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    Post by Guest on 9th January 2017, 8:10 pm

    character name ;; Sesshōmaru Taishō
         nickname(s) :: Sesshy, Fluffy

    meaning of name ;; killing perfection.
         origin of name :: Japanese

    age in human years ;; one year old.
         age in cat years :: fifteen years old

    gender ;; male.
         sexuality :: heterosexual

    alliance ;; none.
         rank :: loner

    appearance ;;
    Sesshōmaru is a very young, handsome, and frail-looking tomcat, appearing rather large as well as slender for his breed, the Maine Coone. he has an mesomorph body type, meaning he has a large bone structure, large muscles, and a naturally athletic physique. his body is highly athletic-looking, hence the naturally athletic physique part. his body is generally hard too, with well-defined muscles that ripple beneath his pelt. the tomcat's body is not only large in size, but rectangular shaped as well, giving off that heavy masculine look. he is also a lot stronger than the average tomcat, due to his breed and his strength. though he seems frail like china glass, he is near from it and definitely a force to be reckon with.

    even though it's hardly noticeable because of him being a cat, he does have a diamond shaped face that accentuates his femininity and handsomeness at the same time. his face is slightly longer than it is wide, this starting the appearance of a diamond shape. his jawline is long and pointed however, and above pointed chin is a narrow muzzle with long, white whiskers strewn from the sides. above his muzzle is a big nose that's a pale tan in color and leads to a thin, long, and narrow nose bridge. one each side of his nose bridge is an eye, an eye that's large and round, with the irises being a bright and vivid golden hue. his cheekbones are the widest part of his face, just below his eyes, and are high and pointed, accentuating his handsome features. on top of that, his forehead and jawline are tapered, and just above his eyes are long, white whiskers. finishing off his appearance are tall, yet slender, pointed ears on the top of his head.

    now, this tomcat here is a pure white cat, no other coloring, ticking or anything marks his snow-white pelt; it is, in a literal sense, the color of virgin snow. his pelt is long in length and greatly thick due to his breed being made more for winter than any other season. however, having come from somewhere foreign, he bears a few markings from his home. in the center of his forehead is a Prussian-blue colored crescent moon. two magenta stripes, both of the same length and width make home on each of his cheeks as well. on the ankles of all four of his feet are two magenta stripes too, a bit longer and more narrower than the ones on his cheeks. what is disbelieving, though, is that he has no scars marring his pelt, except for one; his left front leg is missing.

    multiple possession form: Akita Inu dog ;;
    like his cat form, Sesshōmaru's multiple possessions form, the Akita Inu, has a mesomorph body type as well. however, in this form, he is much larger, reaching to twenty-eight inches in height; that's two point three feet in height. he also weighs a lot more than he does in his original form of a cat, weighing around a hundred-and-forty-five pounds exactly. his dog form is also a lot bulkier than his cat form and has a lot more muscle covering the body. to simply put it, Sesshōmaru's dog form is a lot more powerful than his cat form. but, unlike most Akita Inu, his tail does not curl over his back, rather it droops like a normal dog's tail. although, in either his forms, he has a beautifully chilling appearance, and is highly dangerous as well.

    in his dog form, Sesshōmaru's face is far more narrower than in his cat form, suggesting that he has a triangular shaped head instead of a diamond one. this means that his face is slightly longer than it is wide with a jawline that is long and pointed. this leads up to a muzzle that is narrow much like a fox's and has very short, white whiskers on it. his nose is big and a pale tan in color like the one in his cat form, with a wide, long nose bridge attached to it. on each side of his nose bridge is a small, round eye with an iris a bright red in color, this is also called pink. his forehead is the widest part of his face with his cheekbones coming in second. the narrowest part of his face is his jaw, a detailed feature of the triangular shaped head. just above his eyes are two little whiskers on each side that are very short and white in color. finishing off his facial features are ears that are not like the normal Akita Inu ears, they're more floppy and not as pointed.

    Sesshōmaru's pelt in dog form is actually an albino white, the purest of pure whites so to say, with a skin tone underneath that is fair; this explains why his eyes are red. anyway, like in his original form, his pelt is made for the snowy season, which means it's thick and long. however, unlike his breed, he does not have another coloring tone due to his albinism. oddly enough, in this form, he is also missing a left front leg. he also has no other scars to mar his pelt, suggesting that both his dog form and his cat form are part of him. plus, he also bears the same tribal markings on his legs and face that his cat form has, an unmistakeable feature for him.

         voice :: he has a voice that is monotonous, meaning it has no tone to it whatsoever. it's about neutral in pitch, as in it's neither high nor low; it's just right, so to say. but rather, it's alluring to some and has a tone to it that makes others fear him.
         disorders :: leucism

    personality ;;
    Sesshōmaru never seems to be nervous, angry or anything else; or, at least, he doesn't show it to anyone around him. rather, he appears to look very mellow and nonchalant all the time, as if nothing fazes him, and nothing actually does. to simply put it, he's a pleasant-looking tomcat, despite the fact that he actually isn't pleasant at all. he's always quiet and never seems to talk, always having a tranquil demeanor of himself. enough so that it seems to spoke others at how cool and collected he always appears to be. although, he can get angry easily, he just never shows it unless you really provoke him into being angry. once he's angry though, there's no going back for you and you may just end up dead or wish to be dead.

    despite being calm, he's a heartless cat, as in, he seemingly never shows any emotions on his face or express it through his body. it seems that he has a lack of emotions altogether, as he never really shows any emotions or anything. all in all, Sesshōmaru's just not a pleasant cat to be around unless you enjoy silence all the time. he won't take anyone's feelings or needs into mind and simply tells them to take care of themselves. as, he is not one for helping out others rather than doing things on his own like he used to. if you want to eat, you get yourself food, if you want to sleep, you sleep on your own time, and so on and so forth. this is why many consider him a heartless bastard, for he never cares about anyone but himself.

    going along with his heartlessness is the fact that he is not a friendly tomcat and is ready to attack if you step even close to him. he isn't very forthcoming either; basically, he's never ready or available when wanted or needed. he's unwilling to divulge in any type of information, seeing as he thinks he can do everything on his own. most of all, he appears rather cool on the outside and is always seemingly calm. Sesshōmaru is also someone who is greatly distant to others, keeping a lot of things to himself and not sharing information. essentially, he's almost always uninterested in anything unless it involves his brother or his brother's weapon. solely, he's just an unapproachable tomcat who constantly keeps to himself.

    underneath that heartless, calm, and aloof exterior, is someone who is compassionate but hides his compassion beneath a cold exterior. he is actually concerned for others misfortunes or sufferings, he just never shows it. rather, he shows his compassion in a different way, a way that is unexplainable by others and himself. thus, he comes off as aloof and heartless when he's really not and is just mistaken for being that. although, the only one he seems to show any type of pity to is Kagura, the cat who is seemingly always beside him. though he's a compassionate tomcat, just don't except him to be like that right away. as, he is insecure about showing his emotions towards others, in fear they would use them to their advantage.

         likes :: ⚔ battling powerful animals, especially his half-brother
    ⚔ not being disturbed or intruded by anyone
    ⚔ traveling through the lands with his companions
         dislikes :: ⚔ encountering his brother and seeing him use Tetsusaiga
    ⚔ the sword his father passed down to him
    ⚔ anyone who disturbs him or interrogates him
         strengths :: he sees his powers a great strength to him, especially when they aid him in battle. his strength is another of his . . . well . . . strengths, as he is rather strong. patience is another of his strengths as he can wait a thousand years for something if he absolutely had to. Sesshōmaru is a clever tomcat, and, thus, cleverness is his fourth strength. stealth would be his final strength as he is always quiet and can easily sneak up on others without them ever knowing.
         weaknesses :: one of his weaknesses is seeing his brother being able to wield Tetsusaiga when he can't. another of his weaknesses is being caught having compassion to other cats. in spite of all else, his topmost weakness is being seen as inferior to his father.
         disorders :: none

    history ;;
    Sesshōmaru was actually born in Japan, in a small tribe of cats who called themselves Inu Yōkais or Dog Demons. his father was the general of the tribe, or the leader, who cared for them all. his mother was just a mere member of the tribe who went by the name of Inukimi. he lived in the tribe most of his life, playing around with whatever he could find. nothing much had really happened to him until he was four moons old. his father had taken on a different mate, one that was from a different tribe. together, they had birthed another son, and Sesshōmaru grew to hate him. why? well, he believed that his father's death was his half-brother's fault. how'd his father die? some other cat in his brother's tribe had a crush on his father's mate and became jealous. thus, he had attacked Sesshōmaru's father and they both died in battle.

    when his father had died, being being at the age of twelve moons now, Sesshōmaru seemingly disappeared from the land. his mother didn't really care, and his father couldn't do anything about it since he was now dead. instead of staying in Japan, he had left and went to the Americas where he traveled the lands searching out his brother. despite having sworn to become better than his father, he had also sworn to kill his half-brother. he still wanders the lands to this day, searching out his brother and becoming more powerful than his father.

         time of death and how :: undecided

    family ;; mother : Inukimi
    father : Inu No Taishō
    stepmother : Izayoi
    sister(s) : unknown
    brother(s) : Inuyasha
    other relatives : unknown
         friends :: Kagura
         enemies :: Kamikazi, Ace of Spades
         mentor or apprentice :: none
         mate :: Kagura
         kits :: none

    theme song ;;

    poem(s) ;;
    He's walked alone since he can remember
    Never caring about a single soul
    Countless battles; eyes glowing like ember
    A lonely heart with a bottomless hole

    Although he seems a cruel evil demon
    He is perfection in every way
    As he stands in the distant horizon
    So beautiful in the dawn of day

    Wanting power, but never satisfied
    With his sword, he's fought for so very long
    A man with a past, but nothing to hide
    Doing what he wants, even if it's wrong

    Wandering the lands, searching for something more
    All of this time, never knowing what for
    © cupcakemaiden on deviantart.com

    poem two ;;

    the darkest demon of the night,
    his emotions concealed from sight,
    battling those filled with power,
    to all those watching his quest is dour.

    bearing the crest of the Prussian moon,
    he seeks to assualt and bequeath doom,
    the balance held within his hands,
    his spirit belonging to foreign lands.

    inside the glacier of his heart,
    a demon dog gives a start,
    two entities twined in one,
    a frigid being more powerful,
    than the sun.
    © Birdy

    artwork ;;
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    NAME Massmurder Baratheon
    - Nickname(s) Gold
    AGE 6 moons
    - Spiritual Age 28 moons
    - Birth Date October 27, 2014
    GENDER Male
    - Gender Identity Male
    CHARACTER ORIGIN Original character
    - Reincarnation Of Yuè Xià Lǎorén Simul Stamus
    SEXUALITY Heterosexual
    - Relationship Status Single
    ALLIANCE ShadowClan
    - Rank General

    APPEARANCE Massmurder Baratheon is a youthful, vibrant, and strong male whose body can withstand most of what Mother Nature throws at him. He is decently built with long limbs, and a tail that snakes far behind him to steady out the rest of his body length and give him balance. In spite of being a cat whose body is lethal and strong, he is not a lanky, nor skinny tomcat; in fact, he is quite heavy. Most of his weight is muscles, but the rest of it is fat that gives him a hefty look and more like he is overweight than built. Overall, he is a healthy, young male who exercises more often than not to maintain the muscular, lean look he has. Only a few scars mar his body, and they are spotted all over; one on his flank, one on his chest, and a small notch in his right ear. Despite this, his appearance has never fully given away the age that he really is; he has always maintained that boyish look.

    A distinctive face is what Massmurder has, with a definitive muzzle settled in the center of his triangular face. His eyes are almond-shaped and set with orange irises that have light yellow and gold rings mixed amongst the bright color. With a broad muzzle like his, he has a pale nose placed on the top of it and defined by sparkling, white whiskers spewed from his lips. Sharply pointed ears rest on the top of his head, always perked forward as if he is listening for the sound of battle or the scuttle of prey. He has thick cheek fur that is of medium length, and gives him a cute, somewhat adorable look with his manly facial structure. One of his eyes, more specifically his left eye, has a cataract on it that has caused him to go blind in that eye at an early age. Anyone with a look like his could get away with almost anything, as he still has that innocent appearance to his face that kittens have.

    Not only does he have a distinctive face, he can also be easily picked out of the crowd due to the unique coloration of his pelt. His fur, for the most part, is very thick and meant to keep him warm during the colder seasons, but it is only of medium length. It is also a golden color, which allows Massmurder to blend in with anything that is of a light or matching color to his pelt. He does have white that extends over the majority of his body identical to his father's, which leaves many often confused as to who he is. On top of that, his pelt is quite soft, and feathery to the touch, which makes it easy to keep clean and water rolls right off of it. Scars now mar his pelt that once held a handsomeness to it; multitudes over his body, but significant ones on his throat and face. He has a scar across his throat where he attempted suicide, the right side of his face was burned, tattered ears, missing eyes, and broken jaw; he wears a black satin blindfold over his eye sockets.

    PERSONALITY He is someone who challenges the things that life gives him, whether it is something good or if it is something bad that happens. Massmurder is someone who cannot stand the fact that some things in life are given with ease rather than a bit of difficulty. In his mind, he believes that if someone worked hard for something, they deserve to get it, those who slack do not deserve anything good in life. Subsequently, he is someone who works hard in life and knows that someday he will get what he deserves, and it must be good. Despite this, he is also someone who accepts the bad things in life and does not dwell on what could have happened if he did the right thing. After all, he knows that he only learns from his mistakes, and if he does not make any mistakes then he is likely to not learn anything. Challenging the very existence of life is what he was put on the planet for, so that he can prove to everyone just what he is made of.

    In his time living in ShadowClan, he has come to learn who he has to ultimately trust and who he does not have to. At one point in his life, he came to the conclusion that the high positions were the ones he needed to be loyal to, and protect. The others, he knew, could fend for themselves just like he had when he was smaller; giving them the chance to prove themselves. Considering the fact that in life someone either makes it or breaks it, Massmurder has taken into conclusion that he has to fight to survive. Ultimately, this has made him into one of the most loyal and fearsome clan members in ShadowClan, who has proven his worth. Evidently, he is someone who doubts what others are made of, and believes that what they say is what they believe themselves to be. He only interacts with those who he deems worthy enough to be in his presence and are just as loyal to the clan as he is.

    To the very end of time, he is someone who is fearsome in battle, and struggles internally with himself to better what he already is. On top of that, he is also extremely aggressive, not only in battle, but also on a daily basis to those who mistreat him. He is competitive and will often turn simple games into something that is competitive and not as fun as it was meant to be. In battle, he also happens to be a ruthless cutthroat; he murders in cold blood, instead of the safety of his clan-mates. One of the more violent of the members, he can get out of hand when a fight breaks out; to the point he will kill. Subsequently, he is not someone who should be messed with; he is dangerous to be around, but most do not know his other side. In fact, most do not even take into consideration that he has a kinder side than the one he happens to display constantly.

    Pride is the number one sin that everyone is guilty of, including Massmurder; in fact, he happens to value it. If his pride is so much as jeopardized, he will go to the ends of the earth in order to make sure that whatever is jeopardizing it is gone. He will fight til his last breath in order to keep his pride, as he believes that the only thing a man has is his pride. At most, he will sometimes brag about his achievements to others, finding that what he completes is far more important than anything else. The only thing that is above his own pride is the safety of the high positions in ShadowClan, nothing else. However, if someone so much as questions his loyalty to his clan, and breaks his pride, he will hurt them or kill them. All else is fine, so long as no one questions him or what he does because it is ultimately connected to his pride.

    Bronze over brains is what Massmurder has; he is not the sharpest of the pitchforks in the barn, he's the dullest. Anything that happens to be just a little too smart-sounding for him will automatically make him confused and in the dark. He does not understand anything that has to do with herbs, let alone can grasp how healing and herbs work in life. Instead of being someone who cares for the brainy things in life, he would much rather practice fighting moves than study. He is not someone who can sit still and listen to a lecture from someone for a long time without getting a bit fidgety. At most, things that are for those who care to be smart in life are things that he just does not really care to learn about. If it has anything to do with fighting, however, it will instantly grab his attention because that is what he is most interested in.

    However, it is his stubbornness that defines him the most; the trait that everyone within ShadowClan despises about him. He is hardheaded enough that he does not listen well to others, and often goes out of his way to make more trouble than necessary. Although this is true, the majority of his actions are what he believes would help his clan prosper, but in the end hurt it. This gets to him sometimes, many times where he has doubted his actions and would stop what he is doing because it would be "wrong." The words of others have led him to believe that everything he does is wrong, and he has now come to figure out that he does not care. Others will look down upon him and shake their heads in dismay, but he... he will continue to go on in doing what he does best. It may not be for the better of the clan or for the worst, though his actions will definitely impact the lives of those he encounters.

    PARENTS Gildedheart x Darkbloom
    SIBLINGS Bloomingskies, Briar-rose, Willowheart, Spiderbite
    GENERATION Generation 2

    POWERS Ability to Glow, Ability to Manipulate Your Own Eye Color, Character Bond (no one), Colored Blood/Spit/Tears, Flower Prints, Multiple Possessions/Shape Shifting, See A Spirit, Possession, Reincarnation, or Afterlife, Telepathy

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    name ;; Caeli [Kai-A-lee] [last name still needed].
    age ;; around the rebellious teenage years of a cat.
    gender ;; male.
    appearance ;; still developing this piece.
    personality ;; Caeli is the persevering type, steadfast in doing something in spite of its difficulty or delay in achieving success. He has high tenacity in his actions, determined to get things done rather than letting them rot away over time. Being also persistent in what he does, he can be highly militaristic and not a joy to be around. Though courageous in mind and body, he has a lack of confidence in his social skills, but has a excellent confidence overall. Despite his tenacious personality, his is someone who accepts his responsibilities, with a bit of rebelliousness mixed in it. However, he is a more independent male who doesn't work well in groups, teams, packs, whatever you want to call it. Theoretical is one thing that Caeli is not, thus setting him as a practical guy with a sense of humor, the 'doer' rather than the 'slacker'. The motto he lives by is 'power isn't everything, it's the only thing', and his main goal is to exercise control and attain results as well as create a prosperous, successful family or community. He's a greatly productive tom who gets easily stressed by things like menial routine; boredom; criticism; minor details and obstacles.

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    full name. abaddon sheol.
    nicknames. no given nickname.
    pronunciation of name. /ah-BAD-dun/ /sheh-ole/
    meaning of name. abbadon is the hebrew word for 'destruction' and sheol is the hebrew word for 'grave', 'pit', or 'abode of the dead'.
    origin of name. hebrew.
    current age. two months old.
    date of birth. march 15th.
    astrological sign. pisces.
    gender. female.
    gender identity. male.
    sexuality. undecided.
    alliance. jinxclan.
    ranking. kit.

    appearance. a slender, sleek form is built into this lovely cat; a small and fragile bone structure that's easy to distinguish thanks to her bijou size. her legs are stunted and at the ends of her very short legs are paws that are exceedingly tiny in size as well, the teeniest piece of her body. she has no deformities, no extreme ones at least, but she does have a lengthy scar on her back. abaddon is a munchkin cat, simply meaning that everything about her is tinier than normal; in a sense, that could be known as a sort of physical deformity. like her breed, she has no tail, or it's a little stub of her tail rather than a full-length tail. this is not a deformity either, but more of a scar if at all: she's missing a toe on her right front paw, the loss of it is unknown. overall, the feline is minute and she was bullied by her siblings because of it, and a reason why she finds many things hard to do.

    abaddon has a flat face; her nose is particularly flat and practically smashed back into her skull, with a muzzle that is teeny and rounded despite it being flattened. uncommonly small, rotund ears lay atop her head, with ear fur that is fuzzy, yet coarse to the touch, and curls back behind her ears. the only large part of her face is that of her eyes, which resemble an owl's because of how large they are. crinkled whiskers spill out in spontaneous order from her muzzle, a dull white in color to accentuate the periwinkle-blue of her irises. her facial structure, overall, is bulbous which gives the formal idea that everything else about her face is spherical as well. likewise, abaddon's face carries an exceptionally bright pink scar of three claw marks across the length of her petite features. it crosses over her left eye, which is now a hazy periwinkle-blue thanks to the scar causing her to go blind in it.

    she is, as once stated before, a munchkin cat, which explains her small size and oddly colored pelt. her fur is extremely thick and long and it likes to mat together and get dirty, so she looks extremely unkempt and sickly. the color of her coat is immensely light in hue, close to a sandy saturation; cream is the official name of her shading though. although she does carry a highly pronounced white tint on her, it only makes up a devilishly large amount of her body in actuality, blending in with her cream hide. few spots of the cream rouge dot her body, mainly over her torso and a little bit on her face and tail. her claws are fearfully sharp, and due to her pale coloring, they are a cloudy white-gray in color. abaddon is a very pretty she-cat, it's just hard to decipher because of her matted fleece and flattened, circular features.
    voice. unknown.
    mental disorders. cotard delusion. [ click for more information on cotard delusion ]
    physical disorders. severe-persistent asthma. [ click for more information on asthma ]
    accessories. n/a.

    personality. because of what happened in her past, abaddon is a selectively mute feline, whose voice is overly quiet if she were to talk at all. she's shy and very unsociable, at most, she is nearly unapproachable because of her fear of older, larger animals. basically, she's like a deer, timid in nature, yet underneath is an outspoken, friendly feline, but due to her past, that side of her is long hidden. she avoids interaction with others and often doesn't make a sound if she's scared, hurt, or in trouble with someone. rather, she takes what is given to her without complaint and obediently does what she is told so she does not get into trouble. though named after, and harboring, a fallen angel, her personality is nothing like the angel's --- well, demon's --- at all. it's almost hard to believe she was named after a rambunctious, violent demon with how timid, shy, and quiet she is.
    likes. developing.
    dislikes. developing.
    strengths. developing.
    weaknesses. developing.
    habits. developing.
    pet peeves. developing.
    hobbies. developing.
    goals. developing.
    fears. older or larger animals.

    background. abbadon sheol was first born as a rogue kit in BloodClan territory, both of her parents were highly respected rogues themselves. she, along with her three other siblings(two brothers and a sister), were raised together in a small, broken down shack. at first, she felt that nothing in the world could ever destroy the happiness that she felt, until the day when she would never speak again. it was a wintery night, frozen, cold, and snowing, when a cougar came down from the mountains afar and attacked their shack. her parents tried to defend her siblings and her the best they could, but as she hid in fear, she could hear and see everything. all she could see was red, red, and more red, and the screams of fear and pain was all she could hear.

    as soon as it was safe for her to run, she did, and she ran as far and as fast as she could away from the broken down shack. that's when she came across the camp of BloodClan, bloody and beaten, collapsing on their border. a few cats came to interrogate her and having become selectively mute from what happened to her, she refused to respond at first. eventually, they made her cut clean and as she told them what little she could, they allowed her to join the clan. she didn't stay long in the clan though, finding it hard to communicate with others and not really fitting in, so she left a week or two after. leaving BloodClan meant she had to go on a search again, lucky for her though, it did not take long before she came across the lands of JinxClan. With it being a small clan, the leader was the one who came across her and accepted her into the clan.

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    name ;; Sugarkit ➺ [s]Sugarpaw[/s] ➺ [s]Sugarrush[/s]
    nickname(s) :: Sugary
    name pronunciation ;; /ˈSHo͝ogər/ /rəSH/
    name meaning :: the popular and scientifically controversial belief that consumption of sugar-containing food or beverages can lead to temporary hyperactivity.
    name origin :: superstition of consuming too much sugar.
    gender ;; female.
    gender identity :: female
    sexuality ;; bisexual

    appearance ;; medium-haired, silver-slate, mixed rosettes with dull, olive-green eyes
    Sugarrush is a small feline, the smallest of the litter, with frail bones and a tiny structure to hold up her beautiful pelt. her legs are slender and slim, but short in length, with paws that are tiny and contain sharp claws. lean muscles dress the bones that are underneath her pelt, giving her a more muscular appearance despite her size. almost resembling porcelain, she is a cat with a bone structure that is easily breakable, just like the fragile glass itself. a tail that nearly, almost doesn't exist is settled upon her butt, appearing more like a tuft of fur. with an extra toe settled upon her right back paw, her appearance is basically complete. as an overall look, Sugarrush has a semblance to an actual glass statue with little glass flaws.

    with a porcelain outlook, there's no surprise that this feline has a face shaped almost perfectly like a diamond in the rough. her face is slightly longer than it is wide, beginning that wonderful, pretty diamond shape that her face is. a jawline is long and pointed, gives off that sharpness that a diamond has on its bottom. but her cheekbones are the widest part of her face, high and pointed, completing that perfect gemstone shape. with a tapered forehead and jawline, her eyes, nose, and mouth are all vertically well-balanced with each other. the irises contained in her exotic eyes are a dull, but lively, olive-green hue with thick, black lashes on them. a pale gray nose is just below her eyes, accentuated by lovely, long, silver whiskers and on the top her head are round-tipped, short ears.

    Sugarrush has a silver-slate shaded pelt with the mixed rosettes a darker hue than the silver background that her pelt is. her pelt is thick and medium in length, not exactly making her a bengal type feline, but making her appear like one. each rosette is a different shape, not one of them is identical to the other, creating that exotic look. the tip of her tail is a dark shade of black just like the color of the rosettes on her body.
    voice ::
    disorder(s) :: n/a

    personality ;; outgoing, cheerful, energetic, nonsensical, party animal
    Sugarrush is one of the most outgoing felines that anyone will ever come across in their lifetime; she can literally talk your ear off! she is a highly sociable she-cat who can find almost anything to talk about, even if it's a topic she hardly knows about. on top of that, she is friendly as well, you can't seem to find a single shard of her heart that isn't kind. the she-cat is pleasant to be around and enjoys most of her time with others. you won't find this feline on her own in the world with how affable and jovial she is. to top that off, she loves going to parties and being the center of attention all the time, even though she's a little cuckoo herself. simple to say, she's a loveable felidae with a heart of gold and pleasant to be around when the time calls for it.

    nothing can get this she-cat down, not even the saddest of things; if you need some cheering up, expect her voice to come chattering over to you. she gives the impression of always having a happy-go-lucky attitude and accepts what the world gives her. don't expect her to be down-in-the-dumps all the time, as it's hard to get this she-cat to express sadness. Sugarrush strikes someone as to always look to the bright side of things, and tries to do her best with making others see what she sees. she's an overly optimistic feline who just can't seem to calm down for even a single second. there's always a smile on her face and a sense of happiness emitting from her. you'll never find her worry over what comes next, as she's hopeful and confident of the future.

    was it mentioned that this feline appears to have a never ending supply of energy, even when she's supposed to be asleep, she's wide awake? she is always walking around camp, disturbing others with her loveable presence and possibly even bouncing off the walls. there isn't ever a time that this she-cat was drained of energy that she couldn't do anything. Sugarrush is a highly active, hyper-energetic feline with no end to her supply of energy. it's a mystery how everyone can seem to keep up with her and her antics. just, don't expect her to slow down to your pace, that just won't work out with this feline who struggles mentally. what is meant by that? Sugar has ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder; that explains a lot to her energy, doesn't it?

    no matter what this cat does, it just seems like it never makes sense, classifying Sugarrush as a feline who is just simply nonsensical. her actions don't ever appear to make sense to anyone; she's even claimed that she, herself, doesn't understand half the things she does. she may come off as absurd or even stupid, but some of the things she does, brings good to the world. many see her as impractical or ill-advised, but she's smarter than they think. though she is rash at times, she knows what to make practical decisions, even if they don't seem practical to others. if at all, some of her ideas are one of the best that are out there in the world. though harebrained in her antics, she is a smart feline with a nutty personality that's hard to understand; think of her as a mad scientist.

    party animal
    one thing that Sugarrush loves to do is go to parties, in fact, the best part of a party to her, is when she's the one planning it. a little secret between us, this feline loves to attack others with sneak-attack surprise parties. but being a party animal just doesn't limit her to parties, she loves any social event where she can be gregarious and outgoing! someone wants to plan a party, let her do all the planning, for her parties come out fantastically. her parties are events that should not be missed because of some silly ordeal; enjoy them. on top of that, she love company whenever she can get it, hence her love for parties. although she's some party animal, able to party all night if wanted, she isn't one of those bratty, uptight ones who always want the center of attention.
    like(s) :: - parties
    - others in general
    - anything that contains tons of sugar
    dislike(s) :: - coming off a sugar high
    - being bored out of her mind
    - when no one wants to do what she wants to do
    strength(s) :: though she seemingly appears as if she isn't at all that smart, Sugarrush is great at planning, especially if it involves a party or two. now, her sneak-attack surprise parties wouldn't be much of a surprise if she wasn't at all sneaky. her ability to confuse others perfectly, often comes in handy when she needs it to. sure it may not come off as a great strength in battle, but her happiness tends to spread to those around her. again, it may not look as if it's a great strength in battle, but Sugarrush is one of those easily loveable cats that is hard to deny things to.
    weakness(es) :: with her ADHD, Sugarrush tends to get a little off track on a lot of things, and it's fairly consistent, so don't expect her to do so well in battle. practically the runt in the litter, her strength isn't all that great and she comes off as a little weak. when she has something on mind, her actions don't always make sense, and that can often lead to trouble.
    disorder(s) :: ADHD

    plots ;;
    the party don't start till I walk in:
    Sugarrush plans her first party, she doesn't know exactly what it would be about, but she still plans it anyway. once the party is all set up, she goes around and invites everyone she can think of. it doesn't matter who she invites, she just wants others to be at her first party she's planned. the party soon kicks off and everyone appears to love it and that's when she discovers her knack for party planning.
    have you ever been so lost?:
    Sugarrush ventures out on her own, which is a bad idea since she has ADHD and could easily get lost. when exploring the unknown, she comes across a pretty meadow of flowers, she doesn't know how, but she does. after playing in the meadow of flowers for a while, she ends up figuring out that she's lost. fairly easy on how, she got sidetracked when exploring and came upon the meadow, losing her trail back home. so, she ends up lost, out in the forest alone, waiting for someone to come find her.
    never want to leave home:
    upon being found out in the forest, Sugarrush vows to never leave home again. she knows she could easily get lost and the only way she will leave the camp is if she has someone with her. but even though, she still fears that if she leaves the camp, she will get lost again. therefore, this causes her to stick closer to either Candyfangs or Pyrrhicloss and never leave their side out of fear.
    goals ;;
    1. explores most, or all, of the camp and gets to know every one of her clanmates.
    2. becomes a well-known, greatly loved cat.
    3. her parties always go down in history as the best ones out there.
    4. she gets a crush on someone.
    5. becomes an hp like her mother.
    theme song ;;

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    NAME Tōshirō Hitsugaya Grimm
    - Nickname(s) Shiro-chan
    AGE 8 moons
    - Spiritual Age 21 moons
    - Birth Date December 02, 2014
    GENDER Male
    - Gender Identity Male
    CHARACTER ORIGIN Original character
    - Reincarnation Of Tōshirō Hitsugaya
    SEXUALITY Heterosexual
    - Relationship Status Single
    ALLIANCE BloodClan [Shinigami Organization]
    - Rank First Tier [Tenth Division Captain]

    APPEARANCE Tōshirō is the classical-looking, Chinese-styled dragon with an elongated body shaped like a snake's, but has short limbs and large wings. He is long and slender, and the scales that cover his body are extremely rough, almost unpleasant to even touch. His legs are quite short, but his body makes up for that in length, as well as his wings give him the most support weight-wise. However, unlike some dragons, he has a mane that extends down the length of his body from his head down to the tip of his tail. Even then, the tip of his tail resembles a lion's tail, where it has a thick tuft of fur at the end, much like a spark of a flame. On his elbows and heels, he has thick fur like his mane and tail, likely used to help steady him in the air currents he rides on. Also, he has thick, broad scales on the front of his each of his feet, likely to guard them from being injured by things.

    Apep has an elongated face that narrows down into shape similar to a fox's muzzle, although it is not as narrow and thin. On the bridge of his nose are thick, broad scales used for the same reason as the scales on his feet, to protect him from injury. A long and short whisker are on both sides of his face, where the long one curls far past his front legs, and doesn't touch the ground. He has beady eyes that are a deep shade of royal blue, often given the nickname of Breakdown for unknown reasons. Above his eyes, on each side, there is fur like his mane that is thick and long, and the same deep blue as his mane and tail fur. There is an ear that is long, wide, and slightly pointed at the tip on each side of his head that is colored a Breakdown-blue on the inside. Deer-like antlers make their home on the top of his head as well, the same color of blue that his mane and tail are.

    The majority of his body is a very, very light green that appears as if it could be a shade of tan rather than a green. His scales are extremely thick, though it is not outside of the realm of possibilities for the scales to be penetrated by sharp objects. Likewise, his underbelly is the softest part of his body and it is a deep blue hue, thus he protects it more than any other part of his body. The wings on his body are a strangely dark blue-grey color that creates the illusion of being a dark gray instead. Even his claws, that are sharp and long, are an odd blue coloring that would not necessarily look normal on anyone, but him. Tōshirō's wings are shaped similarly to a birds as well, each sectioned piece of his wings looks like a giant feather. Overall, he is a very beautiful dragon, very majestic and regal that it his appearance conceals how he truly acts.

    PERSONALITY Tōshirō Hitsugaya is the most mature creature that anyone will ever come by, and he has been like this ever since he was younger. He takes things way more seriously than someone his age should, though he happens to be an adult now rather than a child. However, because of his maturity, everyone tries not to joke around him due to him finding none of it funny whatsoever. As mature as he is, he takes his job quite seriously as well, and does not mess around when someone is in danger. Others find him to be a killjoy because of his maturity compared to others, but they have faced the fact that he is not going to change. The only one who can happen to even remotely get away with messing around with him is Momo Hinamori and his lieutenant, Palechild. Other than that, he is pretty much a killjoy, as he takes things to a level of extremity that no one dares pass over.

    With his maturity, he has grown into someone who takes almost everything quite seriously, and does not joke around at all. He sees his job more as a duty than a title, as he has done everything he could to achieve the title that he currently bears in the Shinigami Organization. Because of his seriousness, he hates it when someone calls him something other than "Captain Hitsugaya", and reprimands them for doing so. If they so much as use his name in an inappropriate way, he goes off on them for not properly calling him the title he earned. Due to living in a tribe that knows barely anything about his other half, he does not blowup on them for not calling him "Captain Hitsugaya." On top of that, any job that may sound slightly humorous to do, Tōshirō happens to take very seriously because anything could happen. This means that he goes off on his partner if they end up joking around rather than taking the situation seriously.

    Likewise, he gets easily annoyed, especially when others call him by nicknames that he has never, nor ever will, approve of. Momo Hinamori happens to be the only who can get away with calling him "Shiro-chan", anything else and he will blowup on the animal. He becomes annoyed when others goof off and draw unneeded attention to themselves, such as when he takes others on missions. Tōshirō hates anything that he deems to be childish, as well as being described as a child by those who are older than him. This is because of his height; everyone believes he is a child when really he is much older and more mature than that. Warm weather and summer are two things that he dislikes in general; this may be due to him being an "ice elemental" so to say. These are ways to annoy him to the utmost ability, but beware because he does not hold back on his temper when annoyed.

    Childish things are the last thing that he wants to deal with because they remind him so much of how short and childlike he looks. Others always scruff up his fur and give him noogies, some even give him candy because they believe he is much younger than he is. He hates this kind of treatment, and easily becomes angry over someone mentioning his shortness or the idea that he is a child. Kits will often come up to him and ask him if he wants to play with them, but he meanly turns them down for even thinking he is their age. Tōshirō dislikes his size, dislikes anything that pertains to children and childish things, and thus he tries to avoid it as much as possible. The only thing he wants is to not be seen as a child, but someone who can take things as seriously as a grown adult can. After all, he is not a child, though he had been one, and he will become aggressive if someone so much as brings up the topic of children.

    His aggressiveness sometimes aides his over-protectiveness of others, especially the one who he wants to protect the most, Momo Hinamori. Those his over-protectiveness does not just limit itself to her, but it also extends out over the Shinigami Organization and the Tribe of Burning Eclipse. Despite barely knowing those who live within the tribe, he has a sense of duty to protect them from everything there is. This may be due to the fact that he now has his own children, and has become quite overly protective of them and what they do. He tries not to let anything harm those who he deems to be worthy of his attention, and feels guilty when something does happen to them. Oftentimes, he may even beat himself up for letting something happen to those he loves and appreciates, as he does not want to see them hurt. It may be because he does not ever want to lose them, he does not want to feel that hurt of losing someone he loves again.

    He is on the more cold side of the personality spectrum, preferring to avoid others and be mean to them than anything else. Tōshirō has learned the hard way that in order to get what he wants, he has to be abrasive and cruel, but only to an extent. Any farther and he could be exiled as well as kicked out of the Shinigami Organization, which is the last thing he wants. His cold personality does not only mean he is just a mean, unlikeable being, but he is literally quite cold to the touch. His preference is ice, and thus was why he lived in BlizzardClan, up to the point that he had to leave it for reasons unknown. Though, his coldness does not limit itself to just being mean, but also assertive to those who are lower than his rank. Considering he is a Captain of the Tenth Division of the Shinigami Orgization, he has to take on the role of a stern leader.

    PARENTS Lucifer V. Hitsugaya x Npc
    SIBLINGS John Hitsugaya and Thel Hitsugaya
    GENERATION Generation 2

    POWERS Ability to Absorb Spirits, Ability to Change Pelt Color, Ability to Take and Give Away Pain, Ability to Glow, Ability to Manipulate Your Own Eye Color, Ability to See in Heat Vision, Ability to See in X-ray Vision, Character Bond (no one), Colored Blood/Spit/Tears, Elemental Powers, Flower Prints, Invisibility, Manipulation of Scents, Manipulation of Soundwaves and Molecules, Memory Manipulation, Multiple Possessions, Shape Shifting (Siberian Tiger), See A Spirit, Possession, Reincarnation, or Afterlife, Telepathy, The Sight, Super Senses

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    NAME Sealion
    - Nickname(s) N/a
    AGE 2 moons
    - Spiritual Age 2 moons
    - Birth Date October 4, 2014
    GENDER Female
    - Gender Identity Female
    - Reincarnation Of N/a
    SEXUALITY Questioning
    - Relationship Status Single
    ALLIANCE TidalClan
    - Rank Kit

    APPEARANCE Sealion is a slender, tiny, and very pretty she-cat with a body that was made for swimming rather than fighting and protecting. She is on the small side of the height spectrum, with legs that are short and paws that are barely large enough to hold prey. Luckily, her tininess makes up for the lack of strength she has in fighting, as she can easily slip through small openings and crevices. As well as being tiny, she is a skinny feline, her body making her look as if she is underfed, when really she is perfectly healthy. In spite of this, her body also makes her a fast runner, but her short legs tend to make running just a bit of a difficulty for her. A few scars mark her body as well, one across the bridge of her nose, a notch in both of her ears, and a four-clawed scar on her left flank. Figuratively, she is a youthful feline with a lot to look forward to with the body structure that she happens to have.

    Her face is shaped more like a fox's, where it is wide at the top and narrows down at her muzzle, making it rounded and small. She has long, black whiskers, used to feel her way through dark places, and a black nose settled in the top center of her mouth. Sealion has eyes like an owl; they are large and round with irises a magnificent blue like the shallow section of the sea. On the very top of her head are ears that are small and curved at the tips, unlike how most cats' ears are pointed at the tips. The only thing that happens to mar her face is the pink scar that cuts across her nose bridge in a jagged, sharply fashion. Despite her looks, she is not someone who appreciates it when others stare at her, especially when they look at her scar. Likewise, she happens to dislike it when others stare at the notches in her ears because they are so long and ragged.

    She has a sleek, silky pelt made for swimming easily through the waters of rivers, streams, creeks, and the ocean. Her pelt is a light brown, almost sandy color with her underside being a lighter, almost white coloring than the rest of her. Noting the coloring of her pelt, she also has dark brown shading on all four of her legs and on the majority of her face. With this, her pelt is also thin, so that water can easily pass through it and not get caught in the tangled mess of thicker fur. Once upon a time ago, she had been captured by twolegs for a bit and was given an aqua bow to wear on her head. Also, she was given a blue beaded necklace to wear around her neck that resembles tiny sapphires in the bright sunlight. Those accessories accentuate the deep coloring of her fur and also bring out the pretty blue coloring of her eyes.

    PERSONALITY Ever since she was little, she had always been the curious, knowledge-seeking feline that she is today, and that consistently got her into trouble. Eventually, one day, she had learned her lesson to be less curious and more cautious because she never truly knew what was out there. Since then, she had made sure to keep a safe distance from any creature that she deems to be more dangerous than she can take on. It has also brought her to be someone who tends to stay in camp and stick around the young ones to keep them company. Never once in her lifetime had she ever dreamed of going back out into the clan's territory after what had happened to her. The event had made her see the light of day that life is much more cruel than she had believed it to be when she was a kit. Nowadays, she likes to remain in camp, where she knows that she will not be injured and that she can be safe from harm.

    Because of the incident that happened in her past, she has become a very shy and not-so-outgoing feline like she used to be. She keeps to herself and only speaks to those when she is spoken to, instead of openly stating her opinion on the topic. Sealion has found that, even though she has her own ideas and opinions, she should be seen by others, but never heard. It has made her life a lot more easier than what it used to be because she avoids hurting others feelings or being judged. At the same time, however, it has also made her life difficult because she does not want to openly speak what she believes. This has ultimately made it hard for her to make friends and maintain steady relationships with those she had encountered in her life. No matter what, she tends to stay away from others, unless they come to her to speak about something that is of utmost importance.

    In spite of what had happened in her life, she has remained the independent she-cat that she has always been since she was little. She likes to work on her own, whether it is fishing or battle practicing, because she found she is more productive without anyone else there. The quiet is also what else to remain focused on her task and make sure that she had gone through with it by the end of the day. If she does not complete a task, she automatically feels guilty and like she had failed the one who had given her the task. Sealion looks for approval toward those who give her things to do, making sure that she sees through it until the very end. This has made her into the loyal feline that she is to day, always following through with the tasks that the higher ups assign her. Though, without something to do, she feels almost lost in life, as if her existence means nothing but to bring harsh reality to the world

    When she was little, everywhere she looked someone was always doing something that would have given them praise by their parents or mentor. At the time, she was just little and felt like she was useless compared to the older members who could do things she could not. In the end, it made her search for the approval of others with every little thing that she accomplished and believed was a big deal. Everyone only saw her little accomplishments as kit games, but in her eyes they were things that would make her a better warrior. She struggled to imitate what the older members of her clan did, and when she memorized every detail, she would practice it over and over again. Like all the kits in her birth home, she wanted something that would make others proud of her and view her as an important member of the clan. She did not want to be remembered as the useless kit who could do nothing, but make mistakes and pay for them.

    With her shyness, she has learned to remain quiet, unless someone speaks to her and needs her input on what they are doing. She does not speak and will likely remain quiet for the entire day if she is allowed to, but that is highly unlikely for her. Her quietness has made her into a great hunter because the prey she catches never see her coming until she is upon them. By then, it is much too late for them and she has already killed them without the victim making a single sound in the process. This is what is valued in her, her stealth is what makes her a great warrior and someone who can be trusted to do the right thing. Sealion honors this part of her and practices her stealth every single day to make sure that it stays in tiptop shape until it is needed. Despite this, she still seeks the approval of others, whether it is for a situation she is unsure of or on something as small as leading a hunting patrol.

    PARENTS Archipelagoisland x NPC
    GENERATION Generation 3

    POWERS N/a

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    NAME Painfullykit Chaos
    - Nickname(s) Pain
    AGE 2 moons
    - Spiritual Age 2 moons
    - Birth Date September 29, 2014
    GENDER Female
    - Gender Identity Female
    - Reincarnation Of N/a
    SEXUALITY Questioning
    - Relationship Status Single
    ALLIANCE ArcadianClan
    - Rank Kit

    APPEARANCE Painfullybeautiful is a pretty, youthful she-cat with a slender, petite build; her limbs are long and her muscle structure is lean. She is a skinny feline, but she does not look sickly in the least bit, she is very healthy and always has a vibrant look to her. Although she is healthy, she has a slight limp in her right front leg from an injury that was caused when she was a kit. A few scars also mar her body; a half torn ear, a missing tip of her tail, and gruesome scar on her underside make up her scars. These ruin her beauty, yet at the same time make her all the more beautiful as well; a she-cat should always bare her scars no matter what. In spite of this, she is extremely insecure about her body, and tries to make herself as pretty as possible to get attention. The thing she lacks the most in her stature is the feminine look; she is small, but she does not have the figure of a female.

    With as pretty as a face as hers, she is easy to pick out in a crowd; though, this is not the only way to pick her out from one. Her eyes are large and rounded with irises that are two very different colors from each other, her right eye is blue and her left eye is amber. She has a fox-like muzzle that defines the rest of her face, and subsequently accompanies the fox-like ears on her head. Long, white whiskers stray out from her lips, and join the pinkish-mulberry nose that is settled on the top of her muzzle. Right away, others can pick up the idea that her facial structure is shaped similar to that of a triangle's, giving it a very narrow and pointed look. Likewise, she maintains her youthful looks and thus has been classified with the Japanese term, 'Loli'; an old girl that looks young. Her looks happen to deceive others of what age she actually is, leaving them guessing as to what her actual age is.

    She has a pelt that is very thick, made to keep her warm during the colder seasons, but easily overheat her in the warmer seasons. Her fur is long, it is also silky when touched, and it is patched with three different colors, classifying her as a calico. However, she is not the normal coloring of a calico, Painfullybeautiful is a dilute calico, meaning her fur is a darker, more faded hue. She also has high white; it covers the majority of her pelt and it is what gives her the Heterochromia Iridum, the two different eye colors. One thing that keeps her from blending in with the crowd is her pelt, its unique coloring a one of a kind happening. This is what gives her her beauty, the one thing that keeps her going each and every day because she has something to look forward to. Without her pretty pelt, she deems herself not worthy of living, not worthy of continuing another day on the planet.

    PERSONALITY Painfullybeautiful is one of the few innocent felines that someone will come by; having never actually been exposed to anything horrifying. As far as she is concerned, the world is made of rainbows and butterflies, and that is how she likes seeing her home. Of course, she was never really innocent to begin with, it is a complete facade and a mental state of mind she has created. In times of need, she will fall into the false sense of security her brain has made, letting everything else in the world pass by her. She refuses to see the light of day where everything in the world is not made of candy and toys, and the hardships call out to her. Having never been properly raised to see life as gruesome as it truly is, she tends to take those things for granted. Everything she has ever seen that is even remotely close to being something that is unacceptable in her world, she passes off as nothing.

    She is as sweet as the sweetest chocolate; taking into consideration the feelings of others and how they may react to her words and actions. Doubling her life as a mother to orphans and a warrior of ArcadianClan, she has grown to love the little things in life. The one thing she absolutely adores are Sunflowers because it seems as if nothing can bring them down from the sunshine. That is what she strives to be; she wants to be as happy as a Sunflower is, always looking toward the sun even in the darkest of times. Her attempts to make everyone around her as happy as she is never ends, it is her goal to make them see the bright side of everything. With a little bit of love and kisses, she believes that it will bring the light into others lives and scare away the darkness that lies within. Though it does not seem like it, nothing can bring down her day and make the sun go away, even if something bad happens to her.

    Despite being motherly, she can be extremely childish and take on the role of a little girl who simply wants to play a little bit of dolls. She carries with her a corn husk doll, made from the body of the corn with the arms and legs as the husk of the corn. This doll is considered her safe haven, the thing that she goes to, to spill out all her wishes, dreams, and darkest secrets. Painfullybeautiful even happens to keep a little dairy next to the doll in her den, where she spills out all of her thoughts and feelings. If someone ever read what was within that book, she would be heartbroken and feel betrayed toward whoever read it. In spite of knowing others, she does not trust them enough to let them in on her secrets, even the deepest, darkest secrets. Paying no mind to what others say, she also happens to like joining in on kits games still and playing with the youngsters of the clan.

    Curiosity is one of her foremost traits, the only one that happens to come out more often than not to sate its hunger for knowledge. Ever curious, she is always asking questions to others, whether they are questions about the current topic or questions about themselves. In her life, she has always had an inkling to know everything around her, in spite of whatever it is being too complex for her young mind to understand. She needed to know everything there was to life; the good, the bad, and the ugly, literally everything she encountered left a question. Typically, her questions always begin with 'why is this like that' or 'how does that work' or 'why is that', never once has a simple statement come out of her mouth without a question to follow. Though this can be quite annoying, if it pleases her, she will leave them alone and let her mind rest on the new information. Always, however, she is learning new things whether she wishes to or not, and sometimes the things she learns are not always good for her.

    With her father always busy doing things, she never really got the attention that she wanted from him; he left her to be on her own. Thus, she grew into a phase where she tried to be the center of attention in everything, and naturally that became a part of her. She has grown into the woman that she is, always seeking some sort of attention from anyone who would care to see her. Subsequently, it has brought her into things that she regrets getting into that she cannot seem to get herself out of. It has brought her to be molested and raped by multiple males in her lifetime, all to get a little bit of attention from someone. Yet deep down, she wishes every single day of her life that she could get rid of this part of her and get rid of the bad things that happened to her. This is why she falls back into a false sense of security, it is the only place that she believes is safe for her to be in.

    PARENTS Keme Chaos x NPC
    SIBLINGS Sweetagony

    POWERS N/a
    DISORDERS Histrionic Personality Disorder

      Current date/time is 21st April 2019, 3:38 pm