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    The harmony of day [Chloe/Private]

    Lance Knighthunter

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    The harmony of day [Chloe/Private]

    Post by Lance Knighthunter on Thu 29 Dec - 6:23

    213 words

    After her meeting with the man from the guild Basilisk Fang, also known as Sol, Lucia decided that she would get out and explore the world a little bit. Lucia hoped that she would learn a thing or two and maybe find some new things as she made her way to wherever her feet took her. She has passed through many towns and villages on her travels and weeks later she came to a specific town and realized that she was tired. This was a new feeling to her as she had never felt the feeling of tiredness. Her movements where slowly as she had to sit down on a bench for a second to regain her stamina. The girls stomach growled and another new feeling was introduced to her, Hunger!

    The small Ice Demon was frightened by the sound that had resonated from her stomach. She jumped on her feet and patted her stomach "M-Monster!!!" she yelled as she continued to hit herself. The girl started to cry and eventually fell on her knees with her stomach still growling. "Grrr" she said back to it. The commotion of the small girl was starting to get weird looks from people but no one had stepped up to see if the girl needed help.  


    Chloe Harken

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    Re: The harmony of day [Chloe/Private]

    Post by Chloe Harken on Thu 29 Dec - 17:45

    Chloe was exploring Clover Town as per usual as she was still quite unfamiliar with the area. She wanted to become more acquainted with her hometown, so she made sure that she would walk around it often. During one of these daily walks she found a strange sight to say the least. She found a little girl who seemed to be in pain, but after listening to the growling of her stomach, she realized what the problem was. This girl was hungry and scared. It was part of her duty as a mage of Blue Pegasus to try and help her, so that is just what she wanted to do.

    She approached the girl calmly and quietly as she put her violin case down nearby so she could bend down to talk to her. She did just that when she got close to the girl and asked in the gentlest voice that she could, "Are you alright?" she said as looked over the girl, to see if she had some form of fever or something. She wanted to help feed the girl, but she realized that the only food she had on her was a candy bar. She decided that it would have to do as she took it out from her bag and unwrapped it, before showing it to her. "Are you hungry?" she said curiously as she held the candy near her. Not forcing her to eat or anything, but offering it to her if she wanted it.


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