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    iLac 7! New and Improved! With no headphone jack!


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    iLac 7!  New and Improved!  With no headphone jack! Empty iLac 7! New and Improved! With no headphone jack!

    Post by Blackthorne on 16th December 2016, 12:07 pm

    for the sake of my goddess

    The new iLac was released, not having a headphone jack in it with wireless charging.  A few things that Blackthorne, or in this case, Jason Black, would have to obtain in order to continually use this item; otherwise he would be stuck using it once and would have a rather expensive paper-weight.  Today was one of the many days that the new iLac is being released and a special, promotional offer is being handed out to the first few that show up.  Needless to say, Jason Black was in line the day prior, having made a small campfire in line where he sat.  Some call this dedication, Jason called this smart.  

    He didn't have the actual funding to buy this phone outright.  It would normally cost 2,000,000 Jewels for an overpriced electronic phone that did almost the exact same thing.  One thing Jason Black enjoyed was a cigarette or two while wearing this skin.  So to celebrate his love for the nicotine cancer-stick, he pulled out a cigarette and lit it with a lighter.  He took a great big puff with people behind him in line starting to cough and complain about the cigarette smoking.  

    The woman complaining was an overweight woman with an excessive amount of acne upon her face.  She wasn't, by any stretch of the imagination, attractive in any way.  Jason turned to look towards the woman with a quick little grin as her attention was away coughing.  His grin went away as soon as the woman started to slap away the smoke and gave Jason the stink-eye.  "Hey, asshole!  How about you not smoke?" the woman shouted out.

    "Ah, yes.  Because I am more inclined to listen to you when you make demeaning demands.  What are you going to do about it, land-whale?" he said in a slick and smooth manner.  Though, being called a land-whale didn't sit well with the woman complaining about the cigarette smoke.  Well, that and the fact that Jason took another puff of his cigarette, blowing it away from her face.  

    The woman balled a hand into a fist and swung it in Jason's direction only for Jason to lean back away from the punch, giving him liscence to sweep her feet out from under her, causing her to slam the back of her head upon the pavement.  There were several witnesses that watched it happen and simply watched on.  Actually, quite a few people cheered as she was aggrivating the entire line as her boyfriend (poor guy) sat and reserved their spot.  Jason turned to look at the boyfriend and he shrugged.  The look of a defeated man indeed.

    The door to the store opened up and the woman that worked at the store turned her eyes to the woman on the ground before turning to look to Jason's back.  "First customer," she said, causing Jason to turn around and enter the store.  As he was helped by the customer service, a little whisper came from the woman that brought him in.  

    "I saw the whole thing.  Thankfully someone put her in her place," she said with a small grin upon her face.  As Jason took the iLac, he winked at her.  "How about you call me tonight and I can do the same to you, but into a bed?" he asked before the woman raised a brow and winked back.  "Sure.  Clear your plans and bring a glove."

    With that, Jason left with the iLac, opening up the box and started to make a call as he walked down the line; pocketing the wires and speaking into the phone.  "Yeah, it's me.  I just received my iLac.  Send me the information on Jacob Goodnight," he said before a beep could be heard.  The phone call hung up and Jacob Goodnight's face was shown, along with information on the next job.  After seeing the job description, he turned his phone off and put it into his pocket before lighting up another cigarette.
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