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    Shovel Underneath The Bed;; Frey's Secondary Training.


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    Shovel Underneath The Bed;; Frey's Secondary Training. Empty Shovel Underneath The Bed;; Frey's Secondary Training.

    Post by Pandora 25th January 2017, 11:03 am

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    Had she really done the right thing? Everything she knew about herself depicted that she made the only choice that was correct for her. Ever since she had been a child in the dragon ruled village? Frey had wanted to find her birth mother, the family she would have been with if something did not force her mother to give her up to strangers. However the conditions this had came about in were not what she had expected! Rune always fantasized that those she lived with, worked and trained with, loved in some way, her former guild Fairy Tail, would be right behind her rooting her on when she went to meet with her birth mother for the first time. Instead? She had been shoved into a situation where her birth mother was attacking her former guild’s hometown and tearing it to shreds, something she had not processed until right now. In the end she had stabbed the people who saved her life months ago in the back. Certainly that was not how she wanted her dream to come true, but she couldn’t take it back because she honestly did not regret going with Marceline one bit. Would she grow up to be the sort of person who threw other’s under the bus so long as she got what she wanted? Frey did not know if she wanted that.

    “Silver is going to be upset with me.” she realized this walking through the spooky forest, brushing her short green hair behind her ear. When she woke up this morning? Her wolf had been asleep after watching over her all night, he could not seem to trust Savage Skull but the innocent child could not understand why. When the blue beast realized she went and started her day without him, he would be none too pleased. “I really wish I could find something bright green.” she was the earth dragonslayer so she ate the earth and anything born from it like plants and wood. However she was used to consuming plants filled with liveliness. Now she was hunting for food in the spooky forest where most of the foliage was dead or just creepy. “I guess this will have to do.” she couldn’t go too far away after-all, she was still afraid her dream would vanish if she turned her back. So the little girl settled for a branch covered in mostly grey leaves with a few green ones grown along it in the form of a vine.



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