Pioneers of the Void [100Y Job]

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    Pioneers of the Void [100Y Job]

    Post by Anastasia Isayev on 26th January 2017, 2:22 am

    Job Title
    Pioneers of the Void

    100Y Job

    Player Requirements
    Minimum of 2 mages of S Rank or higher.  
    35,000 Word Minimum

    Job Requirements
    Go to the planet XR-11-9B "Constantine" and retrieve air samples, dirt samples, and water samples.  You are to also explore around the landing site.  Must defeat the Monolith Beast and return to Earthland.

    Job Location
    Wakusei Portals

    Job Description
    Zirconian Industries Briefing
    Welcome to Zirconian Industries, leaders of space exploration and commercial mining.  You have been chosen by us to become guardians for our scientists; traveling to a far-away star in order to see if one of the planets we have found is truly inhabitable.  
    The planet is named XR-11-9B, code-named Constantine.  This planet is approximately 80% the size of Earthland and exhibits having water and potential life on the planet.  What we would like you mages to do is escort our scientists to the planet, protecting them from harm as well as being the vanguard for on-foot exploration.  
    To get there, a shuttle will be provided to you.  You will be leaving the planet upon the space shuttle 'Armstrong' towards Constantine.  This voyage will take 3 months due to travel (which is short in terms of space travel due to new and improved propulsion engines), so bring something to keep yourself entertained.  You will be in the airship with the scientists and your mage companion(s) for a while.
    Once you have arrived to Constantine, you will be landing in the First Circle Zone, code-named: Limbo.  Once you have arrived, assist the scientists in setting up their equipment to survey the land.  The scientists will gather [Air Samples], [Soil Samples], and [Water Samples].  Once the scientists have obtained these samples, you mages are to survey the area within Limbo.  Scout out for intelligent life forms or anything that may prove to be hostile.

    Hostility Reports
    The nights on Constantine are a nightmare.  Do not find yourself out and about during the night.  The night skies are blanketed in strange iridescent bat-like creatures with glowing white eyes.  Their bodies are the size of a bank note.  These things blanket the skies and are considered extremely dangerous.  Those who are found out in the middle of the night will get swarmed by these creatures.  Once these creatures grab a hold of you, they will continue to tear your flesh from your body and will not let up until all flesh has been consumed.  Once night falls, your best bet is to seek shelter for the night.  DO NOT take these on!  There are far too many for you to fight, regardless of how strong your magic is.

    Dungeon Reports
    During your trip to survey the planet, you will run across a strange ruin; appearing to be made by an intelligent life form.  This temple appear to look similar to ancient structures here on Earthland.  Within the temple, you will find a Black Monolith.  If you approach this Monolith, you hear a strange humming noise coming from the slab of black rock.  If you attempt to touch the monolith, you get strange visions of death and despair entering your mind as if to infect your brain with something.  DO NOT touch this structure.  If you encounter this structure, you are to report back to the scientists and have them examine the structure.  Bring the scientists back to the structure and they will begin examining it.  
    One of the scientists will touch the structure, causing them to vanish inside of it.  After a moment, the desiccated corpse of the scientist will be spit out before a creature known as the Monolith Beast (The boss) will come out and start to kill all of the scientists before striking at you all.  
    Your objective now is to defeat the Monolith Beast, gather the samples, and return to the shuttle.  Once you have returned to the shuttle, you are to fly the shuttle back to Earthland before more Monolith Beasts come out to stop you from leaving.  Once you have left the surface, enjoy your 3 month journey back to Earthland.

    The enemies in this job are not required to be rolled.  
    You may choose which of these creatures appears whenever you want (except the Boss)
    These enemies cannot be encountered until after you landed on the planet.
    NOTE:  These monsters don't have any specific HP.  Just keep in mind their strengths and fight them as you see fit.  Just don't one-shot everything (remember, this is a 100 Year Job)
    Weak Monster:

    Code Name
    Constantine Man Trap

    - Can spit out poison at the target with corrosive properties, capable of eating through your suit.
    - Can spit out seeds like bullets
    - Can cause more to sprout
    - Cannot move
    Strong Monster:

    Code Name
    Night Wraiths

    - Always comes in pairs
    - Very agile with unpredictable movement patterns
    - Extremely high jumpers
    - Immune to magic (except Light magic)
    - Weak to light.  Once light is observed, it will cower away
    - Immortal.  While it can take damage and be dealt a heavy blow, this creature cannot die (though, it can writhe in pain)
    - Can be summoned by the Monolith Beast
    - May use own body to protect the Monolith Beast from Magic attacks (other than light spells)

    Code Name
    Monolith Beast

    - Capable of eating through all defenses.  Barriers and armor is ignored by this creature
    - Capable of dealing heavy damage very, very fast
    - Very fast movement speed
    - Can eat things at multiple angles due to the many mouths it has.
    - Capable of breaking melee weapons by eating them, making them immune to physical contact.  If someone uses a punch-type weapon, this creature may eat the person punching the creature.
    - Classified as a Demon -- Demon Slayers deal bonus damage to this creature.
    - Capable of summoning Night Wraiths
    - Capable of spitting out a caustic cloud of poison, which eats through the suit.
    - Prioritizes it's attacks on Dragon and God Slayers.
    - Can potentially eat Acnologia if given the chance.

    Reward: 200,000 Jewels.  Bonus 50,000 Jewels if Word Count exceeds 50,000 words
    and the Pioneer of the Void Title


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    Re: Pioneers of the Void [100Y Job]

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