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    A-rank Spells


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    A-rank Spells

    Post by Vlad on 17th December 2016, 12:15 pm

    Soul Rip
    Rank: A
    Type: Soul/Regen
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: 5
    By exerting his will onto the souls of others Vladimir is able to tear them from their corporeal bodies. By doing this he is able to recover either 3% mp or 5% HP from the target(s). To compliment this it is possible, assuming OOC permission is granted, to rip the soul from the body and store it in something/someone else, meaning it would be very hard to return to the original body without first having their soul torn, yet again, out from its holder. While in this spirit form they are able to move about at their own free will, and even choose to enter other objects. If this is another player who has had their soul torn out then it must be approved OOC. By being torn from their bodies it acts like a stun. In addition to this, seeing as they are souls they can manifest MP quicker. Upon returning to the body they regain 3% MP. This spell is able to effect all people, animals, etc. within a 100 meter radius. 
    Can heal 3% mp or 5% HP.
    If denied permission OOC the better effects do not take place.
    The opponent(s) regain 3% mp.

    Eternal Suffering 
    Rank: A
    Type: DoT, Soul, Support
    Duration: 7
    Cooldown: 8
    By calling upon the souls of the dead Vlad is able to create an area that benefits him and his teammates, while causing disruptions for his enemies. As he calls upon the dead the souls will begin to rise from the ground; as they surface they will begin to move sporadically, simply flying all about. Being confined to the 100 meter radius around Vlad they will simply ricochet around. It is with this that the souls will begin to damage the enemies. With this his allies feel 1% mp being restored a post and can deal an additional 10% damage. For Vlad, however, he is able to cast his spells at a 3 mp reduction. This area limits what he may cast, however. Seeing as there are so many souls flying around he is unable to use spells which rely on this same mechanic; raising the souls from the dead. 
    Deals more than average A rank damage. 
    Heals and buffs friendlies. 
    Vlad only gets a slight buff, no heals. 
    Limits what spells he can use while this is active.
    If they escape the area the enemies feel no damage. 

    Soul Make: Spheres of Decimation 
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: 5
    By using the souls of those he has defeated, even those that were damned to rest in the location for all of eternity, Vladimir is able to condense the soul into a sphere; this is a process that occurs simply around him. After having been compressed it will fire at the destined taget. This spell will, by default fire one sphere, however, Vladimir may use the souls he has collected in the to fire x amount of spheres. The damage each deals will be enough to total 1.5x A rank damage, fires at a speed of the average B rank spell. The sphere itself is about double the size of a basketball. 
    Can deal more than A rank damage.
    By using more spheres it is possible to do less than A damage.
    Has no effects afterwards. (It simply damages them, they don't feel the damage though.) 
    Is not useful if not all hit. 

    A Souls Reflection
    Rank: A
    Summon: Summon
    Duration: 10
    Cooldown: 11
    Having become acquainted with the manipulation of souls Vladimir has began to notice a few interesting feats that can be accomplished with them. By using the soul of opponent(s) Vladimir is able to morph the soul (s) of the dead to replicate this soul. By doing this he is able to use the body of a recently deceased person/beast and reanimate them, even morphing the body, to match the soul. By doing this it creates a copy that shares all the same feats as the original, even being able to cast a few spells. This works for beasts as well as humans. 
    Can be a strong counter against targets. 
    Has half the HP of the original. 
    It does not, naturally, regenerate HP or Mp. 
    Any boosts, not due to a UA are not applied to it. 
    May only have one spell of each rank and one UA. 
    The cooldown on each spell it uses is doubled. 
    Cannot summon other minions. 
    Any debuffs added to it also apply to Vlad.


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    Re: A-rank Spells

    Post by Desirée Blooms on 16th December 2017, 5:56 pm


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