Crimson Flame Magic


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    Crimson Flame Magic

    Post by Arz on 13th January 2017, 11:51 pm

    Primary Magic : Crimson Flame
                                                      Secondary Magic : N/A
                                                Caster/Holder : Caster/Lost Magic

                                                            Description :

    Crimson Flame (クリムゾン炎 Kurimuzon-en) is a Caster type magic which allows the user to manipulate Crimson Flames. Using their ability to manifest rage in the form of a separate power, the user channels this power into already existing flames or flames produced by them. This in turn, causes their coloration to become a bright red, and the flame's light is far more potent than it previously was. The main effect this has on the flames however, is that these flames are completely the user's to control, and no influence is able to disrupt it from the outside, such as the usage of Pyrokinesis, and these flames cannot be eaten by God Slayers and Dragon Slayers.


    Uneatable Flames - Normally Fire God and Dragon Slayers are able to eat any fire and become stronger, but they cannot eat Crimson Flames due to it not being solely flames, but induced with rage, and that means that the user's very essence is present inside the flames, similar in concept to Iced Shell.

    Hot Weather - He is able to concentrate more when in hot weather allowing his manipulation of his fire better.

    Undying - They do not evaporate when in water, just become weaker.


    Cold Weather - He is unable to concentrate very well in cold weather which doesn't allow him to manipulate his fire as well as when he is in hot weather.

    Water - Like all fire, it's weakness is water. Even though the flames don't evaporate when faced with water they become considerably weaker.

    Magic Power - This magic requires lots of magic power so if the user has used it for a considerably long amount of time, the user will most likely fall unconscious after battle.


    Melting- Crimson Flames are hotter than regular flames. Which allows the user to melt things way faster than normal fire. Crimson Flames can get so hot depending on how angry the user is that it could evaporate a river.

    Teeth - The user teeth becomes quite sharp after learning this magic for an unknown reason.

    Enhanced Abilities -The user of this magic is gifted with enhanced endurance, speed, durability, reflexes and cognition than normal mages.

    Hand-to-Hand Combat - The user can combine their unarmed attacks like punches and kicks with Crimson Flame Magic, thus making making them much more deadlier and stronger.

    D Rank Spells:
    Name : Crimson Flame Iron Fist
    Rank : D
    Type: Offensive/Flame

    Description : The user engulfs his hands in Crimson Flames and proceeds to assault the opponent with the Flame greatly augmenting the power of the punch. The fire also allows him to punch faster.

    Strengths : This spell is quite simple to cast so it can be casted off quickly. It increases the speed and strength of the punch.

    Weaknesses : This spell won't do well against C-Ranked Spells and Barriers which can easily lose to a C-Rank counterattack.

                                                            Duration : 1 post
                                                          Cooldown : 2 posts


    Name : Crimson Flame Horn Crush
    Rank : D
    Type : Offensive/Flame

    Description : The user lights his entire body ablaze and headbutts the target at high speeds reaching up to 15MPH allowing the user to deal a ton of damage to the target.

    Strengths : High Speeds which increase the strength of the user's attack.

    Weaknesses : Takes 5 seconds to cast the spell.

                                                       Duration : 1 post
                                                      Cooldown : 2 post

    Name : Crimson Flame Elbow Strike
    Rank: D
    Type : Offensive/Flame

    Description : The user engulfs his elbow with Crimson Flames and attacks his target at high speeds inflicting a ton of damage.

    Strengths : Attacking at high speeds with considerably hot flames.

    Weakness : Cannot break through C-Rank Barriers and Overpower C-Rank Spells.

                                              Duration : 1 post
                                             Cooldown : 2 post

    C Rank Spells :

    Name : Crimson Flame Palm Explosion
    Rank : C
    Type : Offensive/Flame

    Description : The user rushes towards the target and grabs them with their hand. Whilst giving the attacking arm support with the other, the user releases a vast amount of explosive flames at point-blank range, burning the target.

    Strengths : Explosive Flames which are sure to deal a ton of damage.

    Weaknesses : It takes a lot of magic power.

                                                       Duration : 1 post
                                                      Cooldown : 3 post

    Name : Crimson Flame Dazzling Blaze
    Rank : C
    Type : Offensive/Flame

    Description : User holds his hands up high and focuses all his magic power into his palms, gradually a ball of Crimson Flames appear in a circular shape and becomes really big. The user than throws the ball of Crimson Flames at the target and creates a explosion covering 100 ft.

    Strengths : Extremely powerful and can easily overpower all D-Rank and most C-Rank attacks and Barriers.

                                                         Duration : 1 post
                                                         Cooldown : 2 post


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    Re: Crimson Flame Magic

    Post by Desirée Blooms on 16th December 2017, 6:04 pm


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