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    Tommarrows a new day(Hopefully)


    Tommarrows a new day(Hopefully) Empty Tommarrows a new day(Hopefully)

    Post by Guest on 24th December 2016, 8:56 pm

    Savannah walked to a 'Hunted' Forest that her mentor sent her too to see the problem was. As she walks through the forest she notices a castle casting out the setting sun. Walking through she sees the rusted medel, broken furniture, and cracking walls set in a real Scary Movie setting. She stopes at the top of the grand stair case walking to the kitchen, she looked in around her Arusha Tanzanite Tri-color eyes flickering around taking in the detail.

    "Looks like an ordinary castle kitchen, but for some reson everything is as though it froze in time?" Savannah curls her right hand curled around her chin, the left arm holding the elbow of the right arm. As she thought a shadow appeared over her...

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