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    Lolita Blood Drive


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    Lolita Blood Drive Empty Lolita Blood Drive

    Post by Fluffy 30th December 2016, 10:32 am

    518 words

    This was not going to be the most fun thing in the world for the child, considering the last and only time she had committed to long distance travel in her life had been moving from her home to Golden Phoenix. Lolita was nervous and that was clearly evident by the fact Aries had been summoned sometime before they reached the closest train station, earning them weird looks as they walked down the dirt roads on the way. Seeing someone with ram horns and a fluffy wool outfit on? Was something most none mages had yet to experience, and when you put a short school aged girl next to the pink haired ram, well they provided a nice visual contrast to each other, it was impossible for anyone to miss the duo, sadly. Frost would be happy if no one noticed them at all, but she had already had to explain multiple times to people that Aries was part of the Zodiac and no they could not touch the celestial spirits horns. Honestly it was unpleasant to have to chase people away from the sweet Aries who was harmless but timid, more so than Lolita was. However Circe would draw even more attention and it would be hard to keep the harpy from clawing someone.

    "Are you alright Loli?" the ram spoke up with her gentle brown gaze, pink locks bouncing as they finally reached the train platform. Navy blue optics looked over to the white clothed woman beside her, one small hand tugging on her own black sweater, looking down at the bottom of her winter school uniform. "Yeah but I think it might be wise to invest in some normal clothing before someone tries to send me back to school, we'll have to do it on another mission, I don't have the jewel to go shopping right now." the ram nodded slightly, placing her hand on Lolita's head and rubbing it softly to calm the child as they boarded the train and were seated on it for the long ride to Rose Garden were one of her guilds allies resided. "It'll be fine Frost, go to sleep, I'll wake you when we get there okay?" the wizard listened to her spirit and fell asleep with her head against Aries chest, snoring softly as the ram sung to her and smiled down at her. It was nice to have the spirit around, the ram was a great comfort in this new world for Lolita.

    "I'm Lolita Frost, from Golden Phoenix, here to help with the blood drive." the man at the counter looked at her oddly and she realized he was looking at Aries standing behind her "I'm a celestial mage, she's the ram Aries, she's with me." while skeptical that such a young girl only fourteen years of age could have part of the zodiac, he let them both in and directed them to the part of the building the drive was taking place in. The rest of their day was spent passing out juice boxes to people since Lolita was far too young to donate.


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