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    Escort Job

    Jiyu Kazehime
    Jiyu Kazehime

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    Escort Job Empty Escort Job

    Post by Jiyu Kazehime 6th January 2017, 8:23 am

    940/900 words

    She really could not believe she was accepting these sorts of missions they made her sick honestly. Just the idea that you could buy someone's time, their affections and attentions. If any of that was possible than everyone would have much supplier lives. Yet here she was despite all her thoughts and being happy with marschal, getting ready accompany some noble to this end of year grand ball with a complete stranger for some petty experience and a small amount of jewel. Honestly she couldn't stand her own skin anymore, but she had already agreed to it so the wind Mage she had no way out, they'd never take a wizard Saint who quit before even starting their job and that was her end goal, to become one of the saints.  Jiyu took one more look at herself and sighed twirling once in the new dress she had brought, much more modest than her normal style considering how vulnerable this job made her feel. At the very least? Jiyu was gorgeous for the night with her black hair tied in a bun and part of it set to cover one of her eyes, the green one, so her blue eye could have light pink eye shadow above it to match her light pink lips. She had went to put earrings on however she found out that her transformation into a demon several months back had healed the piercings she got shortly after running away as a child. Considering that? The powerful Mage had to settle for a necklace and bracelet for accessories, she didn't see need to wear a ring until marschal gave her one. Walking towards the mirror she gave one last sigh and realized she would likely feel like shit the entire night, no matter how amazing she had made herself feel.

         It was a few hours when she finally arrived at the noble’s residence, this massive castle  like building that sat on an insane plot of land bigger than the village she was born in, secured by an electrical and magic repelling fence. The life of the super rich? Was a little bit above what she felt comfortable with, though to be honest it was not very far above her pay grade due to the amount of jobs she took on per week, she was practically rolling in jewel and still had no idea what to do with it. Maybe for tonight she should like what she had possession of, that might help her fit in a little better at this event and thus complete her assigned goal easier, she had to act like a noble after all, if anyone found out she was not one her mission would not be completed. Failing to complete her assigned mission? Was not really an option for Jiyu, so she would just have to try her best to act like some high prissy creature, that was how noble’s acted right? It had to be otherwise she was screwed. Shit what if she needed to use a fork during the night, than she would clearly be unmasked as someone of lower class than everyone else there, oh grand she didn’t even know how to use a knife! She would have to stick with those foods they stabbed toothpicks through, this was going to suck extremely! One of the few things she was looking forward to tonight was gorging on everything, and she couldn’t even do that now, heck she might as well rip off the stomach of her dress so her guild mark showed, there was nothing good left to this mission anyways. Of course Marschal wasn’t home at the moment, so it would be hard for her to go there at the moment, she had gotten kind of used to cuddling up to him while trying to go to bed and it kept all of her nightmares away without a nightlight. Going home to a cold bed, or better yet her own bed? Would be an utterly horrible end to the day. So she had to tough this out.

          Shortly after she had arrived at the mansion? She had been greeted by the brat she was spending the night alongside, he wasn’t a sore sight on the eyes even though he was far less attractive man than her boyfriend one. However his temper was definitely thousand of miles away from the golden sheen of her loves, because this ingrate instantly huffed at her and asked if that was the best Black Rose could do, some half bitch pin up. At the very second? She wanted to rip her claws into his throat, but knew she was not strong enough to finish the deed so she stayed her hand, breathing deeply to calm herself and greet him with a smile. Jiyu would be damned if he found reason to complain the service too! The wind mage sat beside him in the magic powered limo, making idle conversation. Of course most of the things out of his mouth were rude and she wanted to strangle him, but she made it work through the night. Of course a woman like Kazehime? Could become contagious if you stayed around her long enough, so eventually he began asking why she refused to give up on the job as he has managed to chase off last years girl. Her prompt response on the dance floor into his ear? Was that she wasn’t that easy to break or she would be dead, and he should stop fighting life because sometimes the best things come to you when you just stop long enough for them to find you.


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