and bring it to it's owner without harming it. Seemed fairly simple. And easy. Then he would set off towards his home.

    Arriving at his home he made himself Several bowls of Clam Chowder, Wrapped them up placed them in his bag. Took some seeds and placed them in the bag too. He would take a bowl out unwrap it and begin eating it as he made his way towards Clover Town. This seemed to be like a fairly easy job. Low Risk just bring a Chicken right? Easy and simple.

    He would meet up with the Farmer the client of this Job. Look towards him. Who seemed to be more depressed seeing a single Wizard then missing a chicken. Finishing his bowl. Mammon spoke. "Is something the matter?" He asked the farmer. The Farmer Nodded his head and spoke. "I don't mean to be rude but when I sent a request to the guilds. I expect more then one wizard and something more then you.. A Child." Mammon blinked, and set the Bowl on the counter. Taken a deep sigh he spoke. "It's a D Rank Job. Low Risk. One Mage will do. It's not like I am gonna be slaying a Dragon that will require me to Fight" he said.

    "The thing is. The Chicken Is massive.." Mammon sighed. "I'll get your Chicken back. " He took his bowl and simply left. To go hunt down the chicken. Right, the chicken was some massive thing. Right... Right.. He gotta be freaking joking if he thought the Chicken was some massive creature. That was until he saw a Five Foot Chicken Terrorizing people of this town. Mammon annoyed face went from annoyed to a frown. "He was telling the truth. Just when you thought things wouldn't get any worse they did. Lovely." he said slowly.

    The Chicken was not to be harmed at all. He took a rock, and aimed it at the chicken then he aimed it, So it would catch the Chicken's attention but would not hit it, and threw it. The Rock hit the wall but did not hit the chicken. The Chicken begun to run at him, with a Mean Mug on his face, as if he was going to clap down Mammon and eat him.

    Mammon also had a grin on his face. Using every bit of his pent up Frustration that he had built up. He would open his mouth and fire a massive flame thrower at the air, Out of radius of the the Chicken. The Chicken paused. And uttered a word. "CAW CAW" And begun to run away from Mammon like a good scared little birdie. Mammon begun to chase after it. With his fire in the air. Chasing it towards the location of the farm. Once that was done and the Bird was saftyl in it's cage. The Farmer locked the door. And Mammon stopped his flames in the air. "Boy, was that really exhausting.." he said with a frown on his face.

    The owner handed him the Jewels and smiled. "I didn't know that you would actually do the job. or even do it correctly. But Aye, you have. here you, Two hundred and fifty Jewels Enjoy~" he said hugging Mammon who seemed to be extremely tired from all those Flamethrowers. Took the Jewels, and made his way back towards the Guild. Man that was extremely annoying if you would ask him. He unwrapped all his bowls of Clam Chowder and begun to qickly chow down on them as fast as he could. Munching it to regain his energy. One bowl, two bowl, three bowl, four bowl, and five Bowls, down. "I did Good. I finally got myself some Jewels. And the Job wasn't a combat one, Just a simple Slight challenge hahah." he said with a smile on his face finally.

    (765 Words, Counts as 5 posts. Not a single Feather or hair harmed on the Chicken~)


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