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    Spread The Word! [Job - Solo]


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    Spread The Word! [Job - Solo] Empty Spread The Word! [Job - Solo]

    Post by Shakil 14th January 2017, 7:48 am

    Oh, Rose Garden! What a lovely place! It had been the first time Achim had ventured to the neutral town, with flashy lights and even flashier people. If anything, it reminded him of Honsenka, from what he heard of. The air was warm, the energy was nice, but someone had to ruin the fun, right?

    Achim Anicetus, son of Marceline Anicetus, a Sinner of Fiore, and the guild master of Savage Skull, the most infamous and powerful Dark Guild there is. But no, he did not come here to preach about his Mother, no, he came to make himself a name, and to spread the glory of the Savages! Tick-tock, tick-tock! Hear that, guys? That's your life slipping away in mere seconds!" Achim joked, behind him stood a man, a woman, and a small, male child that had their wrists tied together by rope, all wearing sacks over their heads, weeping. He dragged them by the rope, giggling. "But fear not, I will save you from your misery, I will put you in the hands of God this evening, it is but my duty! Remember my name, as it is Achim who will save you..." He smiled back at his prisoners, who all sobbed as they knew what was ahead. A death, or perhaps a release fro these cursed lives of theirs? They were mere servants to a rich man in one of the villages, whom he had rescued them. But nothing better would lie ahead.

    A few minutes passed before the group arrived at the darker, more suspicious parts of Rose Garden: the Black Market. Where criminals, illegal merchants, and gangs hanged about, away from the prying eyes of the Rune Knights. On either side of the street, people laid on rugs, huddled up with each other to keep warm, or were placing their bets on bloody streets. Achim continued to guide the three down the roads, some bystanders curious at what he was doing. Finally, he reached a nice spot, a crowd scattered here and there, consisting of muggers, thugs, criminals, and suspicious merchants, the perfect crowd!

    Achim looked around and nodded with a smile, and adjusted his tie. Today he was wearing a nice, formal black suit with a white undershirt and red tie. Why did he wear black today? Well, there was a funeral that he would be attending! Achim pushed a crate over the middle of the crowd, guiding the three so that they stood right in front. He began to speak, taking a deep breath before a smirk morphed to his lips, "Salutations, good people of Rose Garden! I am Achim, a new recruit of Savage Skull, and a humble servant of God and Fate! Mark my words, everyone, and listen well, for what I am about to tell you may make or brea your day!" He leaned down, ripping the sacks off the man, woman, and child, one by one, revealing their worn and sobbing faces, "Look at these men and woman! Look how shaggy their hair is, how dead their eyes are! Recently, I, yes, I saved these poor souls from the reeking hands of their masters in a village far from here! Beaten, they were, mistreated, they were, scorned unnecessarily, they were! But I have saved them from their miserable lives, and now it is time to put them in the hands of God in order to free them. Allow me to demonstrate, allow me to show you what good Savage Skull brings to the world..." Achim stroked his chin, looking about the crowd, "Hmm... ah! You sir, yes, you! Lend me that fine axe of yours, will you? Allow me to free these souls by your blade!" He walked up to a beefy man with a small axe, nodded, and handed it to him with a dangerous expression. Achim took the axe back with him, smiling at the man. "Savage Skull, the most infamous, powerful dark guild there is to be known to Fiore! Witness our good, and oversee the sin that these fine people have committed! They have been captured by daemons, and as a humble servant of God and Savage Skull, it is my... no, if you join our cause, it will also be YOUR duty to save people as disgusting as these! To paint roads red with the blood of the damned, and to bring chaos to a land of lies an false peace! To kill in the name of the Savages, and to become a servant of a greater good! WITNESS!" And like a baseball bat, Achim swung his axe across the necks of the men and women on their knees, crying hysterically. All three of their heads fell off, their sobbing ceased. Blood spattered on the streets, on the crowd, on the axe, and his face. The crowd cheered, and rallied in the name of Savage Skull. Achim began to laugh hysterically, "YES! You are all children of our one and only God, who has saved you! Join Savage Skull, serve him! Carry out fate's well! It is our duty on his Providence! You are all good people! Meahaha!" He began to wave his fist, smirking devilishly.

    I will make a name for myself... and I shall continue to serve until I become the served..

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