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    Wine Tasting [Job/Solo]

    Edward Von Aurence

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    Wine Tasting [Job/Solo] Empty Wine Tasting [Job/Solo]

    Post by Edward Von Aurence 15th January 2017, 3:46 pm

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    Job Details:

    Standing in the midnight black veil of perpetual darkness brought forth from the coming night, Lionel found himself on the outskirts of the wonderland of magic, fun, shopping, and exotic things known as Rose Garden. Despite the midnight black veil of darkness which was brought forth, there was an abundance of light within the city due to the numerous of lamps composed of glowing magical crystals. The sound of people could be heard even from Lionel’s position outside of town. It was truly a bustling wonderland filled with life. Lionel swung his arms back and forth causing the long sleeves of the hoodie, which was obviously too big for the frame of his body, to dance in the night air. A smile was plastered onto his fair-complexioned visage. This smile filled with mischievous intent was the only feature of the wizard’s face that could be distinguished for the hood of his jacket covered a majority of his face. This hood possessed cat ears and even golden cat eyes. These golden cat eyes were actually a pair of lens that allowed him to see even with the hood covering his face. Lionel enjoyed his outfit the most. However, he knew he would have to take it off and put on his street clothing. Tonight, he was not Cheshire the thief or Thirteen the bandit he was simply Lionel Sabre, an ordinary man answering the call of a simple job. It was to taste a simple glass of homemade wine.

    He walked through the streets with a pair glasses onto his face. A black collared shirt which had the buttons open on it with a gold shirt underneath it. His pants matched the color of the shirt. There was a map in his right hand. On this map, he had marked the location of the restaurant. It took about an hour before he reached it and he entered inside of it. As soon as the dark wizard entered, he saw a large man in a chef’s outfit. So this was his client this time around. It was odd not taking a job that required him to steal something, but it was sorta refreshing at the same time. It had been a while since he had last shown his face to public after all. “You must be Lionel? Come.” The client had greeted him warmly and brought him to a table. “This is my homemade wine. I just need for you to give me your opinion on it, okay?” The man stated as he poured a glass from a shabby looking bottle with a homemade label. Lionel nodded in understanding as he put the glass to his mouth and began to drink from it. It was delicious. Lionel enjoyed every gulp of the crimson red liquid. “It was delicious.” He stated honestly. “I am glad to hear.” The client stated. “With that, your job is done, young man. Come by again and I will make sure everything you eat during your next visit is free.” The client finished. Lionel nodded and went out of the restaurant. “I suppose it is good to do a few quite jobs here and there.” He stated to himself and left the city.
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