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    Long Overdue


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    Long Overdue Empty Long Overdue

    Post by Vagrant 22nd December 2016, 9:30 pm

    Gratefulness is the poor man's payment
    The young mage sat on one of the stair handrails in her guild hall, from her current height she could overlook almost everyone below her and see what they were doing. Her only two blind spots were obviously behind her and a small corner to her left which was in the darkened area of the room. The atmosphere in the air was still and quiet, partly due to the fact that almost all members were either asleep or out on business. This day was turning sour for the girl as she had been meditating for hours on end and when she had finished she had checked on her guild mates who still resided in the hall, after he check-ups on everyone the girl was struck with boredom and decided to rest on the handrails for a few moments. Weirdly enough she had fallen asleep sitting up on them which even confused her when she awoke, how she kept her balance she couldn't understand it but perhaps it was due to her body being in such a state as well as being spiritually aware. But hey, who knows.

    With one swift look at the job board she arched a brow, not once in her errands around the hall did she glance at the board. Her dream was coming true. Business. The blue haired girl slid down the handrail and due to the height of where she was and how big the castle-like structure was it took her about fifteen seconds to come down. Landing gracefully on the cold floor a few heads turned to her and nodded in approval, making her way towards the mission board with a clip-clop of her boots along the cobbled ground she looked across all the current available jobs that had desired dark mages assistance. Her grey eyes hovered over a few interesting ones like: Stealing a recipe, being an escort, destroying a farm and killing a wealthy businessman. All of the jobs listed upon further investigation seemed either to have low payment or not any fun to do on her lonesome. At a sigh of irritation she was about to turn back to her handrail 'fun' before something glistened in her eye corner, looking at the bottom right hand corner of the board another mission seemingly called her to it: Hired Muscle it stated and it seemed pretty straightforward and the pay was alright, there was also a chance she could try out her new technique should things get difficult for her.

    Pulling the sheet of paper and folding it gently into her gauntlet tightly she turned to her allies and winked "Well, I've got the job so I guess I'll be back in a few hours or days. Don't miss me too much" She said with a wave of her and as she sped off into the world outside, her heels echoing throughout the compound.

    It took quite a few hours at her current pacing towards her destination in Motor City, when she had finally arrived in the area she turned into her elusive self and kept to the shadows in the city on the lookout for the employer. Theobold Thawn. The name sure sounded familiar to her but even her eidetic memory couldn't pinpoint where which was incredibly confusing considering having an eidetic memory enabled you to remember everything you've seen before. "I do believe that's the man" She muttered to herself still completely shrouded in the darkness, still on her way to a relatively small man who at closer inspection was smaller than Artemis. She had guessed him to be about five foot six maybe seven, it was hard to give an estimate as he kept moving seemingly on edge. When the girl was within touching distance she tapped him on the back and stood strongly, Theobold whipped around and eyed the girl before squinting at her. "Theobold I presume? I'm here to be your muscle" She stated with that usual blankness plastered on her this made the man chuckle and bent his head forward a tad showing his eyes beneath his glasses "You're not joking?" He asked as his smile began to fade, Arty shook her head three times as she stepped closer and thrust the paper at him. "Do I look like some sort of joke to you? I've come fro-" The girl was cut off by Thawn's hand. "Okay...okay I get it, well then let's go we're late" He grunted changing his demeanour as he took his other hand out of his pocket and unbuttoned his shirt to the third button revealing a long golden chain.

    The duo walked through the city getting numerous different looks from the civilians, some ran into their shops others turned their head's completely. And those brave enough to still look caught Artemis' cold gaze and were instantly shocked, the girl listened to her employer drone on about him running the place and all the people fearing him blah de blah de blah. Belittling people wasn't really her cup of tea so when Theobold was talking about it she just wanted to rip him apart limb by limb. But money was involved and this would get her name out there, so she had to restrain that anger from bursting out. "This is our first stop, now normally Ekeno and Show would go in and start smashing. But of course they're not here today so what would you do?" He asked leaning into her personal space so much Arty had to shove him off, with a sigh she entered the shop moving the wooden beads from her face which acted as a sort of door. The store looked like any normal antique store with things ranging from dragon ornaments to special teacups dating back to the olden times. Interesting. "I'm going to be very clear, you own Mr Thawn some money. I will count to three and if it isn't placed in my palm then there will be consequences" The girl said this with such power and dominance the bigger stocky man felt strong aura which told no lies, she was serious. He gulped and without saying a single word to Artemis he locked eyes with her and gave her a large pouch which contained a large quantity of jewel. "There. That was simple wasn't it" She said harshly before exiting the store leaving her terrifying aura with the man. Theobold was impressed and this was shown by his gobsmacked expression. "Wow that usually took them about 5 minutes until the man finally cracked. You're good. Yeah you've got potential" Thawn smiled and adjusted his glasses before the two continued on raiding shops to and fro, each time they had finished a target Theobold would congratulate her and speak for ages about her lovely performance. It wasn't until they came across their last job, a old shabby looking shop at the edge of the city. 'Genji's Guardians' was the name of the store and as the came closer Artemis noticed an older man's face in the window which held a deep scowl and feeling of resentment for Theobold and his thugs, the brown oak door blocked the path but with ease she kicked it clean off of it's hinges. The door flew into a few vases and bits of armour causing a loud ruckus within the shop incidentally attracting the older to the entrance. "What the bloody hell do you think you're doing!? Get out now! Both you and you're new lackey Theobold!" He was yelling at the top of his lungs and flailing about nonstop which was beginning to irritate Arty, folding her arms she moved up to the odd-looking human and spoke with a clear and dominant voice "You seem troubled. I am Arty, and  aall I ask is that you pay my employer so that we may move on. Is that clear?" Asking this question seemed futile but she had to make some inkling of help towards the man but he refused and attempted to pick up a shard of broken vase and thrust it in her abdomen. Her incredible speed outranked his slow movement and put him to shame, yet he tried again but this time wanted to slash at her face three times and each times Arty effortlessly moved away. "Show him...go on" Theobold clapped and at that moment Artemis delivered a roundhouse kick to Genji's jaw spinning him on the spot and dazing him. "Ahh..." He was slower than before and could barely catch his step before hitting his head on the counter where the cash was. "Idiot...he could've just handed you the goodies" Thawn gasped mockingly before he himself collected the money and threw Artemis three of the pouches they had all gained. "Thanks for your time. I'll put in a good word Arty was it?" He took off his glasses and winked at the villainess before walking towards the direction from whence they came.

    Finally, the slender girl arrived back at her home and was tired out from her expedition into the cold wide world. With more jewels to her name and experience under her belt she did feel somewhat better than she did before, Artemis headed towards the bar of the guild and asked for the strongest beverage the bartender had but all she got was a furrowed brow and some lemonade. The cheek.
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