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    Blades of WInd and Ice


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    Blades of WInd and Ice

    Post by Kemper on 28th December 2016, 10:36 pm

    Name: Blades of Wind and Ice
    Rank: Mythical
    Type: Dual Blades

    These are the blade that the Winter Spirit Jack Frost has placed his magic into. One Blade holds ice and frozen feeling that comes with it and the other blade holds onto the winds of every direction. Together they can create winter storms.

    The blades themselves are icy cold to the touch and one contains the ice magic that will spread frost along whatever it touches and the other is a wind blade and will send a light breeze along what it touches.
    ~ Unlike most weapons this weapon had two parts to it, two blades that allow for it to deal damage.
    ~ With both of the weapons the attacks can stack on top of each other, building the damage that is done by .5 rank.
    ~ If one blade is lost during battle then the damage that is done get cuts by half.
    ~ This weapon is based on ice and wind and so it has a natural weakness to fire.
    ~ Because this weapon is dual wielding the person using the weapon has to worry about both blades.

    Name: West Wind
    Rank: D-Rank
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: 3 Posts
    Description: This spell uses one blade as a primary as it is slashed through the air followed by the second blade. This creates a cold wind blade with small ice shards that deals D-Rank damage with 1.5 damage within 5 meters from the wielder and only deals 1 D-Rank damage at 10 meters and .5 damage at 15 meters. This may blow other D-Rank mages back 5 meters and it gives everyone a chill.

    ~ It able to reach people standing farther away
    ~ As it is wind and ice Pure wind or ice slayers can't eat it.
    ~ Damage fades as the wind gets farther away
    ~ People that have an affinity to the cold are not affected by the chill
    ~ It is weak against fire mages

    Name: Winter's Coming
    Rank: C-Rank
    Duration: 4 posts
    Cooldown: 6 posts
    Description: Swinging both swords up towards the sky and then separating them like opening a flower magic is set into the air. It creates clouds above and they settle down on the ground creating a thick chilling fog reaching up to 30 meters out from the caster. This fog begins to chill the people within it and over the term of 4 posts the chill sets in and deals 1.5 C-Rank Damage.

    ~ It chills the people within the Fog making them have slower reaction times.
    ~ People can't see through the fog allowing for people to be susceptible to surprise attacks.
    ~ It is weak to fire and to wind as wind can blow it away and the fire can null the slower reaction time.
    ~ The chill doesn't work on people or things that have the affinity for the cold.
    ~ This also affects the allies of the caster

    Name: Jack Frost
    Rank: B-Rank
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: 7 posts
    Description: Swing the blades up above the head before swinging down. This causes for a large blade of snow and ice to be launched at the target. The blade is about 30 meters tall and will go through anything that is B-Rank or lower until it is 60 feet away  from the caster. The blade also has an after wind to follow it that creates a gush that throws the opponents away 15 meters. This deals 1.5 rank damage if they are directly or 5 meters away from where the blade makes contact.
    ~ Neither the wind nor the ice can be eaten by slayers as it is not a pure substance.
    ~ It is a dual attack one for the initial damage and one for the aftershock.
    ~ The path of the blade cannot be changed once it is in motion.
    ~ It is weak against fire mages as they can melt the blade.
    ~ Once a person is out of range of the blade or the wind they do not receive damage.

    Name: Blizzard
    Rank: A-Rank
    Duration: 5 Posts
    Cooldown: 8 Posts
    Description: This spell is cast when the blades are swung around in a circle around the summoner and then lifted towards the sky. This creates a large snow storm in the area that is 100 meters around the caster. There are 70mph winds within the blizzard and the snow within the blizzard creates a white out where no one is able to see. This allows for surprise attacks and the such. The blizzard deals a single ranks damage to the people in the blizzard, but makes their reactions and speed much slower.

    ~ Neither the wind nor the ice can be eaten by slayers as it is not a pure substance.
    ~ The hindering of the spell does not affect the caster.
    ~ This is weak against ice and wind mages as they are immune to the cold and wind mages can blow away the storm.
    ~ This storm affects allies as well.
    ~ This is very noticeable and will attract attention, wanted or unwanted.

    Name: Ice Ice Baby
    Rank: S-Rank
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: 10 posts
    Description: The spell creates ice crystals in the air with a swing of one of the blades and with the the other one it shoots the ice crystals with amazing accuracy at what is being target. It creates 4 blades and each blade deals a half rank damage. They travel at 100 mph reaching their destination quickly due to their dynamic corn form. They can reach up to 150 meters away.

    ~ The ice nor the wind can be eaten by slayers as it is not a pure substance.
    ~ The range of the spell is incredible.
    ~ The damage of the spell is divided up and so the fragments are weaker than another S-Rank
    ~ The crystals can be dodged or blocked or blown away by a higher ranked mage.
    ~ This is weak against fire mages as they can melt the ice.

    Name: Frost Bite
    Rank: H-Rank
    Duration: 10 posts
    Cooldown: 15
    This spell appears as both blades are swung around in a circle above their head before being slammed into the ground. This releases winds in every direction striking a chill into people within 200 meters of where the blades make contact with the ground. But in addition to the wind as it appears with a gust, it knocks people back 25 meters from the center and diminishes 5 meters every 10 meters. Along with the wind frost spreads across the ground at an alarming rate and covers everything that it touches. It will freeze people who stand near the center, 20 meters in three posts and those who are 40 meters in 6 posts and 80 meters in 9 posts and beyond that it makes a person chill to the bone. Over the 10 posts it will deal damage based on the range those hit are. For those who are at the center it deals 1.5 H-Rank damage, after 25 it deals 1.25 H-Rank damage, after 50 and out to the 200 max it deals an H rank of damage.

    ~ It deals 1.5x H-Rank damage at the origin of the casting.
    ~ This cannot be eaten by a pure slayer as it is a combination of both ice and of wind.
    ~ It is weak against fire mages and will only deal half of the damage to them.
    ~ People who have an affinity to the cold are not affected by its chill.
    ~ This is a damage over time so if people get out of the area they are only dealt a partial damage of 1/2 H-Rank damage.
    ~The free lasts for 1 turn after being frozen, and those frozen may be broken out by others hitting the ice around them for 1 H rank of damage.


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