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    Slavery is not fun[solo: job]

    Meisa Suzume
    Meisa Suzume

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    Slavery is not fun[solo: job] Empty Slavery is not fun[solo: job]

    Post by Meisa Suzume 12th December 2016, 6:35 am

    Job Title: Slavery problem in Bellum
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: Must be at least D-Rank; Own a passport
    Job Requirements:5 posts. 100 words per post or a single post of 500+ words
    Job Location: Bellum
    Job Description: Theres a minor well... not minor, but rather very major problem with Bellum that involves slaves. The job however is minor scale in comparison. This job comes from a few residents in Bellum that couldn't dare ask their own country to stop the slavery and to abolish it. No, instead they turned to Fiore's own mages for help with this incident. Except this is fairly small. Due to Bellum enslaving all non-magical beings, those that are born without magic typically get abducted by someone with magic, and sold into slavery. Well, this doesn't always sit right with parents. In this scenario, two parents have hired you to release their child from slavery and to bring them back to them so they may escape Bellum as a family. Your job in this is short and sweet. The slave trade is going on, simply buy the child, money is nothing as the parents are fairly wealthy, but theres a problem, they don't want to be seen buying slaves, as they are trying to flee to a country that sees that as a huge problem. Although you can always find your own way to try and get the child out of slavery, just be warned those in charge are A-rank in strength & there are many of them. Good luck.
    Enemies: roughly 10+ A-rank in strength fully powerful mages. Do not try to engage without being a proper rank to do such.
    Reward: normal xp & 2k jewels

    After her job, and vacation in Enca this felt like nothing. Bellum was just going to be an in and out job after all. The notice Sophia had recieved was this job was one that dealt with slavery and more so, it was a job that should have been classified as a B-class job just looking at those nearest her. She had felt quite the magical pressure all around her. Even the common folk felt leagues above her own. It was actually intimidating to the fact she had to release her ascended form just to make sure she felt on par with the rest. To the point that she dipped into almost her full reserves and then some, just to make sure her form felt intimidating to those around her. Which was her goal all along. In fact, her white & yellow aura that coated her body had actually caused the enforcers to move closer. It was true that everyone around had their own magical aura brimming from them, but Sophia alone had been the one to cause the rain storm, using her conduit of the storm, and her energy mimicked that much. It only showed in her eyes how angry she was when she spotted the child she was here to buy. So many things could go wrong, but yet she felt so much anger boil within her already.

    "im sorry Aiyana" she whispered as a tear rolled down her face for what she knew she was about to do, she almost saw herself in the child's eyes. Alone, helpless, scared... Yet she saw defiance. The child was scared and filled with lack of hope, but Sophia saw the determination, as if the child wanted to learn magic desperately.

    It was then, her armor of the gods and bolt of zeus had appeared. She was no longer pulling any stops as a runic symbol appeared on the hand that held her requip weapon. It was only after he ascended form had also pushed out more aura. Of her 200% mana, she ended up using 150% in just her ascended form, and then combined her alchemy focus, both requips, her conduit of the storm, and then top it off with her planeswalker of lighting. A combination she swore she would never do again simply because she had killed so many unintentionally before.

    Yet she still used it again, this time activating her flight spell and arriving at the child's side within a second of stepping forward. Her attention was drawn to those nearest her now, the A-class mages that were about to kill her just where she stood. "Begone from existence". Her words were much darker tone than normal. A snap of the finger causes the crisp sound of fire to fill the air igniting a large area, and sending ablaze the nearest couple guards, as well as a majority of the surrounding area. The only ones spared at that moment were those innocent bystandards, and the other prisoners. Though all of their locks were melted right off, and the gates wide open.

    However, as for Sophia and the child, they were already gone, she had used the smoke as cover to fly away, and fast. Knowing full well she was dead if they caught her. Her magic just was not enough to fight off A-class guards, and the fact she had just killed a couple had only made her feel weaker. It was an action she would try never to talk to Aiyana about, and for good reason too. Murder was just something not meant for pharaoh's call, and was illegal unless needed. Well.. it was needed, right? At least, that was what Sophia felt while zipping through the air, traveling at heightened speeds with electricity crackling right behind her, discharging from her body while she used the clouds for cover.

    It would be over soon, she promised herself and the child she was carrying right now. Which it was, the moment she landed next to her vehicle with a loud crack of the thunder above. She gazed into the eyes of the mother and father, already waiting inside "Lets get you three out. They will not be happy. I've got a plan for you three. I'm taking you to Tau'ri" Her words stern, but she hopped into the vehicle after buckling up the child, and ensuring she had at least some cover while she drove off, pushing her vehicle to a speed that made the family worried at first.



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