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    Searching For True Treasure. (B Ranked Exam.


    Searching For True Treasure. (B Ranked Exam. Empty Searching For True Treasure. (B Ranked Exam.

    Post by Guest 7th January 2017, 3:20 pm

    Conditions IC:

    Must be done within 48 hours IC
    No outside help
    4.5k minimum

    Summer was starting to become a mage in her own right, she herself felt like she has developed more into a mage that she thought the village she was born in would be proud of. She wanted everyone to be proud of her because she knew that she always seen a role model in every single villager that resided there. She was becoming a true fireworks expert- no, she may aswell call herself the gunpowder empress. Gunpowder empress sounded cool, although fireworks expert seemed to have a much better ring to it. Now she was C ranked, and how good that really felt to be a C ranked mage, she has shown that she was more than capable to handle B ranked jobs.

    Now it seemed that the Magic Council have noted her for how hard she has worked while being a mage, she recently got a beautiful hand-written letter from Elyx, she was now under some sort of task to become a B ranked mage… how cool was that?! Crap, how long was it that the letter been sent to her?! CRAP! WHAT IF THIS TASK STARTED THE MOMENT THE ACTUAL LETTER WAS SENT?! Oh crap, oh crap! She had to get moving now.

    “MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP I NEED TO FIND THIS MOONSTONEEEE!!!!” Summer exclaimed as she opened the door to her household and she ran off after slamming the door with brute force. It was now clear that she was in a hurry to the point that Priscilla flew straight out of the window and dashed to the fireworks expert. She wondered why Summer was in such a rush.

    “Summer?!” She exclaimed “What’s the matter! You need to relax!”

    “The magic council or Elyx want a moonstone! I mean! Where the hell would one of them things be?!”

    All Priscilla could do was chuckle at the 21 year old. She was indeed growing fast, her sister Laysha told her about the antics Summer got into, but she was also told about how kind Summer was, even though she was hella immature. “Summer, where would gems and ores be??” She asked calmly. “If you know where them places are, I am sure that there would be one around there… Correct?? I mean, it would only make sense… Is that the letter you are holding in your hand?? May I read it??”

    Summer had to stop for a second before she placed a hand on her chest and passed over the crumpled letter in her hand that Elyx beautifully written for her. Oops.

    “Within 48 hours?! Summer, that seems impossible to pull off as a task! Especially with the way you are! You think you can manage it??”

    “Of course I can! But I don’t know how long the letter took to get to my house and I don’t know if the time started the moment it was given out!”

    Priscilla blinked a few times before she shook her head. “We need to get a move on then…” She bit her lower lip as she nodded. “ONWARD!”

    All that running and using as much of her knowledge as possible, she managed to reach an area known as the ancient ruins. The wind swept her jet black hair as she looked to the fairy dressed up in all pink. There was so much that Summer could sense here due to the blessing that the 12 chinese zodiac spirits have given her. But that was not what she was here for… she was here to find something which would not be sensed by the zodiacs, but something that she had to find herself since she was more than a spark of fireworks, she was a treasure hunter… She was just glad that it was going to be more than a bikini… finding that bikini at divide island was really weird and uncomfortable. She was just glad it was going to be a moonstone this time... Moonstones were way prettier than bikinis thats for sure.

    Only one issue… it took half of the day to get there, Priscilla did tell Summer to take her time but Summer found it much easier to waste all her breath then actually taking a stroll, although Priscilla does understand why Summer is in a bit of a panic about it, she also wishes for Summer to be a much calmer person than what she would normally be.

    “Summer, this is where you are going to look??” She questioned, tilting her head before she sat on her master's shoulder ever so happily. She guess she couldn’t do much else now other then wait for Summer to actually find the moonstone. Still attached to Priscilla’s hands was the letter still. Maybe they should’ve kept it at the house. Oh well, they have done all that they have so far. They just have to keep the letter safe incase anyones around to question the girls ulterior motives.

    “Let’s get searching!” Summer noted as she started to walk around, if she rushed around now she may miss out on every opportunity that there would be one. She was sure that there would be one here anyway… It’s a pile of ruins for crying out loud! One problem: She didn’t know where she would be looking for at first. She had so many places and areas to go in the ancient ruins that she didn’t know where the most secret of places are, or where the most obvious places would be.

    “Moonstone…” Summer decided to speak out as she felt one of the big walls and looked around, gawking at every corner, there were multiple things to look at, but none of them seemed to be the gem that she was looking for. Summer still had plenty of the day left, but she knew that wouldn’t exactly last long with the way she was going about it. “Where would a moonstone be if I was one… Where would people look if I was a moonstone…” While trodding around, she discovered a pile of rocks that were laying on top of each other, maybe a moonstone was there! She hoped one would be there! She continued to saunter over to the pile of stone and rubble, it looked pretty typical to deal with… but that was no issue for the fireworks expert! Without further thinking, she kicked a few of them over with her feet and started to dig… Priscilla moved out of the way to watch her, that was until her feet were in the air and she couldn’t really move anymore which was a major issue for the fireworks expert.

    “Crap!” She shouted. “This isn’t faiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!” Priscilla couldn’t help but giggle at that fact and simply watched in horror the moment Summer fell into the hole, only to kick her way out which suggested it wasn’t that big of a hole after all.

    “Well, that was traumatic!” Summer announced to her pet as she dusted off her skirt. If only she had people to help her… but Priscilla can’t help that much, and she was a non-combat pet! How could she possibly provide assistance without making the little fairy get extremely weak or fatigued?? No matter, Summer must do this herself. “Summer, take a look there once more! Something is glowing!” the pink fairy announced.

    Summer turned around and then took a good look at that what Priscilla was pointing at, and indeed there really was something shiny that radiated in Summer’s eyesight… It had to be the moonstone! Diving straight into it, Summer uncovered the rest of the mud with her hands and took the shiny thing out of the ground like she was a mere magpie or something of the sort…

    “Oh my god.” Summer facepalmed herself. It was an amethyst! Amethysts were the purple stones that weren’t clear or paled out like moonstones. Summer sighed, she thought she had it! She really thought she managed to find it, she cannot bring an amethyst to Elyx… well, she could! But she would have to bring the moonstone along with her. In fact, she might aswell bring as many jewels as she possibly could into the guild as long as she brought the moonstone with her. She was a treasure hunter for a reason!

    “Priscilla, guard my jewels!” Summer commanded as she plopped the amethyst onto the floor and ran off. Priscilla didn’t understand what was going on, maybe Summer knew where she could look for it?? No matter, she decided to follow Summer’s orders and sat on the amethyst to keep it safe. The most she could hope for was that Summer stayed safe and sound. She was always the type to get extremely reckless and attack without thinking if she felt she was in danger.

    Summer continued to walk around as she glanced here and there, she wondered where the pale but beautiful stone could be?? It was such a beautiful gem, so why was the bloody thing so hard to find in the first place?? She didn’t understand whatsoever how this logic of stones worked. Her train of thought continued until she sensed a presence… the presence towards her got closer and closer until she looked beside her. Someone was right next to her and they seemed to be ready to attack her or something??

    “I have been looking for you… Summer.”

    “Woaah what?”

    “Looking for this, sweetie???”

    The figure sounded very much like a female, and her feminine hand shown the very thing Summer was looking for: a moonstone. WAIT A SECOND!!! WHY DOES SHE HAVE THE MOONSTONE AND NOT HER?!

    “Yes, yes, it’s because I found it before you, sweetiecakes. I tell you what… you can have this stone… if you can fight me for it… Nothing much, simple, right??”

    “You’re making this much harder than I wanted it to be.”

    “Oh, I know… what’s wrong… does the little baby want something she can’t get??” She made a pouty face and then walked off. “Maybe next time, keep your details to yourself, you will probably never get what you want if all you do is talk to stupid fairies!”

    “What did you say…”

    Summer was getting angry now to the point that she shook her head, what was this woman trying to do! She was trying to mess with Summer while she was doing a task and all she had was a woman rabbiting on about she got a moonstone and not her. She wasn’t being exactly fair either. Summer had to do this in order to find a moonstone, the thing Elyx himself wanted her to retrieve and bring to him. She was struggling to cope with the fact that she called Priscilla stupid.

    “Oh, nothing nothing… I’ll tell you what… let’s have a little race… the next moonstone that can be find will be one of ours to keep. If you can find it, then fair dos, have fun with it… If I can find it, then what a shame…”

    “No! Just get lost, I will find one in my own time!”

    “Whatever you say, little girl…” The other female turned and walked away ever so satisfied with the moonstone she already had. Who the hell was that girl…

    “Oh, and, Jian would like to see you some time… Just saying.”

    Summer froze.


    The dude who tried to kidnap her during the invasion. Oh dear, it seems he didn’t get over the fireworks expert. Was he here to just check up on her?? Yeaaah she needed to find this moonstone as soon as possible. It wasn’t exactly fun to have someone who wanted you to want you again. She was handling herself just fine without the assistance of Jian. She didn’t want to see Jian again anyway, he was way too obsessed with her.

    No matter, the female seemed to be gone, and that moonstone seemed to be pretty much gone too. No matter, oh wait… what's that… the moonstone was on the floor. Oh my, she dropped it. No matter, it was hers now until further notice. She was pretty sure that it was going to be much better in Elyx’s hands and not that stupid womens. Saying she did absolutely nothing but talk to fairies which she thought was stupid. The woman was very wrong. Priscilla and Laysha were the best fairies that Summer has ever met, and she never wanted to leave them.

    Okay, great! She now had a moonstone. Now she had to meet back up with Priscilla and then the two could go back to the guild, pass Elyx the moonstone and then everything will be good and dandy! That was until she looked into her hands once more, the moonstone was gone… Was that moonstone an illusion?! The woman tricked her! That bloody woman tricked her! That wasn’t fair at all, she almost had it and then the woman decided to mess with her brain. The fireworks expert sighed in defeat as she looked around. Looks like she will just have to keep going with what she originally had in mind… but she couldn’t help but wonder what Jian was doing by trying to pop back into her life. It was like he wanted to see her before he could get her what she wanted. Yeaah, he was probably obsessed with her like she thought he was.

    Summer decided to report back to Priscilla what was going on, she probably needed to know just incase. It was becoming night time anyway… Maybe tonight it would be easier because of how dark it was. She needed that darkness to see the light she guessed… after all ‘from the darkness shall come the chosen one.’ She remembers that quote quite well and she will probably not forget it for a very long time to say the least.

    Finally, Summer got herself to priscilla and it seemed the fairy was smiling softly at the fireworks expert, even waving at her in greeting. Priscilla was always the calmer one of the two fairies, Laysha was the older one, yet was the more flirtatious one. While Priscilla was the more calmer one, and the one that manages to deal with everything in no issue whatsoever.

    “Summer, is everything okay?? You seem pretty down…”

    “Yeah…” Summer shook her head as she bit her lower lip. “I seen a woman and I thought she dropped a moonstone, but it was too good to be true. The moonstone vanished from my hands and she knows someone from my past as well, which… is pretty upsetting to say the least.

    “Oh dear.” Priscilla goaded. “That’s terrible! No wonder you’re pretty down!” She announced. “Hey… now that it’s night time though… you think you will be able to find it??” She questioned her master, her head tilted to the side and a finger to her lips. She really was as kind as Laysha told her the moment she got attached to the black haired female. Equally, the femme got attached to the fairy also, which was in reality a win-win situation.

    “Look everywhere and as much as you can… why not on top of the buildings??” Priscilla suggested. “Moonstones may be there, and they shine the brightest when in reflection of the moon, so it may come really useful to you!” The moment Priscilla finished her sentence, Summer nodded and dashed off to one of the higher buildings of the ancient ruins, she had her own ways to scale the walls of the ruins themselves, but she had to find some way to get down in order to continue her task and to bring it to her guild master in the allocated time.

    Sauntering over to one of the high walls, Summer allowed the spirit of the dragon to take over her body and she started to float in the air. She was going to use this to help her climb up to the building and then she can look over to see if she can find any places that are glowing pure white or at least look paler than what it should be. Summer does have good eyesight after all and feels it should be taken advantage of AT LEAST. Thanks to the floating properties of the dragon, Summer was finally able to cling onto the edge of a wall and pull herself up. She could see everything now and the view was quite outstanding. She was pretty sure that everyone should know about how gorgeous the views were up high.

    Looking around, Summer decided it was time to sit down and take a closer look at everything that is invading her eyesight, it was a good idea and it might help her concentrate in order to find the thing that she truly needs: that blasted moonstone. While sitting down, Summer’s eyelids began to close slowly, she was REALLY tired. She wished she had managed to keep more energy that she always had all the time, but it seemed that she wasn’t able to… that was… until she spotted something in the distance… it was beautiful, it glowed in the moonlight and it was indeed a very pale colour. Summer needed to check out what it was…

    Standing up, Summer let the dragon spirit get to work once more since she only stopped floating when she sat down and used its aid to help her go on the floor and dashed towards the target of interest. She only stopped when she arrived there and seen it… embedded in the rock was the most gorgeous moonstone she had ever seen. In fact, it was more majestic than the woman who was very mean to her and was rude about her fairy. How could you call fairies stupid anyway??

    How could the female get the moonstone out… She knew just how… As a firework mage, the female’s magic was stronger at night then it should be at day. She sparked up her hands and let the multi-coloured fireworks pour out of her hands. The female stopped floating the moment she did so and she kept shooting the wall long enough for it to crumble and fall in front of the fireworks expert, just like she wanted it to. She wanted that moonstone right now…

    Along with the debris, the moonstone also came crashing down and Summer could just see the pale light that was radiating from the moonshine. The moonstone indeed was beautiful when she picked up the debris containing the moonstone and it dislodged right into the palm of her fragile looking hand. Summer finally obtained her moonstone… However, Summer was also extremely tired, she just wanted to rest, but did she have the time to do so… no…

    However, the tiredness took over, and the female plopped onto the floor and fell asleep, cuddling the moonstone that she found not too long ago, and it didn’t take long for the female to enter the land of her dreams, not that she didn’t dream that much when she was at her home anyway. The dream was very important to her, but she didn’t want to waver over it too much. It was as if it was real life… except she was at her current age… and the village was still intact… it worried her that her dreams were showing her of such a thing… of the village that was destroyed yonks ago…

    The villagers were all happy and cheerful, they were doing the village activities here and there, and even Jian and Hung were back at their childhood ages. Seeing them play with each other without Summer there… kinda made her heartbroken. Maybe that was just like at the times when Summer was hit by the firework and she couldn’t play with the boys because she needed time to rest and to get herself back to normal, which was really difficult at that time.

    She then heard a few voices here and there, they sounded familiar to her… but she couldn’t quite pinpoint what the voices were. It sounded feminine and it sounded soft… just like someone else she took with her to the islands. Oh wait, it was Priscillas… wait, she wasn’t in the village when it was destroyed, why was she thinking of Priscilla's voice?? The voice got louder and louder until the female’s eyes flopped open and closed a couple of times before she seen a small figure in front of her, they were dressed in pink and they looked ever so elegant to the fireworks expert. It was Priscilla.

    “Summer?? Summer! Thank goodness you’re okay! You slept like a dog and it’s been 9 hours! I have been so bored! Even I get bored as a fairy and my flowers can’t entertain me all the time! Seems we will have to put you through more lessons of a lady by Laysha…”

    Groaning, Summer got up from her laying position and looked around. Did she really sleep for that long? Oh god, she kept Priscilla waiting for so long! She swore that she really wasn’t meant to, but it seemed she did which was a major worry. Now she got Priscilla thinking about putting Summer through more lectures on how a young woman should act… Summer didn’t want all them lessons anymore, she wanted to be herself and she has already matured so much from when she first met Laysha as a D ranked mage.

    “We should go Summer, did you find the moonstone??” Priscilla asked kindly as she looked to the pale, round sphere that was hiding away from the world due to Summer’s shadow. It looked like it was sitting comfortably where it was currently and it didn’t take long for the fireworks expert to pick it up like it was her wee bairn.

    “Yup, this is it. Beautiful, right?!”

    “Oh my… it really is, I bet Laysha would want to sit on that all day! It looks like a throne fit for a fairy! Considering there is a fairy queen.” That was when Summer looked to Priscilla pretty curiously before she looked to the gemstone once more, its pale complexion reminded her of many things that she encountered in the past, but now the gemstone had to go over to Elyx for him to inspect it and for him to deem if the moonstone is worthy for Summer’s task to be completed.

    “We should go now.” Summer announced as she walked off “Do you have the letter and the amethyst??”

    “Ah, no… I managed to take them home while you were asleep, Summer. As I said, I got bored. So I took them home while you were asleep cuddling into the moonstone. I hope you don’t mind.”

    Godamnit, the fairy went home on her own with the amethyst and the letter from Elyx?? This was not going to be good. It would probably be best to head home and then bring the letter to Elyx at his office in the guild. He would probably be asking questions if she didn’t bring the letter and would probably test her or even tease her if she didn’t bring the letter. She knew that she could be easily teased sometimes and she didn’t particularly enjoyed that aspect about herself… ah well, it’s not like she was going to explode or anything of the sort.

    Summer sighed softly as she continued to walk with the moonstone and Priscilla, trying to remember about her dream again before she woke up cuddling into the moonstone. It was a very relaxing dream now that she thought about it. She wondered what it would be like to revisit them times… where there was no issues, where she still had her old ring blade. She would even still be friends with Jian and Hung, well technically anyway. She doesn’t know what happened to Hung, and Jian… well… is Jian… She didn’t want to see Jian again incase he tried to control her life or anything of the sort, she doesn’t really trust him after what he tried to pull off on her.

    There was another thing that puzzled the female: that woman. Who was she?? Why did she become friends with Jian?? Did he manipulate her by becoming friends with her the same way he befriended the fireworks expert?? Summer shook her head as she tried to forget that woman altogether… but when you are a person who keeps memories close and easily trusts people then yeah…

    “Summer?? Is everything okay?” A voice crashed into Summer’s thoughts and brought her back into reality, her olive eyes scanning the area. They were in the same area… in fact, Summer wasn’t even walking… oops. “Let’s go!”


    For the fireworks expert, it was quicker to head back home. Maybe because she wasn’t running then stopping to catch her breath but she managed to make it home. She had no time to rest however, she had to pick up the letter and head over to the guild office for Elyx’s sake. Upon entering the house, she asked Priscilla where the letter was and told her it was on the desk… that was helpful… which desk?? On the bright side. They had a dollop of time left to turn the moonstone in… now that Summer thought about it… why was she tasked with such a thing?? Elyx didn’t really ask why he done so…

    No matter, all that matters was the fact that Summer was able to get what he wanted… that was actually some work to get to it now that she thought about it. It took half a day of walking, then a mysterious woman appeared and challenged her before she wanted to mess with the femmes brain, that wasn’t fun. It was so tiring to the point that she actually fell asleep on the task! Which was extremely unprofessional, if Elyx found out that she might have done that… then she may be in big trouble.

    Picking up the letter from the many desks that Priscilla could have picked, she shouted for Priscilla to stay at the house as she closed the door and yawned. She wanted to sleep again, but of course she didn’t want to waste the opportunity of such a task. She has already done the hard work, just like a real life treasure hunter! It was quite a different experience indeed, but she had lots of fun with it too.

    Talking another long winded travel, it took some time before she managed to arrive at Oahu, the guild area. Only his office right?? She didn’t know what to expect from the man that she called her guild master, but whatever was going to happen to her now was in the fate of the man called Elyx Reiaki. Would he be proud of her?? Or would he be slightly angry at her if he found out that she slept on the job like she was rip van wrinkle or someone of the sort?? Coughing lightly, she stepped to the front door of Elyx’s office and opened up the door in hopes that Elyx was there… oh god, she was really nervous now, and this wasn’t even a job interview!

    “ELYYYXXX!!!!” The female exclaimed as she ran in. “I have your moonstone!” She held it in the air in the centre of the room. It was clear that she was demanding attention for the deed she had just performed.

    HP: 200
    MP: 100%
    [color=#00ff99] - Summer
    [color=#de0914] - Laysha
    [color=#daa520] - Stella
    [color=#e066ff] Priscilla

    Spells used:

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    Searching For True Treasure. (B Ranked Exam. Empty Re: Searching For True Treasure. (B Ranked Exam.

    Post by King Elyx 7th January 2017, 5:09 pm

    Elyx was waiting patiently, filing papers for the guild while Ignite was watching some lacrima television, mainly operas. She held a rifle as well, because there was the off chance that someone might barge in. But that was just her excuse. The real reason was because she loved the damn thing. It was her life, and now she had it after fighting for it for so long. And so a sudden Summer would arrive, screaming that she found the moonstone while holding it up. Elyx smiled, Ignite screamed and aimed the rifle her way, only to put it down once she saw who it was. "I nearly blew your head off! Sheesh! Tone it down a bit!" The She Phoenix would scold as she would then turn back around and continue to watch the TV. The brunette would chuckle a little bit as she would then prove to him what she had the gem for. "Very well done. It's not even close to Moissanite or something similar, it would shine far too much if that were the case. Seems like you have done the task, but there is something a little bit more to that." He'd stand up from the office desk before walking over to her. "You seem to love adventure, act perky and stay optimistic. Full of color and life, we have so little of that among mages these days. Sure, you might join the ranks of B rank mages thanks to this exam. But perhaps I could entice you with an offer. His right pointer finger would point to the stone. "Would you like to be my Ace of Moonstone?"

    Searching For True Treasure. (B Ranked Exam. Empty Re: Searching For True Treasure. (B Ranked Exam.

    Post by Guest 7th January 2017, 5:25 pm

    The moment she barged in, Summer simply looked to her guild masters companion, who seemed to have a rifle aimed for her face. Why did that woman have one in the first place?? They were in a place where only guild members, their friends and allies could enter. It was pretty interesting when she put down the rifle however and scolded the young fireworks expert. Oops. Maybe she shouldn't of barged in like she wanted to, but her reaction to the young woman merely made her giggle.

    With the moonstone still in the air, Summer's olive eyes scanned Elyx's demeanour, watching his every move as he began to pour out compliment after compliment to the mage who just moved up in ranks.

    She was now a B ranked mage, and with Elyx's pointy finger, he pointed to the moonstone and asked her to be an ace... Summer's mouth gawked wide open, did she just hear that right?! Was she just offered to be an ace of Golden Phoenix?! She was so happy to be offered one, she remembered taking the examinations earlier, but she didn't think she would be offered one due to how new she was.

    Summer's mouth stopped looking like a venus fly trap and it was replaced with a big grin as she nodded ever so happily. "Yes! I would love to be the ace!"

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