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    Field trip to Enca [solo;job]

    Meisa Suzume
    Meisa Suzume

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    Field trip to Enca [solo;job] Empty Field trip to Enca [solo;job]

    Post by Meisa Suzume on 12th December 2016, 4:18 am

    Job Title: Land Raiders of Enca
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: Must be at least D-Rank; Own a passport; own a Vehicle
    Job Requirements:5 posts. 100 words per post or a single post of 500+ words
    Job Location: Enca
    Job Description: Enca has perhaps one of the most terrifying fleets, and naval forces. What they lack, however, is land prowess. This is where you come in. There has been some rather high-speed problems recently. On the main island, which is fairly large in its own right has a group of bandits in high-speed quad bikes, running through and ravaging farmland. While the farmland isn't as popular as the fish market. The taste of good ol' Corn, carrots, potatoes, and more still fit the bill for great meals. So.... go catch them on their own turf, the road. Rumor has it they're traveling across the country, and it's given you time to get there. You'll get a personal escort across the seas to the mainland if you accept this job.
    Enemies: 3 bandits all D-rank in strength with tier 1 vehicles. The vehicles are roughly a quarter of the durability as a tier 1 car, but no speed increase. The only abilities they have is increased fuel reserves, allowing them to outlast anything that cannot move as fast, as well as great stability & handling, meaning curves/turns/and sudden outmaneuvers, will not even phase them. Guess that is the price you pay for improvised land vehicles after all. The rest is up to you.
    Reward: normal xp & 2k jewels

    Another country, another job. Was this going to be some sort of laughing joke, or a running gag now? This time, she was getting an escort over water while still in her Roamer vehicle. It actually, to her was more of a stupid joke. Take her vehicle over water due to hearing the problem was some group of land raiders. Why couldn't she just emp them anyways? After all, that was what was going to be done the moment she got close to the bandits she had heard about after all. Yet, why did it have to be Enca? Most problems should be stopped before they even touch ground due to the excessive naval fleet they have ready on standby. In fact, this only raised more questions in Sophia's head while she was driving off of the ship and onto the land.

    "come back in about three days. After I catch these bandits I am going to chillax here in Enca, get me some well deserved rest, and perhaps a nice dinner or two. I heard the fish steaks are to die for here."

    With that, she began to speed off onto the road, kicking up sand with the over sized wheels her vehicle possessed. She had started at a respectable 50mph trying to maintain speeds and while heading into the country deeper. Her plans were to catch the bandits in the center of the country where they were causing so much trouble, and after a couple hours driving, she was already no longer on the road, but instead in an open field when she decided to flip her phone open and begin texting Aiyana while going roughly 275mph of the possible 324mph she was able to bring the vehicle up to. Then again, she was only bringing it up to that high due to her kinetic abilities to stop momentum, it was literally impossible for her to receive damage while within the vehicle, and the vehicle itself was quite tanky too.

    (in text to Aiyana)
    "Yo, I'm in Enca now, I'mma take a day vacation after this job here, don't expect me back in Tau'ri right away. Gonna nab me up some delicious food first. On the road right now, so ttyl!
    (end text)

    To her it was just an average drive while she began to catch sight of the three bandits. An eager smile on her face as she floored the pedal, bringing the speed to 322 mph before her vehicle's electric nitro kicked in, bringing the speed up to 483mph temporarily. Easily out classing all three bandits in the open field. "Time to lose, suckers" she spoke out, activating her Conduit of the storm signature spell, and then Alchemy focus. Next was to activate the second half of her vehicle's offensive nitro, one that amplified her next spell drastically further, which was her EMP spell. One that went out quite the distance while she passed the three up. The moment she did, her nitro kicked off, and she let off of the accelleration. Her EMP had completely fried the battery inside all three land raider vehicles, and they were now on foot while she used her kinetic manipulation to completely ignore the momentum her vehicle had going to allow her to make a sharper turn than what logic or physics typically dictated.

    It allowed her to easily catch back up by the time the vehcile lost most of it's speed, allowing her to capture the three using the iron sand manipulation spell. "Easiest catch ever" she chuckled, walking past the three raiders after having gotten out of her vehicle, and forcing the three raiders into the back of hers. "hope you boys like to go fast. I'm a woman full of energy, and speed. In other words, hold on to your lunch. How does 400mph sound to you three?" Laughing as she closed the back of her vehicle, ensuring the three were not just magically restrained, but physically as well. They were then forced to see through the back window the speed Sophia was going before finally making it back to town, to not just turn the three in, but to go relax too.



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