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    On the road home[Private/Chloe]

    Mary Bonny
    Mary Bonny

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    On the road home[Private/Chloe] Empty On the road home[Private/Chloe]

    Post by Mary Bonny on 14th December 2016, 7:04 am

    At least that job was handled. It certainly wasn't easy to spend an entire night being chased by rotten tomatoes, but it certainly was an experience that wouldn't leave zoey's mind anytime soon. A few days later she arrived on the road to Clover Town. Sadly it was nearly dark. So the young plant mage decided it might be a good idea to stop in clover town and take a train back to Magnolia back in the morning.

    As she approached a ferryman to take her to the other side it seemed like it wasn't that difficult to get to other side. They were rather friendly and didn't seem to make much of a fuss about bringing her to the other side as long she payed. Once arrived there she had no real clue where to search for an inn. She couldn't find one directly close to where she entered town.

    Zoey was really lost and it didn't seem like she couldn't find anyone she dared to ask. It was almost sunset and most people seemed to be at home already. The streets were almost entirely abandoned. Of course her shyness stoke her at such a critical time. Why didn't she think of this before? Still she had to think of something and fast. As for now she decided to wander the city and look if she could find a place to sleep herself. Hoping she can find something soon.

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