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    The Slayers Assassination Contract. [Job]

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    The Slayers Assassination Contract. [Job] Empty The Slayers Assassination Contract. [Job]

    Post by Heavens Empress Daiki 17th December 2016, 10:50 am

    Assasination Contract: Knight Commander Hendrick Kennel
    Job title:
    Assassination Contract: Knight Commander Hendrick Kennel


    Player Requirements:
    - B rank
    - Or two or more C rank mages,
    - Azeron Alliance mages only

    Job Requirements:
    - 300 words per post
    - 30 posts
    - Roll the dice at least 5 times.

    Job Location:
    Mountain Village

    Job Description:
    As a counter to the ever spreading influence of the Magic Council and their petty excuse for a police force, the Rune Knights. The Azeron Alliance, which is a coalition between the top three dark guilds in Fiore. Has put out an assassination contract on one of their leading commanders. Namely Hendrick Kennel.

    Usually this man would be untouchable since he always stays safe behind his walls and towers at the Council headquarters in Crocus. But not anymore, because of one of our bureaucrat operatives at the Council. We've have managed to have Hendrick to be the spokesperson at the opening of a new Rune Knight outpost at one of Fiore's most outer villages. Giving us the opportunity to show these pesky knights that we don't tolerate them increasing their influence, not even when it is at some backwater village in the outer regions.

    The contract itself is simple, Kill Hendrick the moment he is in the middle of his speech. Yes we know it will be dull to listen to the first half of it, but we believe that moment is the best choice to assassinate him and send a proper message. We don't care how you do it, you can walk up to him on the stage, or try some more creative approach. You can even rig the the entire platform with explosive. As long as it is done.

    We do suspect the trick lies in escaping the place, even though it isn't knights headquarters the place will probably still be packed with them. They will surely hinder you the moment you try to flee the town.

    - The Azeron Alliance


    Rune Knight Trainees - D rank (x2)
    Upon escaping the vicinity you will almost definitely encounter the young aspiring lad who are dreaming of a world where justice will prevail. But don't worry, even though they will try to stop you they are still trainees. And will be without a doubt easily dispatched my someone of your talents. - These are weaklings that take a single B rank to bring down. They only do D rank damage.

    Rune Knights Soldier - C rank (x4)
    Soldiers armed with magical weaponry, shields that deflect any D rank spell. And weapons that deal extra damage against mages. With every hit they make your magical power will be drained for 5%. - These can be brought down by two B ranks and dish out C rank damage to boot.

    Rune Knight Mage - B rank (x1)
    Even among the Rune Knights do you have those with magical abilities. Mages who have a firm belief in the justice system. And are somehow obsessed with bringing down anyone who falls of the path of righteousness. These come in all shapes and sizes and their magic is entirely up to you. - Takes a full six B ranks to bring down and they dish out B rank damage with their spells.

    Two x Rune Knight Mage

    20.000 Jewels

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