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    A Time To Celebrate! [Guild Event// Blue Pegasus - Infinity Hydra]


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    Private A Time To Celebrate! [Guild Event// Blue Pegasus - Infinity Hydra]

    Post by DOPPO on 19th December 2016, 5:01 pm

    It’s that time of year again, everyone! Christmas and of course, New Years! A time for family, food, presents, and lots of snow! And what better way to celebrate that than a Christmas Party… Blue Pegasus style! Just months ago, this once chivalrous guild was in the ashes, gone and away, until recently. Just soon before the holidays, a rush of new members had officially labeled themselves as pegasi, all different in both strength and personality. There was no better time to celebrate than now!

    Infinity Hydra is humbly invited to the party, maybe both the Pegasi and Hydras could form some new beginnings? There is only one way to find out! Grab your hot chocolate, santa beards, and and most festive sweaters everyone, and enjoy this Christmas Thread!

    (There is no posting order.)

     Ahhh! Christmas! New Years! Winter! There was so much to love about the holiday season. Especially the alcohol, the alcohol was amazing. In fact, Ezra had saved the whiskey and other alcoholic drinks Mavis gave him during their last mission just for this one moment. They were nestled in a crate in the tavern, awaiting to be consumed by the heavy drinker that stood at the entrance of the Blue Pegasus Guild Hall, in a typical Red Santa costume, and spent 1,000 extra jewels on the authentic white Santa Beard. You know, to be extra christmasy!

    Clover Town was all for these holidays! The entire town was lit up, food stands were up, people danced in the center of town and sang carols. They were mostly senior citizens, as that made up most of the town’s population. There was decorations, bells, mistletoe, and everyone was outside with their families. Little children played outside in the snow that was already there, as snow would only drift down lightly, softly.

    Ezra leaned against one of the stone beams in front of the Guild Hall, smiling softly. This was his first Christmas. He had never celebrated holidays before. It was an odd but merry feeling to see everyone playing in the streets like that. He looked them, in a mood of peace and curiosity.

    The doors to the main hall of the Guild’s building radiated heat, as many fireplaces were lit and ready to be snuggled up against. He could hear the chit chat from inside, but there was more people to come! He stood at the entrance, waiting to greet them. Though perhaps the letter could’ve been a bit… toned down.

    The letter sent to Infinity Hydra just earlier this week read, ”Greetings, Infinity Hydra! My name is Ezra Aurence, a new wizard in Blue Pegasus! A name you probably have not heard in the longest time, but the guild are rising to the ranks and meeting it’s former glory by each breath you take, and what better way to celebrate that then during the holidays? On behalf of the guild, we humbly invite you and whomever else you bring to our Guild Hall in Clover Town. It’s quite the big building, you cannot miss it!

    I speak for every Pegasi when I say that both us and the Hydras have potential to create a relationship that can benefit us both! But how rude would it be to do that before a party? Very rude, I say, I say!

    Please consider coming down to our town, it is quite the lovely place and especially festive during this time of year! They even serve their Christmas-only squid noodles! SQUID NOODLES! No way you can miss out on that! It’s fried squid… but in noodles!

    Anyway, please stop by! We would love to have you. A merry Christmas and a Happy New Years, Infinity Hydra!

    Best wishes,

    Ezra Aurence.”

    It kept switching from informal to formal to completely casual. He was too excited to really be one hundred percent formal.


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    Private Re: A Time To Celebrate! [Guild Event// Blue Pegasus - Infinity Hydra]

    Post by Ardere Kasai on 21st December 2016, 9:54 pm

    So you can throw me to the wolves
    Tomorrow I will come back
    Leader of the whole pack
    Beat me black and blue
    Every wound will shape me
    Every scar will build my throne

    Stretching his arms slightly, Ardere entered the town of Clover. It was the home town of the guild Blue Pegasus. His interactions with the guild were limited, but he had been an ally with the previous guild master, and even at one point looked up to Shuhei, the former Wizard Saint. But today, he was invited to attend a winter holidays themed event. The entirety of Infinity Hydra had been invited, but the guild master was the first to arrive. He was certain the rest of the guild was not far behind, but he was not sure what to expect. His guild tended to host the Halloween events, but it was nice to attend a Christmas one. Today, he donned his red yukata with a white trim, Clarent attached to his hip with a white sash. His long brown hair swayed back and forth as the guild master walked towards the guild hall. As he walked, he noticed the myriad of decorations. Lights, candles, trees, and many other accommodations littered the town. It was one of the larger cities in Fiore, and definitely one of the prettiest.

    Sliding the letter he received from the one called Ezra into his pocket, Ardere looked up at the Blue Pegasus guild hall. It was quite different from the Infinity Hydra hall, but it was very elegant and attractive. He could tell some people were gathered outside, and with all of the decorations, it seemed to be quite the festival they were having. The only thing that could make it better would be to experience some snow. It always snowed in Midi at some point during the Winter. Well, looks like we're here. I'm Ardere Kasai, I was invited. Where might this Ezra be? Placing his hands on his hips, his phoenix companion Celica seemed to be enjoying herself, running around in her human form, looking at ice sculptures. She even wore a nice red dress with white puffy cotton balls delicately placed across it. Everyone enjoy yourselves, and be nice. We're here to make friends. Talking to any nearby members, the Fire King kept an optimistic tone and look as he prepared to have a hopefully interesting time.


    A Time To Celebrate! [Guild Event// Blue Pegasus - Infinity Hydra] FYZkfE1
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    Private Re: A Time To Celebrate! [Guild Event// Blue Pegasus - Infinity Hydra]

    Post by Seenter on 23rd December 2016, 1:46 pm

    Kyrin followed behind the guild leader a bit hesitantly. It wasn’t a large crowd that made him nervous, nor was it traveling to another guild. After all Blue Pegasus was a fellow light guild, and as such wouldn’t cause trouble for other light guilds. In fact he had heard of good things concerning the guild.

    No, the thing that made him nervous was the possibility of females. Beautiful women to be precise, but to him a lot of women are considered beautiful in his eyes. He managed to avoid most, if not all, the ones in his guild by getting a table for himself or finding shortcuts in the guild hall. It wasn’t that he didn’t like them, he was just very nervous around them.

    All that changed when he noticed how festive the city was. A small smile appeared on his lips as he looked around at the decorations. It was obviously forced, but what could anyone expect from him. He was a stranger in the strange place meeting strange people. Even if it was the holidays. But once he got to know them, maybe his smile could become genuine.

    Kyrin stayed relatively close to his guild leader as they moved through the city. He kept the distance as far as he dared because of the leader’s companion; trying to pretend that she wasn’t there. As long as she didn’t turn her attention on him he was fine. He moved off to look at a particularly interesting booth to the right.


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