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    Karaka The Lost Time Keeper [Complete]


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    Karaka The Lost Time Keeper [Complete] Empty Karaka The Lost Time Keeper [Complete]

    Post by Karaka on 21st January 2017, 10:16 am

    Karaka The Lost Time Keeper [Complete] TM95r

    Name: Karaka
    Gender: Male
    Age: 400 years
    Birthday:  January 19th
    Sexuality: Straight
    Special Characteristics: N/A


    Karaka, Initially comes across as very cold and calculating, often attempting to introduce himself as one who looks out for his own self-interest and nothing more. If asked his philosophy on life, Karaka will respond that he cannot afford to trust anyone, though it is not, he will say, by choice that he was forced to adopt this survivalist mentality. On the contrary, he would like nothing more than to be free to exercise loyalty, but needless to say, the time for heroes has passed.

    Karaka’s actions do not align with his words. Indeed, even his words bear little consistency over time. Underneath his all-too-transparent outer shell of neutrality beats a deceptively self-sacrificing heart. Though he may initially speak against unnecessary risk at another's expense, he will inevitably go into the depths of hell for any passerby in need of help, and he will do so time and time again. What’s more, Karaka acts constantly without regards to personal gain, oftentimes risking life and limb for sake of one who he has been given no tangible motivation to care about one way or the other. In fact, it could be argued that his true nature is the diametric opposite to his exterior, his moral code being based entirely around the principle of undying devotion and compassion toward his fellow man. Even if stripped of his higher faculties, it is completely possible that Karaka would still be left with this single, altruistic instinct that has become so ingrained in his very existence.

    When pressed or confronted by a truly apathetic or villainous individual, Karaka will always be the first to leap to the defense of the weak or compassionate, further cementing him as a man of contradictions. Without fail, he has some impassioned espousal or other to counter the world’s most jaded nihilists. Under ordinary circumstances, Karaka could be described as a man of few words- withdrawn, some might even say shy. However, in times of stress, he can be an impressive wordsmith, capable of weaving together a powerful, emotional argument in favor of his rather lofty ideals. He knows, perhaps better than most, that the world is not quite where he would like it to be, but he feels very strongly that civilization has not deteriorated past the point of no return. This optimism, even extending to his manner of speech, appears to be instinctive; Karaka knows that what he does is far from rational, but nevertheless, he’s compelled by some nameless force to fight and speak out for righteousness.

    He has remarkable intuition at seeing the good in others in spite of their actions, though his capacity for forgiving his enemies has occasionally been criticized as excessive. His staggering power is simultaneously reigned in and enhanced by his fierce unshakable conscience and indomitable spirit. His most remarkable ability is his will to succeed, pushing himself beyond his limitations, and never giving up even when the odds are stacked against him.

    To that end, this young man is notoriously tenacious.


    «« His Lineage »»
    Karaka possess a slight hatred for his lineage and the type of magic they were famed to have possessed. Karaka considers the ability to control something as unpredictable as time to be quite reckless and dangerous. He is fully aware of the disasters associated with messing around with time in it's most subtle detail and the consequences it may have in the future.  

    Despite restricting himself and carefully managing the use of his abilities he is still left to suffer the same fate of his predecessors which would be his unaging and unnatural appearance as well as the slow yet inevitable corrosion of his sanity.

    «« Truly Apathetic/Evil Villains »»
    Though Karaka understands that the concept of Good and Evil are merely perspectives he still can't and won't ever over look the injustice and chaos wrought by those too consumed by their greed and ambitions. Such actions have severe consequences and the individual responsible should be held most accountable. Those who look down on their fellow men thinking only of self gain will not find themselves so easily spared.

    «« Cowards »»
    One of the the few things Karaka finds most detestable is a coward. Especially cowards that often rely on underhanded tactics and lack any sense of pride. He cannot stand the sight of those who would easily abandon their allies or turn on them for the sake of their own safety.

    He is also disgusted by the weaker ones who would much rather hide, not willing to stand against any threat typically bigger than themselves. They the are ones who refuse to act while their allies are slaughtered before them all the while curling up into a puddle of their own tears and urine as they watch helplessly. Karaka believes that one should die with some dignity and respect for the men who fought alongside them rather than to live without honor and be tormented by his/her failure.


    «« Food »»
    Who doesn't like food? Karaka's no exception to this as he's an avid fan of gourmet cuisines and the culinary arts. Despite not needing to eat, Karaka gorges himself on whatever delicious food he can find, savoring the taste and texture as he compares it to the many other dishes he's had previously. This is expected of someone who was once trapped in a realm where nothing was edible and the concept of food was simply a daydream.

    «« Drawing »»
    Though he only considers his drawings as a hobby and not a passion he is often caught sketching his surroundings in surreal detail. Despite how realistic and well drawn his sketches appear to be, he still believes that they pale in comparison to the real thing. Knowing this he continues to draw, finding extreme comfort in his art which serves to remind him of the beauty of the world he now currently inhabits.

    «« Friends »»
    Living in a realm as desolate and as lonely as The End Time, one truly can't help but find themselves wrapped up in the presence of others. Just the sight of other human beings interacting with each other, supporting one another and caring for each other is enough to bring a deep sense of happiness to Karaka's heart. Having the same individuals by his side is perhaps a feeling too great for him to truly fathom, only understanding the importance of their relationship.


    «« Power »»
    One of the few things, Karaka desperately seeks in this world is power. The power to protect those he considers precious and the power to face any threat that stands between him and their happiness.

    «« Freedom
    Freedom is something he holds in high regard. He knows all too well what it's like to be locked up against one's own will, as the centuries spent in The End Time seem like a distant nightmare. His drive to be free from his fate as a Time Keeper pushes his actions each day as he constantly searches for a way to undo the eventual corrosion of his sanity.

    «« Knowledge »»
    Like any scholar, Karaka is very interested in learning about the world he currently inhabits. Discovering new kingdoms and experiencing new cultures is something he actively looks forward to each day.


    «« Loneliness »»
    Karaka admits the fear of being left alone or worse yet being imprisoned once more in The End Time and to no longer have contact with any other human being. It's a feeling he dreads as a Time Keeper as he knows eventually everyone around him will grow old and eventually die.

    «« Insanity »»
    Insanity afflicts all burdened with the curse of the time keeper and is as inevitable as death. Karaka however desperately tries to overcome this as he wishes to not loose himself in the madness that encroaches upon his mind.

    «« The End Time »»
    The End Time is essentially a dimension created due the failed machinations of a Corrupted Time Keeper who sought to create the perfect time line. Instead if became a dark and desolate dimension where broken time lines would eventually lead to. Constant rifts are opened from within this dark dimension spewing out creatures from alternate realities that roam this desolate wasteland for eternity. Karaka is not sure how he found himself there but knows with all certainty that that place is a complete nightmare and wishes to never return there ever again.

    General Appearance

    Karaka The Lost Time Keeper [Complete] Enkidu___fate_by_kurolilly-d53sa7x

    Height: 5'6'
    Weight: 135 lbs
    Hair: Long Light Green, extending past his waist
    Eyes: His eyes are golden with short eyelashes and thin eyebrows
    Skin Tone: Pale

    Karaka's appearance is that of a sixteen-year-old androgynous person with long, beautiful hair that shimmers with a light-green color. He often wears a plain white tunic, contrasting the usually colorful arrangement most mages have.

    His face retains vaguely childlike features that are able to be interpreted as that of either gender. His lustrous skin and soft features are reminiscent of a woman, but his loose tunic further obscures his sex by hiding his physique, making it impossible to see his chest and hips, and making it difficult to discern if he is even actually human. He has firm and taut limbs, and his body seems like a coiled spring ready to rocket forth.

    With an androgynous and neutral voice, his face can be called beautiful and elegant despite his gender, but at the same time gives off a strange and uncomfortable atmosphere. While his face looks human, it also appears inhuman due to the fact that it looks "too perfect." While the feeling cannot be put into words and it isn't immediately apparent to the eye, his form evokes a similar feeling in the observer as a mannequin or puppet, seemingly false and unnatural.


    Guild: Guildless
    Tattoo: Jade, back of his upper right thigh bellow the buttocks
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