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    Bully the bully | Job | Solo


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    Bully the bully | Job | Solo Empty Bully the bully | Job | Solo

    Post by Seiken 27th December 2016, 9:07 pm


    He hated kids more than anything else in the world. They cried a lot, asked too many question, and frankly they just fucking annoyed him but Chino once again has him doing a job that he did not want to do, dealing with kids. Asura swore he needed to start looking for his jobs by himself but he was way too lazy to do anything, plus he his hatred for people would have him with very few jobs if he was picking them out. He placed a cigarette and lit it up as he walked towards the school that he was suppose to meet the parents and the child who he had to protect from a bully. It was going to be a fairy easy job for him but he just wondered why the hell don't the parents take care of this kind of thing? Why put another child at risk with a mage that could kill the kid and everyone along with him? They better be lucky that Asura was not a dark mage and only vaguely cared about people, not that he would ever admit it though.

    "Bastards, they better not get on my nerves" Asura said as he flicked his cigarette to the ground and stepped on it as he walked into the school. He found the main office and sat next to a mom, dad, and child which he assumed would be his clients. "Excuse me, are you the people who called for a mage to help your son?" Asura said to the people sitting next to him. They looked at him with contempt before thinking to speak "yes, why?" The father replied to Asura. Instantly being pissed off from the looks they gave him, Asura placed a cigarette into his mouth and lit it. "Well I am that mage" Asura said as he looked at the father who looked shocked before seemingly getting comfortable again.

    "Really? Well the bully is outside on the playground waiting for you and our son" the father said as he stood up with his sons hand in his. "I'll take you there" The father said as he guided Asura and his son all the way to the outside where another kid was waiting. "Please make this end" the father said as he let go of his sons hand so he could follow Asura to their target. As soon as his client reached the bully, he was pushed down to the ground which made Asura giggle a little. "Punk! You brought your brother here to stop me?" The little bully said "That's why he looks ugly too!" He finished as he started to kick his client.

    However before the bullies kick could connect with Asura's client that lay on the ground, Asura stopped the kick and pushing the kid back. "Excuse me?" Asura said with a irritable look in his eyes pouring down onto the bully. "W-wha?" The kid said as he fell on the ground and looked up at Asura. He walked towards the bully and bent down, looking the kid right in the face before speaking "look, you little bastard, you will leave him alone" Asura said as he pointed to his client. "You will give him all his money back and not even look at him from now on" He said still pointing to his client who was making his way off the ground. "And if I don't?" The bully said trying to seem stuff in front of the person who he was bullying. "If you don't, I'll come back and devour the soul of your whole family, including yours" Asura said with a creepy smile taking over his face. The bullies eyes went wide for a moment before nodding and hurrying off the ground, apologizing to Asura's client before rushing back into the school. "Thank you mister!" Asura's kid client said as he ran back to his fathers who stood a few feet away.

    "Whatever" Asura said as he lit another cigarette following directly behind the kid to get his payment.

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