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    Special Delivery (Job)


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    Private Special Delivery (Job)

    Post by Seenter 3rd January 2017, 11:04 am

    A loud explosion drew Kyrin from his thoughts on his walk back towards the station. He just finished his job at the medicinal shop, which wasn’t as satisfying as he hoped. The job itself was simple. Find the flower and bring it bac. The giant wolf was a problem though, and that man at the shop…well that was done with.

    Turning the corner he saw a magic car smoking and a very irritated mailman. He was cursing up a storm at the machine and kicking it like that would get it to move, but the smoke made the effort look doubtful. With a silent sigh Kyrin approached. ”Need some help?” His face showed no emotion and his voice was bland, however the man looked at him with a smile. ”Darn machine lost all power. And I’m almost done with my deliveries.” He grimaced and gave the vehicle one more kick.

    Kyrin gave his best smile, but it looked obviously forced. ”I can take them for you. I need the exercise.” That was a complete lie. He got plenty of exercise in the forest, but the man looked vexed. The gratified smile on the man’s face was obvious. ”Thanks. I can’t pay much, but if you could get them delivered I’d appreciate it.” He pulled out a bundle of letters from the vehicle and handed them to Kyrin. They looked about 20 letters altogether. Taking them in one hand Kyrin held his other out to the side palm up. ”Air that flows and wind that howls, come forth to my aid.”

    The air gathered together and formed into the familiar wind elemental Breeze. Kyrin held up his letters speaking to the wind sprite. ”Let’s get these delivered.” Breeze gave a nod and a smile, and the both of them began jogging down the street in the direction the vehicle was facing. Kyrin could barely hear the words the mailman spoke as they ran. ”A mage delivering letters.

    Kyrin reached the first house pretty quickly. He was naturally faster than normal, and Breeze made him even faster. He pointed at the mailbox and tossed the letter in the air. ”All you. Breeze caught the letter in the air and rushed over to the mail box. She put it into the slot and raised the flag. She then zipped back to Kyrin just in time to grab the next one. They continued down the street like this; sometimes putting the letters wedged into the door if no mailbox was present.

    After reaching the end of the street Kyrin dismissed Breeze with a thanks and began jogging back towards the broken down vehicle. He was exhausted after his jog, but the job was done. He had to walk the last 20ft. The mailman stood there with a smile on his face. ”Didn’t think I’d see the day when a mage did a man’s work.” Kyrin just gave a tired smile, and this time it looked a little more genuine. ”This is nothing. You should see the dogs we mages have to put up with.” The man just laughed.

    ”Well I guess that’s the truth. You helped me out.” He pulled out a small bag and tossed it at Kyrin. ”It’s not much like I said, but you really helped me out.” He thumbed towards the vehicle which was no longer smoking. ”I found out what the problem was. The crystal was out of alignment. I can give you a ride if you need it.” Kyrin nodded gratefully and climbed in. They talked a little on the way to the station.

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