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    Flame of the Phoenix [Official "Base"]


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    Flame of the Phoenix [Official "Base"] Empty Flame of the Phoenix [Official "Base"]

    Post by ivyleaf33 on 3rd January 2017, 9:20 am

    Flame of the Phoenix

    Flame of the Phoenix [Official "Base"] VUphvP7

    Founding Members - ivyleaf33, Hana Akki, Gamon_Kinzoku, Julius Seas
    Official Members - ivyleaf33, Hana Akki, Gamon_Kinzoku, Mura Kensho, Corliss
    Honorary Members - Julius Seas, Salrynn, Terith
    Pending Members - Leila Vergious

    Welcome to the base of the team Flame of the Phoenix! This is a place where our members and honorary members can post random messed up stuff and store items and jewel for other FOP members to take! This is nothing truly official, simply a fun little thing for us to do when bored! All official transactions shall be made over the trading hub.

    Team Rules

    - All team members must have a Skype account
    - All team members inactive for one month without notifying the rest of the team will be removed (There is an exception for longtime members)
    - All official members must be in Fairy Tail
    - All honorary members must have been in the FOP Skype chat for a month
    - The addition of new members must be determined by the majority of the members

    FOP started out as a small team in Fairy Tail made up of Ivy, Gamon, Hana, and Julius, a group of clueless C and D ranks just wanting to boost their exp. Never would any of them have thought that what was once a formal and innocent relationship would become something far more powerfully perverted and messed up. 

    As time went on, Gamon found himself a girlfriend, bringing Corliss into the team. By now, FOP had a rich and flourishing connection through the powerful abilities of Skype and the chatbox, and Corliss was welcomed with open arms. From this point on, things only got better.

    With the arrival of Mura via Ivy, the Skype chat, already filled to the brim with Vocaloid spam and yaoi fanboying, a new level of pervertedness came to life. FOP became a place for fudanshi, fujoshi, otaku, and perverts alike to gather and fangirl/boy, a magical world where hair tastes like ice cream and frying pans are always on the loose, inviting in Salrynn and Terith. And that brings us to the FOP at present, simply a messed up bunch of weirdos you don't want any connections to.

    Other Names
    Team HaipaNoto

    IC Characters
    Sorano Granon - ivyleaf33 - Banana
    Hana Akki - Hana Akki - Ice Cream
    Mura Kensho - Mura Kensho - Korean Poo Fetus
    Julius Seas - Julius Seas - "My first dates"
    Gamon Kinzoku - Gamon_Kinzoku - Dat One Gay Pokemon
    Corliss Aelle - Corliss - Momma Bear
    Summer Guiyang - Salrynn - Queen Elizabeth the Best Mod
    Terith Blaire - Terith - The Weeaboo Stickwielder
    Leila Vergious - Leila Vergious - pending

    Please contact the donor for the items
    1K Jewel - ivyleaf33
    100k Jewel - Mura Kensho

    Hall of Fame
    Random weird stuff

    Founding Member - The highest honor for only the four who founded the team FOP
    Official Member - People in the actual on-site team FOP
    Honorary Member - People who aren't in the official team, but are still a part of the FOP gang
    Pending Member - A candidate agreed upon by the team to be tested on trial in the official FOP Skype chat

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    Flame of the Phoenix [Official "Base"] OdNtuIpd_o
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    what the hell's going on, can someone tell me please? why i'm switching faster than the channels on tv?

    Mura Kensho
    Mura Kensho

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    The Ghost Slayer

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    Flame of the Phoenix [Official "Base"] Empty Re: Flame of the Phoenix [Official "Base"]

    Post by Mura Kensho on 3rd April 2017, 5:58 am

    ima just put 100k here x3 screw items for the future, I invest all monie in FOP o:


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