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    Passport Job


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    Passport Job Empty Passport Job

    Post by Fluffy 18th January 2017, 4:00 pm

    The little girl was somewhat frightened as so how getting this item would go about, because this would be when she officially had to change her citizenship as well! Once she obtained a passport for the nation of Fiore she would not just be able to go back to Penegrade ever again, at least not easily because they would know she had went and become a wizard. Lolita really did miss her family back at home, but she had moved away to a wizarding guild in order to protect everyone she held dear to her heart. Growing up in a country that hated magic it was well known that if you showed any signs of suddenly sprouting some form of magic, practicing it in secret or such, they could and may kill you and anyone deemed to have been hiding you. Once her ears and tail started sprouting when she was a young girl? The little mage knew that she was not normal, her parents knew it, her friends knew it and both did everything they could to protect her from being discovered until she was old enough to decide what she wanted to do! Going to a doctor in Penegrade had not been an option, first off none of them had magical knowledge, and second off none of them would ever keep it secret, they would report it to the government and she would be slaughtered just as easily as if they appeared in public. Thus she had no options were she came from.

    Moving to be with wizards was the second chance she needed and since she was having trouble finding a doctor who could figure out what was going on with her, it was pretty much the only chance she had in this world. In spite of how safe she felt just sitting around normally in the guild? Lolita knew she needed to get a passport encase the guild traveled for something, she couldn't very well just sit around and illegally travel with them because she was too lazy to get a passport. “Hello?” The line had been kind of long today so she was uncertain of if it was her turn or not, it was a sad but true thing. Luckily? It seemed to truly be her turn because the man taking down information motioned her closer, resulting in a small smile from the blue haired girl. “I need a passport sir, my name is Lolita Frost, I'm part of the Golden Phoenix guild.” She would rather leave her birth country out of the conversation if the man did not ask for it, because she hated admitting coming from that magic hating place. Another piece of luck entered her world as she watched the man simply stamp the passport he had printed out for her, without asking where she was from. Maybe it was because wizards were considered simply part of their guilds? Frost did not know and she did not care to ask, the little girl was just happy to have her passport at last.


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