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    Humans Child Play (Solo)


    Humans Child Play (Solo) Empty Humans Child Play (Solo)

    Post by Guest on 10th January 2017, 4:35 pm

    You can breathe

    In clear blue water

    Aerwyna was attracted to here once more, not because of some silly gingerbread man or because of her train of thoughts, but because she heard some children giggling loudly, it sounded very friendly and calming to the mermaid princess as it reminded her of when she was a child back in the palace when she was playing with the other children. It was so much fun back then, why can’t it be the same?? Was it because she was a much older, mature young lady? It didn’t matter, that was still the very reason that she was attracted to the area in the first place. Walking around, the noises got louder and louder as far as she could hear it, she had enhanced hearing due to the fact that she was a dragon slayer that just happened to be a mermaid at the same time.

    Finally, the mermaid princess stumbled across the children and hid behind a bush to watch them play, they looked like they were having lots of fun and the nostalgia all came back to the mermaid, it was children playing tag! Aerwyna giggled at the site at what she was seeing but she wasn’t sure if a young lady like herself could play with the little kids. Standing up, she tried to walk away but she was disturbed by the coughing of one of the little kids… Aerwyna turned around to suddenly see one of the little kids in front of her face, they must have had teleportation magic or something because she didn’t hear them running up to her which would be realistically more of a kiddie thing to do.

    “Play with us…” The kid smiled as she held out her hand. “Please?? We want more people to come play.” The kid then announced. Aerwyna took the little girl's hand and then she was dragged into the scene like a dog would drag their owner on their leash. She couldn’t wait to have some fun.

    And it was on, the kids started to run around when the chosen tagger was picked to be none other than Aerwyna… Aerwyna smiled and giggled as she started to play with the kids, sometimes it was extremely hard to catch them since she couldn’t run around as fast as them little kids. Her legs were still weak from the fact that she hasn’t used her legs as much as a human's.

    The kids and Aerwyna continued to play as it turned from morning, to afternoon, and then finally the evening. Aerwyna missed this amount of fun when she was a child, heck. It was a good time even if it seemed like a short moment (even though it wasn’t). All in all, Aerwyna stopped when the kids declared that they had to go home and sort themselves out for food and bed, maybe Aerwyna should get back home herself… Kinopio will most likely be worried about her due to how long she has been out. She only wanted to go out for a short walk, she didn’t expect to go play tag for a full day. On the bright side, it was most certainly something to tell Kinopio about.

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