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    Post by Arz on 18th January 2017, 5:51 pm

    Zeno and his partner in crime, Tito, wandered around at Neutral Grounds forgetting what their objective was. "Zeno? Where are we going?" the creamy furred exceed ask as he looked around. "Huh!? Whaddya' mean where are we going! I was following you!" Zeno replied with a shocked tone of voice, " B-But I was following you!" Tito also replied in shock as they both ran circles yelling, ''Ahhhh!" Tito yelled, "How did we forget where we were going!?" Zeno also yelled in frustration. "Wait! I got it! We came here to eat!" Zeno cheered as shining stars appeared in his and Tito's eyes. 

    About twenty minutes later Tito realized that they had been looking for a factory here at the Neutral Grounds due to the manufacturer handing out free phones. "Why did you take so long to realize?" Zeno said to Tito with a sad expression, "Now we're not gonna get a free phone!" He later yelled. "You're the one that's getting the phone!" Tito replied ferociously as they both looked opposite ways from each other. 

    "You're the one jumped on this opportunity because you're flat broke." Tito sighed while shrugging. They both continued down Neutral Grounds asking random people if they had a clue where the factory was. "Next time maybe read the directions instead of throwing them in the bin." Tito said before nodding continuously, "You're supposed to be my partner, you bastard" Zeno turned around and exclaimed before sitting down in a dark corner and beginning to sulk. "Zeno, Lets get going they might have some phones left!" Tito said right before Zeno looked right into his eyes "Ya' think so? Alright! Lets get going! Partner!" Zeno said with a bright smile, as Tito returned it with a hug. "What would I do without you, Tito?" Zeno said with a dramatic voice and expression. "They made up in a second." A man who overheard the conversation said as sweat dropped down the back of his head. 

    The two partners had journeyed all around the place and finally found directions to where the factory was. They both went continued on the path the stranger said to take and followed the signs to the front of a massive factory, as they continued Tito used his Aera Magic to fly in but as soon as the exceed had entered his wings from his magic disappeared. Zeno soon ran in but felt weird. "What is this!? My magic it's like it's stopped working!" Zeno yelled, "Does my magic need a new engine?" Zeno continued to ask this idiotic question with a wondering expression. "Calm down, young ones. This is just a spell which does not allow any magic inside. Ironic isn't it? Well I'm guessing you two came for the Free iLac, well here's the last one." Some strange old man who seemed to be the owner of the factory said before throwing Zeno a nice and fresh iLac. 

    "What the crap just happened?" Zeno asked as he blinked two times. "I don't know, but I think we just got an iLac!" Tito said as a bright smile appeared on both of their faces as they ran out of the factory.


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