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    Chickens These Days [Job, Solo]


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    Chickens These Days [Job, Solo] Empty Chickens These Days [Job, Solo]

    Post by Arz on 24th January 2017, 9:09 pm

    As Zeno and Tito learn't what they had to do to complete the job, they were immediately disappointed. "So let me get this straight. We have to find an oversize chicken and bring it back to a farmer." Zeno said as he pouted with boredom, "Don't forget Zeno, we can't bring any harm to this bird and if we do, i'm guessing we get no jewels." Tito explained the situation to Zeno as tear began to swell in Zeno's eyes. "No fighting....." Zeno said as his pout grew larger. After a while the two began to look for the humongous chicken which obviously, wouldn't be to hard to find considering it's size. No later than 10 minutes after they heard a loud chicken like noise roaring through all of Clover Town, no doubt about it, it was the chicken. With not even a second thought, the two partners in crime zoomed off to where the chicken like roar was coming from.

    As Zeno and Tito kept running they finally halted, because right in front of them, was the most gigantic chicken and maybe most gigantic animal in history that they had ever seen. As they saw the most ugliest animal that they had ever seen, their eyes popped out of their sockets. Not knowing what to do Zeno was about to attack, but was quickly reminded by Tito that they can't harm the chicken. Damn! Then how do we get this thing to go back to the farm He though as Tito left and came back with bread. The oversize chicken began to follow Tito until Zeno ate some of the bread, so now the chicken was attacking Zeno, "If I can't attack it! What do I do!?" Zeno yelled running in circles making the chicken dizzy. Seeing this Tito immediately face palmed, if Zeno didn't eat the bread they could of done this way quicker.

    Zeno dodged being hit by it's beak easily, but it became harder when the chicken began to rapidly attempt to smash Zeno with it's beak, "Ahhhh! Tito! Help Me!" Zeno cried while he ran as fast as he could away from the humongous oversize chicken. "I'll go get some more bread." Tito replied as he sweat dropped, "Hurry!!!" Zeno yelled avoiding many of the humongous chicken's beak attacks. Though it was a chicken, It had quite a tough beak being able to break through concrete with ease, How was Zeno going to defeat this thing without harming it? No idea. The humongous chicken began to chase Zeno all over the place, Zeno had no idea what to do, so he just kept running until his savior, Tito, appeared with more bread and it distracted the gigantic chicken and made it follow him once again, if it wasn't for Tito who knows what would've happened. 

    "Whew" Zeno sighed in relief as the humongous chicken began to follow Tito, "Tito I just realized, wouldn't this guy be pretty tasty to eat?" Zeno asked a deviously mischievous grin appeared on his face as he ran towards the chicken, he was immediately slapped by Tito, "We have to give it back to it's owner!" Tito angrily replied as he kept walking. "Awwwwww, Okay!" Zeno replied with a dull voice as he a pout appeared on his face. "Besides with this money we get from finishing the job, we can treat ourselves to even better food." Tito attempted to cheer up Zeno, which actually worked. As they arrived at the farm, the chicken refused to go into the fence which was specially made by the farmer to keep it inside. "Why won't you go inside you bastard!" Zeno yelled at the chicken with frustration seeping out of him, he really wanted to kick this chicken's ass.

    As they were both thinking about how they were gonna get it's ass into the fence, a figure appeared before them, it was the farmer. "Well thank ya' I see you found my chicken." The farmer said as a grin appeared on his face. "All you need to do is throw his girlfriend in there with him." The farmer said as a another humongous chicken appeared behind him, Though they didn't care because they already saw a humongous chicken, and as it appeared the chicken they had caught had love hearts in his eyes. Soon after, the man put the female humongous chicken inside the fence and the male humongous chicken followed. "I appreciate the help you two." The farmer said as he gave the pair their reward and they both zoomed off happily, ready to eat at some fancy restaurants. The two humongous chickens fell in love and had three babies named Chickita, Chicko, and Chad.


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