Once a Fairy, Always a Fairy (open,returning)

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    Once a Fairy, Always a Fairy (open,returning)

    Post by Hayden Infinis on 8th January 2017, 3:53 pm

    Takumi was impatient to go see his guildmates as he paced outside the guild hall, trying to work up the courage to go inside and face the others. He was unsure how they would react to him coming back early, would they be happy? Would they be upset? He had no clue, hence the pacing. His exceed rolled her eyes at him, fed up with his stupid anxious behaviour. "Takumi, just get your ass in there and let the welcome you back, idiot. They'll be happy to see you, no matter what. Now could you please just go see them?" Coal was ready to grab Takumi by the collar and fly him in there herself, if he didn't move soon.

    The young man sighed, knowing she was right. With one final look back, he adjusted his cloak and stepped inside the always-chaotic guild hall. Beneath the cloak, his usual clothing had changed from the jeans and t-shirt. Now he wore a light brown jacket, white shirt, white cravat, and white pants. His cloak, rather than being black like before, was now green with a wing-like emblem on it.


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