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    Humans alcohol?? (Solo)


    Humans alcohol?? (Solo) Empty Humans alcohol?? (Solo)

    Post by Guest Wed 11 Jan 2017 - 3:06

    You can breathe

    In clear blue water

    So this is where the place was where she had to taste the wine? She hoped it was, since her reading ability was slightly better than what it was when she started, she still had to perfect her reading but it was decent thus far. She also knew that she was improving in her reading which was always a good thing to consider, if she was in the right place she might as well enter!

    Due to the type of restaurant it is, Aerwyna didn’t bring Kinopio with her, as much as Kinopio wanted to join her with the opportunity, Aerwyna told him no. This was because the alcohol would probably really get to his system and it probably would make him really sick. Aerwyna wasn’t the happiest mermaid when she found out Kinopio wanted to join in the first place, but it was good that she managed to stop Kinopio.

    Entering the area, the blue haired mermaid princess decided to find out who was the owner of the restaurant as that was what seemed to be the correct thing to do. It seemed the restaurant owner found her first however.

    “Welcome! You are here to taste my wine, correct??”

    “Ah, you must be the owner. Yes, I am here to test your wine, I cannot wait to try it. I do hope that I get to taste it soon?? Sorry if I sounded forward though.”

    “Oh, no problem! Please, follow me.” The owner instructed as he began to take her to the back room. In the back room it was relatively… comfy to say. Wine barrels were full to the brim and almost everywhere was nothing else but wine, wine, and more wine. The area was also very dusty, although the mermaid princess kind of expected that from nothing other than a wine room. In the room was a singular table and on top of the table was a few glasses of wine, this must be the wine she was going to taste.

    “Okay, come! Come! Don’t be shy. Try out this wine here and please tell me if it’s good for the restaurant or not.” The man seemed to be a bit too enthusiastic for her tastes, but he had to keep some sort of positivity about his restaurant she guessed.

    “Which one first??” She asked regally.

    “Any one will do.”

    With that answer in mind, Aerwyna picked up one of the wine glasses and smelt it before she sipped the red liquid… cherries… She tasted… cherries. That was interesting, it tasted very nice for a fruit she has never heard of or never tasted of before. “I… Must say. I really like this wine.” She confessed as she the decided to drink the whole lot. The man seemed to have become very pleased. “You do?? Oh thankyou! So it should be ok to serve, yes?”

    “Yes, I believe so.”

    “Ah, thankyou thankyou! Next time you are here, you have have everything for free, no questions asked.”

    “Why, thank you, good sir! I will be sure to remember that! I better leave you to it so you can serve this wine. I will be back soon with that lovely offer.”

    “Yes, yes.”

    Aerwyna smiled softly and then walked slowly out of the area. She was happy to have tried something new today and she couldn’t wait to tell Gala all about it!

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