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    THE BOILING POINT OF MADNESS | Wanted: Hydro-Arsonist

    Xiao Jing
    Xiao Jing

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    THE BOILING POINT OF MADNESS | Wanted: Hydro-Arsonist Empty THE BOILING POINT OF MADNESS | Wanted: Hydro-Arsonist

    Post by Xiao Jing Sun 25 Dec 2016 - 9:57

    Job Title: Wanted! Hydro-Arsonist!

    Rank: C Rank

    Player Requirements: C Rank, or 2 D Rank; Max 2 wizards

    Job Requirements:
    * 20 posts
    * 175 words per post
    * roll 5 times

    Job Location: Hargeon

    Job Description:
    You've been contracted to take down an extremely dangerous man.
    The city guard has no information on him, and no one has come back alive.
    They tell you he's hanging out in the sewers, and the last guy they pulled out was covered in burn marks, but wasn't scorched. Possibly death by scolding water?
    Get to it!
    Weak:Water Spawn
    These cuddly little monsters deal C ranked damage, and take 4 C ranked hits to take down. They spray scolding hot water at you with high accuracy that will deal 1.5x C ranked damage.

    Normal:Fire Spawn
    These super fun guys deal 1.5x C ranked damage with their melee hits. They take 6 C ranked hits to take down and will shoot fireballs at you to deal 1.5x C ranked damage. When they die, they create a 10 foot radius explosion that deals B ranked damage to all.

    Strong:Flaming Water Elemental
    It's a water elemental... that's on fire. It shoots fireballs, blasts you with scolding water, and will dive into the water of the sewers and attempt to attack from below. The last attack deals 1.5x B ranked damage, where as the others deal 1.5x C ranked damage. It takes 8 hits of C rank damage to defeat.

    Amazingly, well not really, this isn't a "he" at all! It's a girl! She loves fire and will use a 20 meter long flame thrower attack that can only be consumed by Demon Slayers for some reason. This will inflict a serious burn, as well as deal B ranked damage. She also fire a scolding hot barrage of water streams that deal 1.5x B ranked damage, at half health she will use a potion to regenerate herself to full health over the course of 2 posts. She takes 15 hits of C ranked damage to beat, so have fun.
    When she's been defeated, roll a Damage Dice. If you miss, your character doesn't kill her.

    * Dead: 10K Jewel
    * Alive: 10K Jewel more jewel

    so tell me*
    what is our ending? will it be beautiful?
    At the far end of a spiraling street was a girl in an immaculate white dress, and though dainty as she first appeared to be, at her hip shone the polished steel of a sword in its elegant's sheathe, stirring confusion amongst the crowds. At a glimpse, there was fascination, but underneath the pursuing eyes was a caution for potential danger, for her face was a new and foreign one -not many knew her story as it was, so it was easy to feign fear for the unknown, much less for a woman with a weapon so distinct.

    They were impressions, nothing more, and Miss Fleur couldn't be bothered by the amount of attention she gathered simply by adhering to the objectives of a written contract she retrieved a few hours prior. The request demanded the arrest of an unidentified arsonist, their mastery of the art of flame and water being the only lead in the large city. Though the investigation seemed grim at that stage, the blonde woman had very little intention to bring it to a close.

    Unlike her target, the girl had a proper identity, quite frankly; Edith, as she was named, without proper reason, but simply out of a whim. The blade beneath her grip was Gwynevere, a treasured corner piece of her existence that has far more significance to her than any other material object. She'd rub a finger atop the metal of Gwyn's handle, relishing the feeling of its presence there as she traversed the city bustle for one man...or woman, was it? She didn't bother placing a definite gender, lest she underestimate them.

    In her free hand was the piece of yellowed paper that her client scribbled the details, where the brief description of the criminal was as vague as it could get, prompting a sigh to roll from the edges of her persistent frown. There would be good portion of the city that had a sewage system, so how should she know which manhole to crawl into?

    "This is troubling." she mumbled, the paper crinkling as she eyed the numerous sewer passages that littered the streets.

    @Dynamo: Edith isn't "officially" part of BP, so if you can recruit her, that'd be swell.
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    THE BOILING POINT OF MADNESS | Wanted: Hydro-Arsonist 4912O3Uu_o

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