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    Ingredient Hunt! - Job [Solo]


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    Ingredient Hunt! - Job [Solo]  Empty Ingredient Hunt! - Job [Solo]

    Post by Arz on 24th January 2017, 5:45 pm

    Zeno wondered around the woods with Tito looking for cliffs, as the person who inquired for mages to help him, informed them on the job poster that he lived near the edge of the woods near the cliffs. As they continued to search frantically, disturbing every creature that lived in the woods, they finally came across a small brown house. Both excited that they had finally found the house, they quickly ran towards the house and continuously knocked until they heard something, "I'm coming!" A voice from behind the door yelled just before an old man opened the door. "Who might you be?" the old man inquired as a faint grin appeared on his face, "We're the Fairy Tail Wizards you asked for." Zeno replied with a bright grin just before him and Tito both flashed him their marks. "Come on in! I'm so glad you came!" The old man said before sitting in what looked like a very comfy recliner. "No problem old man!" Zeno replied as Tito quickly began to talk, "So what's wrong and what do you need help with?" Tito quickly asked wondering what he could possibly want. "First off my name is Midora. I injured my back while exploring the woods and now, due to the pain, cannot gather food for the month. So I was wondering if you two would be kind enough to fill this whole basket up with food so I can eat without having to gather food for a month?" Old man Midora said as he gave a basket, which was the size of Zeno's whole body, to them. "I'm Zeno and this is Tito. We would be glad to help you!" Zeno replied while he pointed to himself and Tito, soon after a wide grin appeared on both of their faces.

    A few minutes later Zeno and Tito left the old man's venturing into the foresting trying to look for food that would be able to keep the old man fed for a month. As they ventured for another hour, they soon came across a lake, they both slowly turned their heads to face each other and nodded, "Fishing Time!" they both exclaimed while stars appeared in both of their eyes. They begun sitting there waiting with a wooden fishing rod in both of their hands, "This .... is taking too long!" They both cried looking at the sky. After roughly two hours, they had both caught around ten fish, which didn't even fill up quarter of the basket. They began to continue looking for food and stumbled upon a tree full of mangoes, after witnessing the blessing that they had found a tree full of mangoes, They both dropped on their knee's repeatedly moving their heads and hands off the ground then up to the sky and then back down to the ground, "Thank you lord!" Zeno cried as Tito yelled, "You have blessed us!" What an odd pair. Tito quickly activated his Aera Magic and flew to the top of the tree and began throwing mangoes down in every direction while Zeno chased after every single like in one of those games where you move to the sides to catch stuff. When all of the mangoes where no longer on the tree, but in the basket, the basket had been filled up to only a quarter of it's size, "Eh!?!?" They both cried and then sighed at how much more they have to do. These two weren't going back home in a long time, knowing this, they wanted to finish as soon as they could. So they searched ten times faster looking for food that could contribute to the basket they longed to be filled up to the top.

    They stomped around looking for more food and soon came across some plants that looked tasty, so they quickly filled the basket with it, though it didn't even make the food rise higher in the basket, which they really hoped it did, but of course, with their luck. It didn't happen. As they ventured further into the forest they came across more plants and aquatic ingredients which did filled the basket up a little more, they began looking for all kinds of foods that could possibly make the basket rise with food with a more quicker pace. As they continued walking in the forest they saw a deer at which they were quickly filled with excitement due to it being big and could potentially fill up half of the basket. They bombarded the innocent like deer and threw it in the basket for the old man to cook up and eat. "Alright! Only a little more to go and then we will be rewarded with 4000 Jewels!" Zeno yelled before they both yelled 'Hooray' in excitement. They began to run as fast they could through the forest scanning for more food to be mercilessly thrown in the basket, with not even the slightest bit of sympathy whatsoever. They were too caught up in there own fantasy of food money that they mercilessly tore down most of the forests trees to look for food. After looking and finding lots of plants the man could eat they couldn't bare it any longer as they were to hungry and began searching for foods from themselves, they had no luck whatsoever so they just ended up cooking and eating the deer they had found while rampaging through forest for food. "Ahhh.. we're so close. We'll get back up and start again in an hour or two." Tito said beginning to doze off while Zeno gave his nod of approval and continued to also doze off.

    An hour later Zeno and his partner in crime had awoken, already beginning to search for more food taking everything they could find and throwing it in the basket. They found more tree's full of fruit and did the same procedure they had done with the mangoes they found two or three hours ago. Through their exciting yet boring journey, they found three pigs that they knew would've filled up most of the basket, the mercilessly beat all three pigs to a pulp and threw them into the basket, which was nearly full now that they had found mangoes, fish, plants, three pigs and a deer which they had eaten due to not eating any food most of the day. They looked for just a few more things to fill up the basket to the top, they took lots of plants and found many fruit and then finally cam across the one thing that would fill the basket to the top, it was a Lizard Beast. It's defense was incredibly strong though, their offense wasn't that high up there. "Tito, Let's have some fun!" Zeno said with bright grin appeared on his face just after Tito gave his nod of approval. Zeno stood in his fighting stance with his knees bent and his torso facing to the right side, with no hesitation he ran towards the reptile and attempted to punch it, but just before punch connected the Lizard beast turned his back towards the punch, and due to it's spiky and tough scales, Zeno's punch had no effect and was soon punched in stomach flying toward's a tree and slamming his back into it. "Damn! Tito!" Zeno called the red-eyed exceed and looked him dead straight in the eye, not having a second thought Tito nodded as he proceeded to use his Aera Magic to circle the beast.

    A wide grin spread across Zeno's face as the beast became dizzy due to Tito circling around him, Zeno jumped at the beast and due to the beast being dizzy he was wide open and couldn't react, "This is the power of.... Teamwork!" Zeno yelled just before hitting the beast as hard as he could, causing it to fly into a tree and become lifeless. "Alright!" The pair yelled just before throwing the beast into the basket, "Z-Zeno It's..... Full!" Tito said as the idiotic pair went on the ground and repeatedly prayed again. Zeno proceeded to the basket and picked it up, but right after he had picked it up, another basket fell off the bottom, "Eh?" Zeno said as he rapidly blinked two times, "Ahhh!?" They both yelled, realizing they had to fill another basket. "That old man has no heart.." Zeno said as they walked lifelessly looking at the ground, "I agree." Tito replied as he looked up crying with boogers falling down his nose. After ten minutes, the pair got over and started to look for food again, knowing that this was gonna be more painful and longer. As it they once AGAIN ventured through the forest looking for anything edible, they came across many fruits and plants and ended up fishing once again, though this time they had managed to catch two times more than the amount they had caught last time. They found a lot of apple tree's which they harvested all the fruit from the tree of course. Night was approaching, Zeno and Tito managed  to find a spot where they could start a campfire and sleep for the night, after starting a campfire and falling asleep, red eyes appeared behind the bush. What was that strange figure behind the bush? Zeno and Tito would soon find out.

    The sun had risen, Zeno and Tito were already awake putting out the fire and packing up their comforters. With not even a second thought they began looking for more food for Old Man Midora, after a ten minutes they found three chickens running away from something. With no hesitation they ran after the three chickens but Tito wondered, "That's strange... What were they running from beside us?" He muttered before he flew in front of the chickens path, "What were you running from?!" Tito asked the chickens with a loud tone as sweat dropped down on the back of Zeno's head, He's talking to chickens..... He thought, soon after catching the chickens and throwing them into basket. Tito discarded his thoughts and continued on with Zeno to find more food for the darned old man, Man was this hard. They found many more plants and fruits on their way, but little did they know someone or rather something was watching them. Zeno felt like someone was watching them and turned his head around to identify if anything was actually watching, he couldn't see anything or anyone so he just shook it off and continued on, ignoring all his suspicions. Zeno managed to find over fifteen plants, while Tito was able to find twenty five apples. The two managed to gather a lot of food so far, but the last basket still wasn't full and began to annoy the two to no end. "Ahhh! This is getting to boring!" Zeno yelled with frustration as they had been gathering food for hours now and they still weren't done. Zeno already bored wanted to fight really badly, little did he know soon he was gonna have a fight that he would greatly enjoy. Tito managed to stumble upon more mango trees and of course, harvested them.

    It had been over ten hours and they still hadn't been done. Zeno and Tito both looked through nearly the whole forest taking whatever they found that was edible and throwing out whatever wasn't. This wasn't the most fun mission they had ever done, but if it was helping someone survive then they had no problem doing it. Now that they had searched nearly most of the area, they decided that Tito will fly in the skies and look while Zeno stayed on the ground and looked for food. Though not the best plan, it was the best they could come up with, which in their case was actually quite impressive. From the the plan, Zeno and Tito managed to gather food way faster than the first basket, Tito just watched from high and notified Zeno when he found something that the Old Man Midora could eat. Through this they managed to find more chickens, yes more chickens, one pig, a lot of plants and a lot of aquatic ingredients. Though this method was effective, Tito's magic was depleted after a while so they had to go back to searching on the ground, which is basically going back to where they started. "So how much we got to fill?" Zeno asked as he was curios to how much longer this was gonna take, "Half of the basket is full, so we got to get the same amount." Tito replied with a soft and tired tone of voice. Zeno was walking, he kicked a tree and apples began to off, "Ah! Apples!" Zeno said changing his lifeless expression to joyful one, The filled the basket with apples and shortly after had a lunch break, so they could eat some apples. According to Zeno and Tito the apples were the most delicious apples they had ever tasted.

    As they were passing by Zeno and Tito saw a half-eaten deer "Ahhh!?!" Zeno and Tito both yelled in shock as they saw the lifeless animal, "What the hell did that!?" Zeno yelled as him Tito both ran as far away as they could from the dead animal. "There's something in this forest, and it doesn't look like it's friendly." Tito said as he was gasping for air. "Now that I think about it, I felt like something was watching us a while ago." Zeno said recalling about the time he sensed something was watching them. "And those chickens. Before they saw us, they were already running from something." Tito replied as he kept tapping his chin. "That means something's grueling for a fight, and so am I. I'll gladly kick it's ass." Zeno said with glee as a bright grin appeared on his face as Tito kept nodding. After a while of thinking the two idiots came up with a plan that they would lure the beast with the pig and and then beat the shit out of it when it came out. But they obviously didn't think that maybe the beast was after them, not other food, so instead of jumping at the food the beast would probably jump at them. No more than an hour later they began to hear roars in the forest and of course, the pair raced straight to the roars, "I'm here! Come on out!" Zeno yelled and suddenly a figure jumped at him. The figure had big teeth and was quite big, it was none other than a Weretiger, a fierce beast which could rival most D-Rank mages in a battle. But knowing Zeno, he would never back out of a fight no matter how strong the mage or beast was, he knew he could win and began to attempt hit the beast a few times, but the beast was too fast and dodged every punch just before it punched him in the face.

    The beast wouldn't give out, he kept dodging Zeno's punches. Zeno had to think of something, and quick or at this rate he might lose, and badly. The Weretiger began to start it's attack but Zeno was able to easily dodge all of it, he punched it in the face then uppercut him, sending it flying, but it lands on it's feet and is still able to stand. "Crimson Flame : Iron Fist!" He cried before Crimson flames engulfed his hands, as he proceeded to attack. As threw about three punches, only two of them landed but the last one was blocked just before the Weretiger grabbed Zeno and threw him into the ground. He refused to lose so he got back up, as he got up an idea suddenly came to his mind, making an infectious smile appear. "Crimson Flame : Dazzling Blaze!" he cried as a ball of crimson flames grew bigger until it stopped, he swiftly threw the ball of flames towards the Weretiger, though it easily jumped over it and it hit the tree, causing the tree to fall, and due to the Weretiger being in the air, he couldn't dodge so he caught the tree. The beast was left vulnerable and couldn't move, because if he did, he'd be crushed by the tree, "I gotcha, bastard!" Zeno yelled as he grabbed the beast's face and initiated his spell, "Crimson Flame : Palm Explosion!" He cried as Crimson Flames exploded from Zeno's palm and onto the Beast's face causing the beast to go hurling and slammed into a tree. Zeno picked up the Weretiger's lifeless body and threw it into the basket, causing the basket to be full, meaning they were done! They jumped for joy as they ran around in circles as bright large grins appeared on their faces.

    As they two celebrated their victory, they had realized that from venturing throughout basically the whole forest, they were lost. "Damn! Now what do we do?" Zeno yelled in frustration as he inquired for an answer from Tito, "I'll search from up high and you take the ground." He replied as he continuously nodded. As they searched everywhere, Tito managed to spot the way they first came from and Zeno just followed him as he lead the way through the forest. After a long walk they managed to arrive at Old Man Midora's house, "We finally made it!" Zeno cried with joy as Tito continuously nodded. They pair zoomed to the doorstep and slammed open the door, "We did it Old Man!" Zeno yelled as the man was nowhere to be found, "Eh?" Zeno and Tito muttered as they tilted their heads to the side. They looked all over the house but he was no where to be found, suddenly a figure approached the door and scared the shit out of Zeno and Tito, "Young Ones, I though you two were dead when I heard the roar of the mighty Weretiger who rules this forest." Old Man Midora replied with his eyes popping out of it's sockets, due to the fact that they had killed the Weretiger and it was in the basket. "Y-You managed to beat the beast! I-I'm sorry I didn't tell you about him, I though he was sleeping during they time I sent you out." The old man replied as sadness overtook his expression. "It's alright Old Man! It was a piece of cake!" Zeno replied with his huge infectious smile as Tito continuously nodded, making the Old Man smile as he rewarded them for their victory just before he sent them off, "Good luck young ones!" The old man yelled as he began to wave them off.


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