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    Wine Tasting- Lolita.


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    Wine Tasting- Lolita. Empty Wine Tasting- Lolita.

    Post by Fluffy 31st December 2016, 6:39 pm

    528 words

    She knew that eventually with her taken job involving the tasting of wine, someone was going to stop and ask her how old she was or something. However? The young girl had not expected the person who requested a mages aid to suddenly become so cross when she told him she was the mage that took the job. "You look far too young for this job." He was so closed minded and didn't even bother asking how she could do it, before stating that there was no way she could do the job. Maybe she should turn around and just not do this one, Elyx would understand right, since her client was being such a pig head. Than again jobs like this would be her bread and butter since she was not too partial to fighting. Giving up would give her a bad reputation for future jobs. "I Am" Than how would she deal with this close minded pig? The blue haired girl had to think quick "Than why did you take my job!" because the jackass was reaching the end of his rope. "I never said I was the one tasting your wine, you just assumed it." calling him out seemed the best course of action, even if other's would consider it somewhat dim, she saw it as the perfect choice, especially since she could summon her spirits if things got hairy. "Who else is there." and that was really the question he should have been asking all along if he was any bit wise, he clearly had a lower IQ than she did, but he shouldn't be fualted for it. "If you would have asked before going off on me, you would have learned I am a celestial mage, I have spirits who can do it for me." The child fully intended to make him feel like a dim witted jerk, she was only fourteen but she knew some children her age did drink and she bet this guy was the kind to sell it to them! Of course that was none of her business.

    "Than hop to it." Oh geeze this guy was a real card, and she instantly knew that her harpy spirit would not be suited to this considering the other girl would likely try to take her talon's across the clients face."
    "With that attitude I best use Aries, I don't think Circe would like you at all." He seemed to get angry and started to shout something "Hey-!" the sight of a fourteen year old summoning the zodiac ram though, that shut him up fast and Frost could not have been happier. "Yes Lolita?" Oh now she felt bad, Aries must have been sleeping in her own realm, from the yawn she just let out "Can you taste this wine and tell us what it tastes like Aries?" hopefully the substance would help the ram find sleep easier when she went back. "It's Really Sweet" and that was all they really needed from Aries and all the job entailed. "See, your wine is good, my job is done, lets go Aries." Lolita didn't want to stay around that man any longer.


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