Lost Magic: Gravity


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    Lost Magic: Gravity

    Post by Amanaki on 6th January 2017, 9:38 pm

    Phaje the Gravity Mage
    Caster or Holder: Lost Caster Magic

    Description: Gravity Magic is one that has been lost to time. Not many know about it, and its even harder to research, making it a very rare art. One must practically study at the foot of another to learn it, making it more of a passed down than written art. Gravity Magic is one of the hardest arts to master, but also one of the most intriguing.

    Phaje uses gravity magic in the manner his father taught him. “The arena is your chess board, and your enemies and allies are your pieces and your enemys' pieces. This magic is different though. YOU can also move your opponents' pieces. They will never look at you the same again.” The whole basis of the way Phaje was taught was to play a game of strategy. To predict and counter. To stay back as long as you can before laying down “the law of the king.” Phaje uses gravity as a support, offensive and defensive magic, with an emphasis of self preservation.


    -Control: This magic boasts control of the battlefield. It is best for controlling the terrain, as well as positioning

    -Defensive: this magic tends to cause the caster to keep others at a distance as needed.

    -Confusion of Enemies: While utilizing the abilities of Gravity it can often throw someone into a confused state and make them feel like they are up against something they can't counter.


    - Other Mages: Other mages of higher levels tend to feel the effects less

    - Mobility: Some spells, while powerful, require the caster to remain planted. Often they user does not move but rather moves others to or away from him, like a game of chess, making him predictable and arrogant.

    - Distractions: The magic requires near perfect concentration in order to use effectively. If the user is distracted by anything, it can cause the entirety his strategy to fall apart, forcing him to rethink on the fly.

    - Friendly Fire: Because of its large area of effect spells, Gravity Mages may sometimes have trouble fighting alongside allies if the user isn’t careful enough, as they can accidentally hit their own.


    Wall Walk: By understanding gravity at an advanced level, Phaje understands that anything that has mass has gravity. Through intense training and metitation, he has learned to naturally walk on any surface, reguardless of orientation. Be it the wall or ceiling, he is able to walk on surfaces upside down, sideways, or any other orientation.

    Intense Gravity Training: Through intense training with gravity, Phaje has honed his body into a weapon of its own right, Dealing 25% Rank Damage due to his understanding of how gravity has an inpact on blows, and increasing his speed by 25% for all the training he has put in during his time as a gravity mage

    Repulsion of Harm: Phaje has learned how gravity further effects object and spells, and thus takes less damage by naturally using gravity to lessen the damage he recieves by 25%.


    Name: Gravity Well

    Rank: D
    Duration: 2 Posts
    Cooldown: 4 Posts

    Description: Matter begins to collapse in the space around Phaje, causing an infinite amount of gravity to gather in front of Phaje.  This basically produces a mini blackhole, drawing everyone in from 15 meters or closer.  All of those drawn in towards the mini blackhole are unable to move their body.  While drawing everyone in, Phaje must remain stationary.  Everyone caught in the pull are unable to move for the first post.

    On the second post, the micro blackhole collapses and explodes, pushing all but the caster back with a shockwave dealing 75% equivalent damage to all caught in the blast in magic damage and ejects everyone 15 meters away from him.

    -  Good for crowd control
    -  Good for gathering targets into a small area for a massive attack on them.
    -  Capable of causing targets to not be able to move.
    - Cannot pull in foes of 2 ranks higher than Phaje.  Mages 1 rank higher are effected by the pull, but are able to perform higher level magic
    - Higher ranking mages can deal damage while pulled it towards Phaje.  
    - During the first post, he is incapable of doing anything while drawing everyone in.
    - Gravity mages aren't affected by the pull or push.
    - If someone uses an AoE to the grouping of enemies while Phaje is in the center of it, he too will take damage
    -This spell will also draw allies in if they are in the radius
    -Pushback does not effect anchored individuals, damage still applies

    Name: Intensify
    Rank: D
    Type: Debuff
    Duration: 3 Posts
    Cooldown: 4 Posts
    Description: Phaje targets an weapon, person, armor, or item. The chosen doubles in weight causing the following effects:
    If a weapon, it becomes unwieldy and attacks become slower and easier to avoid, making it harder to hit their target. If they do hit, the damage is increased by 25% due to the increased momentum and weight.
    If an armor, person or animal, it doubles in weight, slowing down the wearer by 25%
    This ability also causes anyone in the air to fall, often used to cause damage in conjunction with Weightless.

    -  Good for slowing down opposition
    -  Capable of causing targets to not be able to move as fast
    - While heavier weapons can be slower, they can also hurt a bit more.
    - Requips could nullify
    - Doesn't affect mages that are a higher level than Phaje

    Name: Weightless
    Rank: D
    Type: Debuff, Buff in some cases
    Duration: 3 Posts
    Cooldown: 4 Posts
    Description: Phaje targets a person, animal or item up to the size of about a car. Gravity nullifies and they become weightless, floating uncontrollably. If the wind is strong, this can cause the target to fly away.

    -  Good for slowing down opposition
    -  Capable of throwing the enemy off, making them have to rethink strategy
    -if the enemy uses magic, the force of the magic will make the enemy fly away
    - Causes the target to blow around if winds are strong, making them easy to lose
    -If used as a buff, can be harmful
    - Doesnt effect anchored individuals
    - Gravity Mages can choose to be immune
    - only effects mages of higher level half as much. While they will float, using magic wont make them fly back and the wind doesn't seem to have an effect on them

    Rank: D
    Type: Offensive/Defensive
    Duration: instant
    Cooldown: 2 posts
    Description: Phaje targets someone, either pushing them away or pulling them towards him. He either pulls them in from up to 30 meters away to his location, or pushes them from an area no further than 15 meters from him an additional 30 meters away.

    -  Good for slowing down opposition or bringing the opposition closer
    -  Good crowd control
    -Can position the enemy at optimal position unintentionally
    - Doesn't effect anchored individuals
    - Only works half as well on Higher mages
    - Non Damaging

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    Re: Lost Magic: Gravity

    Post by Desirée Blooms on 16th December 2017, 6:00 pm


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